How do I exercise!!

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  • I don’t no if I have posted this in the right place!! I find my self replying to people and alsorts!! But anyways!! I started the diet last week as have a hoilday to Barbados in June.. I weigh 148 lbs and think I am about 5’3.. I have never dieted before or even thought about it!! As strange as it sounds I don’t no where to start with exercise.. Do I walk run jog?? Or do I do fitness videos I really don’t no!! I did 10 mins of lunges etc and couldn’t move for 3 days.. Embarrassing I know!! And ask for planks 10 seconds I was a lump on the floor after that!! I also don’t understand my TDEE I put a weight in less than mine and the calorie in take was lower!!

    have a look at the top of this page under resources and you will find drop down options and then select BMI calculator. Fill that in, there are clear explanations of activity levels and the TDEE figure is the number of calories that are your maximum number to consume each day.

    Try writing down everything that you eat and drink for a week or so and then tot up the calories. You may well be surprised the cost of meals/snacks and don’t forget alcohol. Remember that you cannot ‘eat’ any calories burned as they are already included in the TDEE as part of the activity calculation.

    Regarding exercise, anything that makes you sweat is good. Much depends on your time each day and the weather. Walking is very good, get a pedometer and make sure that you walk 10,000 steps a day. Have a look at HIT.

    Focus on your reducing the waist measurement(around the belly button) and visceral fat. Exercise will tone and shrink the inches, but has very little effect on weight loss, that comes down to what you put in your mouth or don’t!

    Have a look at the FAQ’s too.

    Hi Hannah,

    Great advice as always from annette.

    There are lots of things you can do to increase the amount of exercise you get in your daily life such as using the stairs rather than the escalator, getting off the bus a stop early and walking. If you live in a house walk up and down the stairs a few times gradually increasing how many times you do it.
    Walking is excellent and a stroll in the park in the fresh air is free!
    If you’ve never exercised the best way to start is with some gentle stretching to get your muscles used to different movements before you embark on anything more strenuous.
    Swimming is a good place to start if you’re not used to exercise so you might want to consider it.

    TDEE is how many calories your body needs for your current lifestyle. The less you weigh the lower the number of calories your body needs which is why TDEE reduces with weight loss.

    My advice would be to calculate selecting sedentary level for exercise and keep below the number it gives on non fast days. For every 7lbs you lose you should recalculate.

    Good luck.

    Thanks you both very much!! Think I will invest in a pedometer as the one I have as an app on my phone is so not accurate!! I did 10 steps sat down the other day!! Should I eat the amount of calories on my TDEE

    TDEE is the maximum you should eat. Weight loss is achieved by eating less calories than we need so the less we eat the more we lose.

    I got an Omron pedometer which has a wrist loop that I use to loop round my bra strap and tuck it inside. Thanks Amazon for the added information that I left out.

    Hi annette,

    I’ve got an Omron too, and do the same with mine 😆

    Great minds think alike!

    I exercise by getting out of bed and walking down stairs and making mint green tea. Some mornings that’s really tough and takes about all I have to accomplish I mean I’m right tuckered out by the end of it. I do it though. I’m committed.

    Hannahbellaaa207 read up on HIIT exercise. The results can be awesome and the workouts pretty short but a bit painful. However getting a full workout done in 15 minutes is great. Basically do an exercise as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Then do something light until you recover because when you get done with the hard part you should only be able to just breath. Repeat at least 4 times. There are many variations and you can do almost any exercise you like as long as you can really push it too the limit.

    Oh if you do HIIT type workout, don’t do it everyday. 3 days a week is about the most one should do until they know what they are doing.

    ALWAYS warm up – 5-10 minutes on a bike, rowing machine, jumping jacks, run up and down your stairs, etc. Get the blood flowing and your muscles warm. Pick one exercise for each big muscle group – quads, butt and hamstrings, push, pull, and core. Do 3-5 sets for each exercise.

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