Help – I dont eat seafood…

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Help – I dont eat seafood…

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  • I am starting this tommorrow 7/22, most of my diets fail because I eat no seafood, that includes salmon, tilapia etc.

    I read the complete book today and again most of the recipes are seafood… HELP.

    What is another substitute that I can eat on my fast days!!!!!

    Why does that matter? I do eat salmon, but that is about all in the line of sea food.

    Methinks perhaps you are getting too serious about the fast day diets? I may get shouted down for saying this but actually the way I see it the fast day is basically just cutting down on what you would normally eat.

    If you get too hung up about special diets you do run a risk, let’s face the truth, of failing but only because faddy eating becomes a chore, a chore becomes a grind and a grind gets dumped as too much hassle.

    Have a salad, have porridge (made with water and without sugar) have chicken, have mushrooms – you don’t NEED fish to be on the diet. Be positive about what you are doing. Count the calories on the fast days – you know in your heart I am sure what are good foods and what are bit – and don’t get hung up on this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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