Holiday – worrying already

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Holiday – worrying already

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  • I go away for 10 days, camping and playing music, twice a year. I am always STARVING on these weeks, and the food is excellent and plentiful. Will I ruin everything if I abandon the 5/2 routine for a week? (Then I’m back for a week, then away for the 2nd week).

    I might JUST ABOUT be able to survive without eating until the evening meal, but would have problems restraining myself to 500 cals then – in fact I wouldn’t even know what 500 cals of the food put in front of me looked like! How about fasting until 7pm and eating a fairly small meal then, as a compromise?

    mrsvox, go on holiday, enjoy yourself and enjoy your food. the 5:2 lifestyle will be waiting when you get back.
    I recently “Fell off the wagon” when I went on holiday. It took me a couple of weeks to get back on track but the “fall” did me no harm.
    In fact I can almost smell the sausages and bacon at your camp and I would pig out on them if I was on a camping holiday. Mind you it would also depend on the type of music, some of it would drive me to drink.
    Good luck. Update us when you return from your hols.

    We recently went to France but did 1 day fast not 2. Tinned fish and salads, fruit and stick to that.

    Thanks for this post. I am going on holidays in 2 weeks after 6 months on 5:2. I was thinking of doing 1:6 for the 2 weeks away so your suggestion ljc1011 is a good one.i’d appreciate any other comments.

    I was on holiday for ten days – 3 fast days included and it wasn’t a problem for me. If your mind is set – you will be just fine with fastin. Always remind yourself – “Tomorrow, i’m eating whatever I want!”.
    I am on the 5:2 system for a bit more than 3 months and haven’t missed a single fast day. One time I shifted it from friday to saturday just for organizational reasons.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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