Is fasting ok with Hiatus hernia and acid reflux?

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Is fasting ok with Hiatus hernia and acid reflux?

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  • Hi
    I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, acid reflux and an inflamed oesophagus back in February. I been keeping to a mainly low carb Mediterranean diet was given omeprazole which I’ve now weaned myself off.
    The advice I got from the hospital was to eat smaller frequent meals and lose weight. I enjoy the Mediterranean diet, but I’ve not lost weight nor have I put any on, so i was thinking the fast 800 programme would suit me and help me to lose some weight. Does anyone have any experience of doing 5:2 with acid reflux and a hiatus hernia? Would it make it worse or not?

    I have a massive Hiatus hernia and am doing it. It’s not ideal but better to lose weight and put up with symptoms IMO.

    Fasting in the am and having coffee I think has made my GORD worse, but when I’ve lost weight my GORD gets much better overall.

    I have dealt with a recurring acid reflux problem for years. In my mind, intermittent fasting is perfect for someone suffering from AR.

    Smaller, more frequent meals? I don’t get that at all. The medical community is clueless on AR. Like so many diseases, they try to mask the symptoms with drugs, rather than fixing the problem.

    I have apple cider vinegar each morning, which has helped with AR considerably. I was one on a business trip, and had a bout of AR, which usually results in coughing for me. I found a couple of apples. Eating those stopped my coughing.

    I have also had great success with licorice. Not the candy kind. Real licorice. I drink Yogi Egyptian licorice tea. It has done me a world of good to combat my AR.

    And, when my AR gets bad, which is typically due to my eating crap food, I go with Reflux Away, an herbal treatment that works great.

    Most of all, lose weight. That’s the key.

    Good luck.


    @kpmnj – Interesting advice. Acid reflux can be caused by the stomach acid being too weak. When the acid is stronger the muscles at the top of the stomach keep the entry into the stomach closed when nothing is going into the stomach. At least that is what I’ve read.

    @dykask You are correct, yet the drugs the pharmas make for acid reflux make the stomach even weaker to “calm” the acid reflux. Like most drugs, they cure nothing. You have to keep taking them, or the problem will come back.

    If you want to get rid of acid reflux, drink a table spoon of apple cider vinegar in a small glass of water before meals. The acidity helps to fix what ails your stomach.

    I had to wean myself off omeprazole and have no gall bladder and a hiatus hernia. Was worried about fasting found it tricky at first. But after going Keto and eating match box size of lard when ever I was hungry found it very easy. Can now eat one meal a day every day.

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