Info on Cholesterol increase during IF please?

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Info on Cholesterol increase during IF please?

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  • My total cholesterol has gone up, triglycerides are very low but LDL (no breakdown in type) has skyrocketed after I recently got back on 5:2 after a break due to some health challenges.

    My GP doesn’t know anything about IF and I wonder does anyone know anything about this?

    I’ve dropped 13 kilos.

    Hi Matrika,

    If my memory serves me correctly, cholesterol is stored within fat cells so when you are fasting regularly there will be more free cholestrol in your blood stream which is a temporary effect.

    Hi Matrika

    I can only speak from personal experience and this is my story

    2 years ago I started the 5:2 WOL and dropped my bad cholesterol levels by over 1 point, improved my cholesterol ratio and also achieved my target weight (losing some 22kg) at the end of the 1st year!!!
    I just had a recent blood test at the end of my 2nd year and my cholesterol levels are down further, still slightly above normal but acceptable and I have maintained below that target weight for the year.

    My Asthma has also improved to the point where I have not used any ventolin (treatment inhaler for acute episode) for well over a year and I’m on a 1/4 dose of my preventer inhaler.

    Your GP needs to update him/herself on the benefits of IF, my GP and practice nurse tell me they have seen evidence such as mine in several of their patients and recommend IF to those patients they feel would benefit.
    This is a permanent WOL for me, not just because of the short terms gains I have benefitted from but also hoping for some of the long term health benefits of IF and I feel good, full of energy and am enjoying good health – what could be better……

    Good luck with your health and your 5:2 journey

    I recently had an annual diabetes check. My cholesterol had reduced, following 5:2. I am on tablets still. I don’t worry too much about fat, but we don’t have a lot. One thing that did raise my cholesterol last year, when I was not on 5:2, was us having butcher made sausages, which were delicious, apparently too often. Don’t know if it was the fat, or not.

    Thanks for the responses. 🙂

    Lesley, cholesterol in the diet doesn’t affect cholesterol numbers as far as I know…that is an old furfy that has been discounted I thought? I may be completely wrong there. 🙂

    Liver makes its own cholesterol cause it is essential.


    In my case, before I started 5:2 IF, not only was I morbidly obese, but my blood chemistry was seriously out of whack.

    My good cholesterol was way down, my bad cholesterol was way up, and my triglycerides shot through the roof.

    I asked my doctor, “What food am I eating that is causing excess triglycerides and bad cholesterol to spike in my Lipid Panel ?”

    Doctor – “Dietary cholesterol or triglyceride is not the cause of your spikes …. These compounds are manufactured in the liver, and are more likely caused by excessive sugar consumption over a long period of time”

    I accidentally ran across a film clip by Doctor Robert Lustig speaking about excess sugar/carbohydrate consumption causing ‘Fatty Liver Disease’ …

    The liver is slammed hard by the modern, sugar and carb heavy diet … it simply cannot keep up and process all the excess sugar we consume, before we slam it again, and again, and again … It reaches the point where the liver starts spilling triglyceride and cholesterol directly into liver tissues, causing sacs of lipids to build up inside the liver….

    It should be noted that the liver normally converts excess blood glycogen into triglyceride, and triglyceride is the material that forms the content of your fat cells … All the excess calorie consumption just causes major disruption in the liver, which reacts by spilling excess lipids into the blood stream …

    I totally flipped my horrible blood chemistry using 5:2 IF over 4 years… I believe I had fatty liver, and I believe fasting cured it …

    Not from dietary fats, but from too much dietary carbohydrate…

    This article had great information on fasting – it really helped me to understand the science behind fasting, how to get started, and products in order to help me. Great read, and I highly recommend it!

    Thanks RonMaiden

    Matrika, usually cholesterol goes down as a result of Fasting. You mention your LDL but not your Total nor your HDL numbers. I have a high total, but low LDL, so all seems to be well. My numbers fluctuate a bit but remain steady at 69 years old having Fasted for 5.5 years.
    Check out all the numbers and keep track of them for comparison.

    Sorry to disappear. Had a major health diversion, moved house but getting it together again.
    Found a good low carb dietitian and she has checked all the cholesterol numbers…my ratios are exceptionally good, so no problems. It was the doctor not being familiar with fasting I think was the issue. All good and thanks for your replies.

    Same doctor is still concerned about my cholesterol (Ldl) numbers but the dietitian who is on top of everything is totally confident that I am in really good shape. Yesterday the doc told me I am really healthy and she is amazed and somewhat disbelieving that I have achieved this.
    My diabetes is completely reversed, I am no longer even pre-diabetic or insulin resistant now.

    I am making slow progress and thank you all for the information above.

    Sorry I didn’t thank Trajan Gregory, Ron Maiden, fasting_me, LesleyMG and AT for all the very helpful and kind responses.
    I am keeping on and looked at my progress today (since 2014 here) and I am slowly heading in the right direction.

    Had some major diversions into hospital with emergencies that needed attention but now am back and keeping going with my intermittent fasting. 🙂

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