Is Miso Soup cheating

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  • Day 1 of starting the 5:2 for me and already feeling like I need something for lunch. I have the willpower to get through until my evening meal but I’m also following the clever guts diet on my eating days so I really fancy some Miso. Do you think its cheating if I have a cup of Miso or should I go hardcore and see how day 1 goes following a stricter regime. I feel like I should jump in both feet first rather than just dipping a toe in the water, but that Miso is so nice.

    Either way is fine. Miso is good for keeping you hydrated and is full of electrolytes too.

    Around 100 fasts ago I would have a bowl of Miso soup if I was feeling poorly while fasting. It really would pick me up and allow me to go further. When I did a 7 day water fast, I did have two bowls of Miso soup at different points. I don’t consider it cheating when the alterative would be to break the fast.

    It has been some time since I needed to do that. Probably my body has adjusted or I’m just eating better. Not sure.

    @monkeyboy – lots of people have two meals on a fast day. Eg skip breakfast and have a light lunch and dinner. No problem having meso soup. I think marmite tea is much tastier but not everyone would agree! Celery sticks with a bit of salt are a very good snack to keep you going on fast days. Hope it went well for you yesterday – the first few fast days can feel odd but you feel great afterwards and soon look forward to them!

    OMG marmite tea, how have I never heard of that before? I am having that tonight!

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