5:2 Diet and Science of Improvement

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  • Improving health by losing excess weight seems like a good idea.

    How easy is it to do scientifically though?

    One barrier is the assumed need for a big research trial to prove effectiveness. This is incorrect. Each of us can repeat the experiment independently and if we want we can pool our results.

    This collective research approach is called Improvement Science.

    To see an example of how to do this for yourself using the 5:2 diet and become an Improvement Scientist – please see:


    There you will find robust scientifically valid evidence that this approach works – and a method for replicating the results for yourself.

    Dr S.R.Dodds

    Thanks for this post. I’m basically resorting to my own experiment (see my posts re the 25% limit and IGF1) in the absence of the data I’m looking for.

    Yes, I will be testing my lung cancer with the 5:2 diet, it worked very well for my wife’s cholesterol and I’m hoping that it will do something for me. Certainly the targetted therapy and now the chemotherapy at the best is only holding it steady, there has not been any reduction in my tumours so I have nothing to lose.

    It is unlikely that anyone could raise the funds necessary for large clinical trials, to be worthwhile an expenditure of around a billion US$ would be needed, even then the clinical trials units would probably not be interested, they are too busy testing pharmaceutical products which is their main business.

    I will certainly be following up the links provided by Dr Dodds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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