Help – binge eating on NFDs.

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Help – binge eating on NFDs.

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  • Has anyone else had their eating patterns change for the worse? I have never struggled with binge eating, but now find myself over eating even on foods that don’t typically tempt me….particularly carbs. Still, by some miracle I have managed to drop 5 pounds in 10 weeks, but clearly I am on the slow train to weight loss. Any insight is appreciated. I am trying to lose a total of 15.

    There are certain foods which make you feel full longer [on any day] and there are certain foods which promote craving. If you start your day with protein, you will feel satisfied longer. Some days I have to hide the bowl of nibblies so I don’t face-plant into them. If you are a little stern with yourself, you can train yourself not to crave the carbs on Slow Days. Let me know how it goes for you, robinsmetz. I’m rooting for you.

    Thank you @fasting_me. I am not a binge eater so I am a little taken back by the impulse of it. I will be a bit more intentional to increase the protein. I am a 51 year old female – so hormonal changes have made it a new journey all together. Thanks for the feedback!

    Robinsmetz, staying hydrated can help on NFD to keep cravings at bay. Soups and legumes are both filling so I try to fit them in as often as possible. I often have a container of chili in the frig or freezer for meals that are both quick and filling because of all the beans.

    Thanks CalifDreamer. Thats helpful.

    Hi robinsmetz. I have just resumed the 5:2 program and noticed the same pattern in my eating on NFDs. I appreciate the suggestions above and will incorporate them. I attribute it to restarting the eating pattern and psychological reactions. What I have observed is that I feel like celebrating the weight loss I see after a fast day so treat myself. I have also notice that on my fast day, I look forward to eating something on my NFD. This week I will work to shift my mindset to something more helpful and have plenty of water and legumes handy.

    Hi Robin,
    This is why many people decide that 5:2 isn’t for them. However, since it is working, ie you are losing weight, you might find that with some tools and tricks you can retrain some of your habits so that you can enjoy you Non Fast Days too.

    The main thing I have had to do is cut out sugar as it sets off the unstoppable sugar munchies.
    My other strategies are that on at least 2 of my non fast days I do not snack.
    I don’t eat after 8:30 pm.
    I eat a meal and then wait for 3 hours before I eat again.
    I plan something to do after a meal as it seems to take at least an hour before the “I have eaten enough” signal to reach my brain.
    I make sure I have healthy, low GI meals that are good sensible portions.
    I give myself non food rewards.

    5:2 has got me down to the lower end of my healthy weight range, and is helping me maintain it. I love that my Fast Days are a ‘reset’ if I have had an overeating day, but it is a work in process to get my eating habits nice and normal. What with childhood patterns, entrenched brain signals that seem quite confused, and lordy knows what my microbiome is trying to do… But 5:2 keeps me keeping on, and I hope it does for you too. Cheers.

    Yes, 135South, I find I am also celebrating being able to resume normal eating. I appreciate the support.

    Very helpful tips Cinque. I need to examine my subconscious brain signals. Non food rewards are also a great thing to look hard at. I like to reward my NFD with 2 glasses of Pinot Noir. :-/

    I am feeling very encouraged knowing that there are so many willing to walk this lifestyle out together. Thank you for your time everybody!

    Good luck robinsmetz! Do you tend to eat throughout your fast day, one main meal or not eat? Similar to what fasting_me said, if I break my fast/ start my day with sugar I will just crave more and more. If the first thing I eat is more about the protein or even just a complex carb I can control it a lot better.

    Hi there cardinal_tetra!

    I was just feeling discouraged after weighing myself today – so thanks for chiming in. I typically do not eat on my fast day, and break my fast the following day at lunch time with whole grains and protein – that is today. BUT I AM STILL HUNGRY! I waited 4 hours to eat after lunch and snacked on two servings of raw nuts, but I would like more. I will wait and let my mind get the memo about being satisfied. I have increased my water consumption and will have legumes, greens and chicken with dinner. Do you think the sugar in my 1-2 glasses of Pinot Noir is my nemesis?

    Weighing myself today – after my FD yesterday – I gained 2 pounds. :-/ I pretty much volley between 142-147 pounds. I started at 149. I am weight training but I haven’t gained that much muscle in two weeks. Maybe I should stay away from the scale – it’s discouraging me. I also think I should re-read the book. Just for some encouragement.

    Thanks for listening. My husband was doing this as well but decided to stop so I am solo.

    People think weighing scales are scientific instruments, but in fact they are nasty little devils who do everything they can to mess with your brain and undermine any self confidence you might have.

    Try to avoid them! Once a week at the most! (seriously, the amount of water in your body, and food passing through, makes your weight go up and down enormously over the day). Judge how you are going by how your clothes feel, how you look in the mirror, and occasionally by measuring around your waist (once a month?). Remember this is a longterm strategy for your health.

    keep at your fast days, try to eat ‘normal’ healthy foods and portion sizes on ‘normal’ days and (sigh) if the Pinot Noir is your nemesis, then make it a once a week treat. Be dogged and hopefully soon your clothes will get looser.

    Hope your evening meal made you feel nice and full.

    Sorry your husband has stopped 5:2ing, but hopefully he is understanding of what it takes for you to keep at it. We’ve got your back!

    Thank you, Cinque! My clothes do feel good…a bit looser. I will avoid the scale…and keep at the 5:2ing. Maybe I need to add a third fasting day? I also am not going to consume any calories after 8:30 on NFDs. Thanks for having my back. 🙂

    Thsee tips are really good. I’m just starting but will try and implement a few of them. Thank you.

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