Hypo PT just started 5:2 again

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  • Hi I was diagnosed hypo 12 years ago and am on 200 levithyroxine per day which I think is a lot fir a 4ft10.5 female. At my worse I was 14st 2 tried every diet weight would not shift, eventually after pushing fir blood tests I was diagnosed hypo. After four marathons, leaving my job in advertising to re train as a PT with a specialism in diabetes and obesity I hang around 10 to 10st 7 which is still overweight but looks ok because of my fitness. I have asked for T3 leveks to be looked at but GP says it’s not possible on NHS. Since sept 2015 I have minimised sugar and oretty much cut out rice, pasta, bread my general diet us pretty good. I have just done my 4th fast day, I wait until evening for most of food but find sleeping SO hard. Even though I saved calories fir a bedtime drink of kefir. Is this effecting anyone else? Am really hoping 5.2 will help shift this stubborn weight!

    Hi Mrs O
    You have already lost a lot of weight and you can rest assured that the rest will go too. It just takes tweaking the diet. Have you thought of eating more? Seriously. You would be amazed if you saw what I eat but the weight is still coming down. I have cut out sugar completely and eat no bread, rice, potatoes etc. None at all. I eat LOADS of veggies. I also only eat low fat dairy stuff. On the no fast days I have a glass of Rioja wine before bed. It works wonders and makes life seem more worth while. Of course I count the calories for the wine.
    Stick at it Mrs. O. Good luck.

    Hi thanks fir the reply I do eat tons of veg, I encourage all my clients to have 7 to 11 portions a day. I have an allotment so grow my own. Believe me I do not need encouragement to drink wine! So far I have done 6 fast days since 7th march and yesterday was the easiest yet. I can definitely feel a difference and have lost inches I don’t really weigh myself. Scales are an inaccurate way of assessing body composition. The last two weekends have been car crashes where food are concerned – two dinner parties with two much fizz! Normally would be bursting out of my jeans after that but they are loose. Still struggling to sleep on a fast evening even though I have a milky kefir drink at bedtime.
    Thanks for the support x

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