If I only want one meal on fast days..

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If I only want one meal on fast days..

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  • Hello,

    I’ve recently bought the Fast Beach Diet and my first fast will be tomorrow.
    My main question is that in the book they show recipes that add up to 500 calories that cover breakfast and dinner.
    I would prefer to do just the one larger meal per day, most of the recipes within the book range from 150-400 calories (for supper), what should I do in order to bump it up to the required 500 increase ingredients or add a ‘side’ or desert?
    I don’t want to do this incorrectly, so perhaps would it be better to look for 500 calorie recipes on places like BBC’s good food?

    As an aside, I drink mostly water in the day, however, I like the idea of something more flavoursome such as the water with mint & lemon, or herbal teas, if these have no calories, i’m assuming they’re ‘free’?

    Many thanks for your help

    Hi and welcome, LucyM 🙂 Many people save all their calories for one evening meal, that is what I do on most fasting days now. You can use any recipes or combinations of foods that you like that add up to 500 calories. It can be a good idea to make sure you get a decent amount of protein (for cell repair), a little fat (for cell membrane repair and for feeling full), and plenty of low-starch vegetables for micronutrients, variety and volume. So, if you were working with a 400-calorie chicken stir-fry recipe you could add 2 more ounces (56 grams) of chicken and also have 3-1/2 ounces (100 grams) of strawberries for dessert; or you could add a salad or vegetable side dish that works out to 100 calories — for example. Or choose a 500-calorie recipe that appeals to you from anywhere. Or make a family favorite and work out how many calories per gram it contains, and serve yourself a 500-calorie portion. Or even eat a 500-calorie ready meal on a day when you’re pressed for time and energy to cook. One of the wonderful things about the FastDiet is its flexibility in what we can choose to eat. And yes, you can have as much of no-calorie beverages like water with mint and lemon and herbal teas as you wish (although many people find that artificially sweetened beverages make them hungrier — I personally stay away from those).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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