High cortisol levels

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  • Does anyone know if intermittent fasting can help reduce cortisol levels?
    Reason for high levels as yet unknown, under Endocrinoligist for investigations

    My guess is that initially it might have the opposite effect. Cortisol is released when the body is under stress (real or perceive). Many people initially find IF stressful. Not eating is counter intuitive. Once you have a routine established is should no longer be stressful.

    I was just looking this up on line, for a friend who may have high cortisol. I found a blog by Dr. Jason Fung, who is a fasting guru 🙂 You might find this interesting, it talks a lot about causes and effects of abnormal cortisol levels. He mentioned in one of his videos, that people with high cortisol might have trouble fasting.


    I hope this helps

    Fasting often causes stress. While my fasting is getting easy, it is probably increasing my cortisol levels at times. However fasting does have vast impacts on hormones. Normally higher cortisol levels are associated with fat gain.

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