In despair diet has stopped working for me !!

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  • Hi I’ve been on and off the 5 2 diet for years and to reliable success. However I’ve had really stressed year so have not been able to really do any dieting or exercise until now . I have a clear space of time to really give the diet and work outs ago . At first I lost as normal for the first three weeks lost roughly 2 lbs a week however to my horror the diet has stopped working. I even went up to a 3 4 fast last week which took off 2 lbs but nothing this week . As to exercise I have been really going for it . On the non fast days I am careful to stick to around 1000 cals or less. I am 59 . I have no idea what to do next . No other diet’s work for me . I find the very low carb diet even the 800 diet renders me exhausted and unable to function. I am at the end of my tether and am out of ideas , So would welcome advice please!

    Reading this might help you (or at least give you a chuckle)

    It helped me to take the long view: make 5:2 easy and sustainable so I could keep at it no matter what. It is a lifetime way of eating for me, it got me down to my healthy weight (after about 15 months) and has kept me there.

    If that is not tolerable for you, maybe go the way of Dr Mosley’s Fast800. ie have a few weeks (you work out what you could manage) of 800 calories a day, to give your weight loss a rapid start, then go to 5:2. All the time eating with respect to Mediterranean Diet Guidelines.

    Best wishes and good luck.


    If I read your post correctly, you lost 6lbs in 3 weeks, then upped your FDs and lost another 2lbs but haven’t lost anything for a week.

    If that is the case then the best thing to do is keep going. If you search this website you’ll find many people worrying about reaching a plateau where they don’t lose any weight for a week or two and occasionally longer, but you need to persevere. If you are eating less calories than your body needs you’ll lose more weight but what you are eating is important, lots of vegetables, a little fruit, lean protein and healthy fats, a few carbs but nothing processed.

    As for the exercise not sure what you mean by really going for it but research indicates weightloss is on average 90% caloric restriction and 10% exercise so don’t overdo the exercise and in my experience the rate at which I’ve lost weight has not been impacted by the amount of exerice I do but it has improved my fitness and felexibility and I enjoy it.

    I’m assuming you’ve checked your TDEE and IMHO it’s best to opt for sedentary when calculating for reasons just stated regarding the impact of exercis on weight loss.

    Above all, congratulate yourself on the 8lbs loss and don’t beat yourself up, you aren’t doing anything wrong and are working hard to lose weight.
    It’ll happen.

    Good luck.

    Thank you you v’e been really kind. I shall persevere with the 5 2 and certainly start to replace carbs with more protein. I realise that I only eat protein once a day . I also think I am eating my last mean too late, so shall eat earlier. See where this takes me . I also need to drink more water.

    Once again thank you



    Unfortunately, Patience is VERY important! My Dr. made a very good point to me last week….”think about how long it took you to put on that weight, Its not going to come off overnight”

    I’ve never been able to lose on just 5:2, so did alternate fast days to lose weight, & recently the fast800 for a week or 2 has worked well for me. But even with that I did have the odd week where I’d lose nothing, then the next week a little more! So sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason with it, & sometimes even eating a bit more on nonFDs can help! So keep at it, & I’m sure in another week you’ll lose again!

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