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  • OK, I’ve been doing this diet for nearly 3 weeks now. To be honest, I’m not noticing much change in my physique, although that may be to do with my lack of exercise.

    One change that I have noticed, however, is that the stiffness I used to have in my joints seems to have disappeared. I take glucosamine, but even so, before I started the 5:2 I would have very stiff hands and feet when I woke up, and it would take a good couple of minutes of hobbling around before my feet would work properly. Now I just get up and walk around without thinking about it. That in itself makes the diet worthwhile.

    Great news – stick with it! Are you following the diet to lose weight? If so, the rate you lose at will depend on how heavy you were to start with, and how rigidly you follow the TDEE calorie recommendations for ‘non-fast’ days. Heavier fasters seem to lose more rapidly to begin with, but it tends to level out to 1-2 lbs per week as they get nearer to their goal weight. Hope the effect on your inflammation lasts!

    Hi Gb,

    Seems you’re having a good result. Remember this way of life started out as a way to make us healthier, with the weight loss being a secondary effect. Something has changed for you and that’s good,

    Have you stopped eating grains? The reason I’m asking – I have a problem with grains, all grains except corn. The effect is like arthritis and gives me inflammation in the joints, feel a bit fluidy and swollen, and yes, I could interpret that as stiffness. The wirst is in my hands, wrists and ankles. Without grains, I don’t those symptoms at all.

    Keep going,
    Onwards and downwards,

    Hi Merryme

    I’m still eating wheat on my non-fast days, and am also having linseed. However, I have cut my alcohol consumption by about 75%, and most days I don’t drink any alcohol. I think that may be having an effect as well.

    Many thanks for your encouraging words and your advice about grains.


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