Help! Starting again ..!

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Help! Starting again ..!

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  • Hi – I did the 5:2 about 4 years ago and it was amazing for me, I went down to what I weighed when I was 18 .. I’m a middle aged mum now! I felt great and fit and very proud of myself. I maintained my weight mostly for around 2 years but now all the weight has gone back on again and most of my clothes don’t fit! I’m intending to start tomorrow- but am worried that I won’t be as successful as before. I just thought I’d see if anyone else had experienced this and any tips most welcome. I think my main problem is that when I did it before I was walking my daughter to school everyday and mostly up hill and now I don’t walk her to school so hard to get exercise in everyday.

    I just want to wish you good luck and keep persevering… I am new to the FD and only on my 3rd fasting day tomorrow so sorry cannot give you any advice except keep on this site it will help support your efforts, regards Gill

    DancingMum, you can do it! You know you can. As for exercise: park at the back of the lot; take the stairs; instead of eating lunch, go for a walk [eat an apple if you must]. Keep us posted with your successes and questions.

    I started the fast diet earlier this year but then had a crazy summer which involved a lot of moving around and I didn’t keep it up. Now I’ve gained the half stone I’d lost and I really want to get back on track! So I’m also starting again 🙂 I need to lose a stone and a half for my health, but if I could lose 2 stone I’d feel amazing! Hoping the community on here will be motivation for me 👍🏻 X

    Get back on the horse, penelope, and do the Fasting. It works and we are here for you.

    DancingMum, how is the Fast going?

    We are Fasting today: Curried Tomato Omelette with banana for breakfast. Fish Cakes for dinner, with 2 vegetable sides.

    Hi Penelope- I’ve realised that my life has changed quite a bit over this last year, Mum has been unwell so driving a lot to see/help her, eldest leaving home to go to uni, and I think I need to really re-boot somehow and fit the exercise in – I have to confess I’ve only done the fasting half heartedly, quite hard at Christmas… but I did it before and resisted snacks, wine etc and kept it to weekends to have a treat. It’s willpower that I need:) I like the sound of curried omelette fasting _me .. it’s about being organised and having good recipes to fall back on – thanks for your encouragement 😊

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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