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  • I’m an eighteen-year-old high schooler. I’m an amateur boxer and I’ve been using the diet to trim some excess fat. I’ve been doing it for about six months now, and I’ve found it really productive and have still been feeling good while also getting more muscular, so I believe the diet is perfectly healthy for me.

    My problem is the fact that I don’t eat breakfast. I started the diet in the summer when I didn’t have school, and in the morning when I was training or doing something else I could easily wait until lunch to have something to eat. The problem arose, however, when summer ended and I went back to school. I found that when, and only when, I have to spend several hours sitting at a desk in the hours before lunch, I get hungry and my stomach starts to rumble. If, however, we for some reason have a lesson where I get to walk around or something, I feel nothing at all and don’t even always feel hungry at lunch. The hunger on its own wouldn’t be a problem, but the fact that my stomach rumbles (really loudly, mind you) draws a lot of attention and is both irritating and embarrassing. I’ve tried drinking lots of water and doing stretches during lessons, but neither have helped for very long. I’ve sometimes gotten so desperate that I’ve had to break my fast early.
    Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice for work-arounds?

    Hi Newnawn!

    When I started with the 5:2 diet I had the same problem. The way I’ve been able to solve it is by eating a 90 calorie “breakfast” and “lunch” and a 60 calorie “snack” around 3 pm. The rest of the calories I eat at supper. I eat the small meals very slowly and take as much time with them as for a regular meal. That routine has been really successful. Best of luck with your fasting!

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