IF helpful initially – relapsing

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  • i ave had great success missing breakfast with great effect on my appetite.

    Over the Easter period we were with friends and I reintroduced regular breakfast, albeit a later one at around 10.00 am and my exercise was increased. For the past 4-5 days my appetite has soared, back to eating all day and as well as snacking I seem genuinely ravenous. I have been overeating for sure, and this isn’t just making up that energy used up by the exercise. It’s is like a monster has been unleashed!

    I’m slightly nervous my body has sensed weight loss and rebelled but also so annoyed that I thought I had developed quite a good relationship with food by using IF. It really meant I could eat what I wanted (within reason) and lose weight and feel great without thinking about food. I can imagine I have regained all the weight I had lost.

    Sigh, sharing and perhaps seeking solidarity.

    Its ok just get back on the horse. The great thing about IF – is the fasting part is always waiting for you when you are ready to return. I find drinking more water helpful if returning to fasting seems challenging. ALSO good ol hormones will gang up with appetite and that is usually when I also feel ravenous!

    Let yourself press the re-set button. <press>

    you can do it!

    Hi Rabbette, aww thank you. How did you know- yep hormonal related binges as completely gone now just frustrating as gained all back that I had lost so my momentum. Thank you again and now trying to get back “on the ol ‘orse”.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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