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  • Hello all from a soggy cold Sydney

    That’s frustrating Neil I do hope you get some mojo working hard soon. I’m feeling frustrated too as I am being ever so mindful and careful but the results are sooooo slow

    So very glad you don’t need surgery Betsy and I’m glad at least one friend is making you healthy meals. Physio should really help you get that hand back working

    I don’t recall ‘Always Greener’ either Cali; it does ring a bell but 20 years is a long time ago :). Maxx will always be cheeky I think but yes, deep down he just wants to please us but his yearning for playtime and attention sometimes outwits the ‘good boy’. Either way we love him so much.

    I’ll try to send some of this rain your way LJ. It rained all night long and has only just stopped now at lunch time. More on the way though so we aren’t done yet. Well done on the great eating out choice and good luck with the impending ones

    We are working with a team in London now so my days are even longer. But the stress is a bit lower as we kicked some goals last week and are now able to have some catch-up time. What a difference it makes. I’m getting more exercise and able to focus on good food choices. I have a big catch up with friends I haven’t seen for years in July so I really want to kick plenty of these covid kilos between now and then.

    Can anyone truly believe it is already May? I cant!

    Take care

    Gah! Just as I hit send and had the thought to get out for a walk while it wasn’t raining, it started bucketing down! I’ve already walked 1500 steps around the house and done 20 mins on the exercise bike but I was really looking forward to a good hilly walk. Boo.

    Thank you all for your kind words. All will be well eventually.

    CalifD, on both our trips around Oz in a campervan, we cooked mainly on a Dutch oven outdoors. The hot coals from the fire were placed on its lid. We were eventually able to cook just about anything in it including damper (Aussie campfire bread) and even pineapple upside down cake! But mostly, big hearty one pot stews.

    CalifD, I’ve not heard of that show but was never a big fan of Aussie productions. I did look at ‘Stowaway’ but it’s sci-fi. We’re currently watching ‘Peaky Blinders’. I couldn’t get into it when I tried before but I like it now. NZ’s Sam Neill does a convincing N. Ireland accent.

    Betsy, keep the exercises going – motivated by being able to fend for yourself in the kitchen! It’s kind of those friends to try to help but highlights how most people eat I suppose.

    Anzac, we had a lot of rain over the past two days too. It’s fine for us as we live on the boat and have only to find a beautiful place to wait it out. The poor hire boaters have continued to cruise past throughout the rain, wind and hail, with their huge umbrellas, tarps and wet weather gear. They have to make their cruising deadlines sometimes over a long weekend and typically spend long days under way as part of completing a ‘cruising ring’. The sun’s out this morning and we’ll be heading south a little.

    Cinque, are you OK? Hi LJ, Neil et al.

    Good afternoon from a sunny but cool Melbourne – perfect autumn weather!

    Sympathise re the weight, Neilithicman. As well as LJoyce’s advice, you may also need to think about what your triggers are, causing the extra eating. I know mine – not enough sleep, and excess stress, especially for me, the stress of study. My weight loss began to reverse as soon as I recommenced studying, semester 2 last year, and I’m only just managing now to pull the reins in. It’s a painful process to have to re-lose weight already successfully lost. Also, some advice Thin gave me (which I didn’t keep to, unfortunately) – set yourself a maximum “trigger” weight that you absolutely WILL NOT go higher than, and if you ever reach that weight, fast yourself down from it immediately. Good advice, not so easy for me to keep to, but your willpower is much stronger than mine, so do try.

    Anzac65, glad worklife has eased a bit. Pity about the untimely rain.

    LJoyce, so glad you’re being sensible re your recovery from the lung infection.

    Cinque, I’m so glad you went ahead and got the Covid-19 vaccine. My friend who has CFS is flatly refusing until research is finished in the States, in about 2 years time, on how the vaccine affects people with CFS. But then. she also refuses to have the flu injection. Oh well, each to their own I guess.

    Stay safe and well, everyone!

    Morning all. Well my community services card showed up yesterday so I finally managed to sign up to the gym again (My wife left her job due to health reasons so we’re down to one income, the community services card gets the gym membership down to half price) I think that’s what’s been missing. I had a good 40 minute session this morning before work to get back into it, 30 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes on the treadmill and I’m feeling great. I was 97.8 kilos on their scales but that was fully clothed so probably about the same as my scales at home.

    I’ll start have a morning session before work each day and see how I get on.

    Have a great day everyone

    Hello hello,
    It is Thursday fast day for me.

    I had grandma duty on Monday, an optometrist appt on Tuesday (way too early) and had to recover yesterday.
    Also busy in my life with the excitement of my daughter and SIL looking to buy a little apartment and on a sadder note, doing my best to support a friend who already contends with disability and a lot of anxieties and is now facing a tricky breast cancer procedure.
    And it does just seem that I can do much less these days than I could a couple of years ago.

    I will write a quick catch up and hope to be more regular as I love to keep up with all that is happening to you lovely people.

    Betsy, what a nasty accident. A break right down near your knuckle does sound complicated. Hooray that you avoided surgery. May it keep healing well.
    I had a similar thought as LJoyce with the gifts of rich food you have in the feezer. Thinking that once you can do some cooking yourself, a small portion of their gift with a big heap of steamed vegetables, might make for some wonderful meals.

    Thin, I might have been a bit too quick and early talking about managing my diet so well. Felt very self conscious about it since, every time I fail to live up to my own words. Sigh.
    I think you are well ahead of me with the diet changes.
    But I am on the right track, I think, just not as far along it as I would like to be.

    Thin, sympathy for the difficulties resulting from your mother’s death. And also I know the weirdness of the death of a parent in estrangement and I am sorry the way you learned of it was not good. Thinking of you.

    Neil, hooray for copious amounts of soup in the winter!
    Maintenance is a headache!
    Hooray to have your gym membership card again.

    Cali, Yes I have cast iron cookware. I love the way it holds heat.
    I make the no knead bread and cook it in an amazing tagine (op shop find) with a cast iron base. I had cooked it in a stainless steel saucepan (that goes in the oven) previously, but the cast iron pot is MUCH better.
    Lovely dutch oven for those big stews and soups too!

    I do vaguely remember the Always Greener series but didn’t watch it. (The actor John Howard is a big personality and had a lot fun when we had a prime minister of the same name.)

    Anzac, I hope you get a walk in the sun today! Maxx too.
    I do hope your catch up time keeps going! Enjoy! It will make it so much easier to do all your best new habits.
    I can’t believe it is May! My brain thinks it is March.

    Well, off I go to catch up on a whole load of other things. Best wishes to everyone for a good day.

    Fasty fasty!

    Hi all. MIA and quite ill with a chest infection over the past two weeks. Did I mention I love my doctor? He was away last week (which is why I didn’t see him), but my OH had an appointment yesterday and mentioned I’d been ill, so immediately my GP phoned, listened to my cough, sent me for a Covid test and more importantly, a full respiratory panel, and sent OH home with antibiotics and ventolin for me.

    Cinque, you have had your hands full …I am sorry you aren’t coping as well with your illness as you have in the past. You do seem to manage a lot, though.

    Thin, I am really sorry to read of your mother’s death. Even though you were estranged, it can’t have been easy news to hear, and particularly so now you have to deal with the funeral and estate arrangements.

    Betsy, what a nasty accident. First Anzac’s burn, and now this. So easy, these things that do us damage. I’m glad y0u have good friends to help.

    I’ve been thinking about your difficulties managing this WOL while you are researching. So easy to reach a block, and then wander to the fridge through sheer restlessness. My tip (if you want one – ignore if not) is to do something mechanical, which some research I read suggests frees up the mind to think about the writing challenges. Ironing was my default when that happened. My kids said they always knew when I’d had a roadblock, because the ironing basket was empty.

    Neil, hope your wife’s condition isn’t too serious. Good you have your gym membership back.

    I am in week 14 of the fast 800, having transitioned after week 12, as you suggested LJ, to add more calories (but only up to 1200) five days a week. So far I have lost 11.5 kilos, with only 3.9 to reach my goal and desired BMI (I may reassess, once I get to my target …to see if that last stubborn tummy bulge can be shifted for once and for all). I am off this week to buy a new small sewing machine, to try to adjust my clothes, most of which now swim on me.

    Thin I loved Peaky Blinders – yes to Sam Neil, and I thought too that Helen McCrory was excellent in it. Do you remember her in North Square? Another program I loved. And sad, for her to die recently and only in her fifties.

    Anyone watching the new Australian production Wakefield?? Unusual, and excellent, so far.

    OK I’m coming back to the discussion about people commenting on weight. I wrote this last week but didn’t finish my post, but here it is.

    Cinque, you are so so charitable. I agree some people don’t mention weight because it is such a taboo subject, but others are just mean spirited. I have a relative who falls into this category. I love her dearly, and ditto, but she does have a mean streak. She’s never felt she has had to hold back in the past (once, when I was all dressed to go out and looking good I thought, she commented, with a frown and her head to one side, “I don’t think I’ve every seen anyone with a stranger shape than you.” Her latest, when we were chatting about cleaning cupboards and I was saying that I had sorted my clothes into two piles – one to be resized locally, and one to go to Vietnam when next we could travel. “Why”, she said. “Have you lost weight?” Mmmmm, I can’t be convinced this thin woman who obsesses over every calorie hadn’t honestly noticed.

    Thin I laughed when I read your comments about this, and I have to agree unfortunately.

    And LJ, yes, there are many people who don’t think we will keep our weight off. How your family could ignore 50 kilos though leaves me just shaking my head.

    I was sorry to read you’ve been so unwell …and that finally you are feeling better. Long may it continue.

    Cali, so good to see the situation in the US is picking up. Does life feel more normal now, for you?

    I won’t go back a page, or I’ll lose my post and that will be that.

    Hello to all posters and readers. Hope you are well and happy.

    Good afternoon all.

    Not going out much means I’m on the computer more – except I have to keep reading back to ensure I haven’t hit the wrong keys, or two keys together, etc. Sometimes weird things are happening because the plastic splint hits things, etc. 🙂

    Neilithicman, great to read that your card came through and you’re back at the gym. I want to use my equipment here at home, but they all require me to use my hand, sigh! Never mind. I’m sure you’ll see the positive effects of the gym very quickly.

    Cinque, good to read your post. With you having CFS, I’m continually amazed at how much you manage to fit into your days. I’ll agree about slowing down, but I think it is often more a function of age or maybe reduced fitness, at least for me. I’ll be 72 this year, eek!

    LindsayL, how rude your relative is, commenting like that. It does hurt, though. I still remember many years ago, having lost some weight, saying to my older brother, “Don’t I look slim, trim and terrific?”, only to have him look at me and just say “No”. I was crushed. I mentioned it to him in more recent years and he admitted he’d been rather insensitive (having in the interim experienced his daughter’s weight struggles).
    Anyway, so sorry to read that you’d been so ill. Glad it wasn’t Covid, and how very kind of your doctor to look after you like that.

    The food I’ve been given? Unfortunately frozen in serving-sized portions, so a little hard to add more food to them, plus cutting, slicing and dicing is a bit beyond me yet, even though I have three fingers free, not two. It won’t matter. I’ll be sensible with what else I eat, try to keep to at least TDEE.

    LindsayL, forgot – good suggestion re getting up and doing something instead of just feeding my face. It won’t be ironing, though – these days, if something can’t be worn directly from the wash, it doesn’t get worn 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

    Hello all.

    Lindsay, so sorry to hear that you are now battling a lung infection, I hope you are better soon. What a wonderful GP though. I don’t know what I’d without mine either.
    I hate ironing, but during my many years of university study I usually had an empty ironing basket also. It wasn’t always a mental block, just avoidance tactics.

    Betsy, I also freeze meals in full size portions, mostly because that’s what my containers hold and I don’t want to waste freezer space. However, when defrosted I usually eat half at a time with veg. The defrosted container should keep in the fridge for 3 days. You can have the second portion the following night or two nights later. I normally leave a day in between just to keep more variety in my meals.

    Cinque, hope you recover soon from your energetic start to the week.
    I feel the same when I comment on things going well with my eating – usually the wheels fall off soon after that boast.

    Neil, excellent to be back at the gym again. That will be very welcome when the winter weather makes cycling more challenging. I hope leaving work has improved your wife’s health.

    Anzac, that rain hasn’t arrived from NSW yet, I may have to do a rain dance!
    Excellent that things are a little less insane at work. Also good to have had some successes as it makes the continuation of your contract more likely.

    Thin, hopefully that bad weather will ease up soon as you are nearly in summer.

    I have decided to have a day off from my current eating plan tomorrow as I’m spending tomorrow with my aunt to help her clear out the wardrobe clutter. She has requested something for lunch that I’ve made her before – stroganoff pot pie – lots of butter and sour cream in the sauce and puff pastry on top. I’m hoping that if I have a bowl of veggie soup for dinner it won’t be a disastrous day.

    Time to get myself organised as I have babysitting soon.

    Have a lovely day everyone.

    Thank you for your comments Cinque and Lindsay. My brother is wonderful at times like this. Not that we’ve experienced ‘times like this’ in the family before – but he’s always there for family. I remember several here bemoaning your brothers for not helping out but I have to give a shout out to mine, he is very kind.

    Lindsay and Betsy, what horrible comments you’ve received. Those kinds of things can really stick with you when you have weight issues. Well, now you have the weapon for the best revenge! And I don’t mean the iron although that might be tempting.

    Neil, pleased that you’re back at the gym and getting things back on track. Regaining weight lost can be a slippery slope so what Betsy mentioned about setting a trigger weight might be something to consider. It’s so much easier to deal with a couple of kgs than the pain of ten. I hope your wife is alright.

    LJ, yes, this weather is certainly starting to get annoying – huge hail stones yesterday! Enjoy your time with your aunt.

    Cinque, it was hard to read that your CFS has worsened. On the other hand, could it be that you actually do more than you think? From the outside, it certainly seems so.

    Morning all, I had my second session at the gym this morning. I spent 30 minutes on the exercise bike and felt pretty good afterwards. I was good with my eating yesterday and so far today. I need to keep my eating in check over the weekend and have another couple of gym sessions on Monday and Tuesday and I’ll see what the scales say on my Wednesday weigh-in.

    Thanks for your concerns about my wife’s health. I’d rather not talk about her specific health issues though. She probably won’t be going back to work again though.

    Thin, I hope everything is going well with sorting out things in the states.

    Cinque, Have fun with grandma duty.

    Well have a great day everyone and have a great weekend too.

    Ljoyce, Enjoy your lunch, having one day off isn’t going to break the bank.

    Betsy, that’s the same issues I had with my broken finger. My job is mostly on the computer and I was finding it really hard to type without my splint getting in the way.

    Lindsay, I hope you recover quickly from your lung infection 🙁

    Good morning after fast day. Delicious breakfast!

    Lindsay, oh dear, much sympathy for you dealing with a nasty chest infection. I hope you recover quickly now.
    A good doctor is a precious thing!

    And ooh well done on whittling back that last 5kg. You are doing it beautifully!
    Have fun with that sewing machine!

    I am recording Wakefield. I was reluctant to watch it at first, because it would be awful if it wasn’t well done, but the good reviews and hearing an interview with Kristen Dunphy, means I am looking forward to getting into it.

    Eep! All the terrible things people say to each other about their weight (and everything else).

    Betsy, I hope you can find a good non-ironing thing to do to keep the munchies away when you get back to study.

    I have a list blutakked by the kitchen door with the list of things to do every day or every week. These are things I need to do for my health and wellbeing, but keep forgetting. It is getting quite crowded, and even with the reminders I still don’t manage to do the every day things every day. It has things like: back stretch, drink water, eye compress, eye drops, meal plan, vitamin D, balance exercise, kegel exercise, singing. Haha ironing is on there too.
    It is useful when I need something to distract me.

    A very ‘old lady’ thing to do isn’t it. 😉

    LJoyce, oh yum, I hope you enjoy every bite of the stroganoff pot pie, and then enjoy veggie soup for dinner. And best wishes to your aunt too, she will love getting that clutter sorted.

    Thanks people for your concern with my CFS being worse. I was talking to my sisters on zoom yesterday and they reminded me that I figured out the reason last year! (Oh my poor brain). I tried skipping as HIT in a very small dose to help my breathing. I was working on the theory that years of avoiding my heart beating fast (because that makes my CFS worse) had deconditioned my cardio vascular system to the point where I had trouble breathing.
    I started at 10 skips once a week and built up gradually to more than 40 skips every few days. It worked! My breathing problem resolved itself. But my CFS got so bad I had to stop completely, and then my breathing problems came back. That was maybe 6 months ago.

    So I started again and have been doing 30 skips (as fast as I can) once a week. This works for my breathing but clearly it is still enough to aggravate my CFS symptoms. A bit of a catch 22 but I do prioritise being able to breathe! Nothing else (like having my heart beat raised a bit turning the compost etc) works.

    Seriously, it is only 2 minutes a week! Not fair. But maybe I should time myself to skip for one minute only and see if that still works, and doesn’t set off my CFS so much. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    Betsy, I am sure you are right, that old age makes things more difficult too. Sigh.

    Ooh look, it is afternoon. Best wishes everyone

    PS Neil thanks, next Grandma duty on Sunday 🙂
    Best wishes to your wife. Enjoy your gym.

    Hi all, quick check-in. Seems like everyone is doing well. Hope you’re feeling better, LindsayL. Glad your brother is helping you out, Thin.

    Have a good weekend everyone!

    Someone left the door open and the bots got back In again

    Cinque, I wouldn’t dream of purporting to have solutions to your CFS/breathing balance. But it did occur to me purely from a practical standpoint that skipping seems a particularly energetic HIT endeavour for you (or perhaps that was me). I was wondering whether substituting it with HIT walking could have the desired effect? That way you could also have walked somewhere that you needed to be when the HIT ended. My ratio is 5 mins at my normal pace/1 min HIT. Feel free to safely ignore – my plan is no doubt fraught with lots of things I haven’t considered!

    Good afternoon everyone. Happy Mother’s day to all the forum mothers in the countries which celebrate it on the second Sunday in May (as Australia does, and I believe the US as well. Not sure about the UK or NZ).

    Hope you’re all doing well. I managed to attend church this morning, courtesy of friend Jane, who was my “chauffeuse”. Lovely service, and good to see some of my friends there. Had to laugh (lovingly!) – the Sunday School kids came on stage to “dance” for the mothers in the church, to a song being sung by our singers – if you can call it dancing, but they looked adorable.

    Not achieving much at the moment, though typing has improved slightly as I can use one finger of my left hand, as well as the right hand, now the hand is in a splint. Still slow!!! Never mind, only just over 3 weeks to go, and the splint should be gone (provided my X-ray tomorrow shows everything to still be in alignment, which I am trusting it will).

    Now the exhaustion isn’t as bad, will be trying to improve the diet so I can lose some weight instead of just maintaining.

    Have a great week everyone.

    Hi all. Thanks for the good wishes. I am getting better now, with the antibiotics. I had quite a startle on Friday. I was sitting watching Gardening Australia when my GP phoned, and asked if my husband was with me. I froze, fearing the worst, but all good. OH had had a nasty face lesion biopsied last week and our GP was phoning to say the results were negative for cancer …the report had come in after he’d finished work and he wanted to let us know asap so we wouldn’t continue to worry. He was also able to tell me I had had a bacterial infection – probably pneumonia – and gave me quite the lecture about timely medical intervention. I am so grateful for the care we get from him.

    Betsy and LJ, I’m with you on the ironing ….although I did find it strangly calming when I was wrestling to find a way forward with my writing. I love linens, but no way am I going to iron them. Cinque, even though ironing makes your ‘to do’ list,you don’t actually have to do it. Like cleaning – sometimes just getting the vacuum cleaner out is enough. 🙂

    Thin I am glad you and your brother are able to tackle your challenges together. Hurrah for supportive families.

    One of my brothers popped in yesterday – I was struggling to fit the bobbin on my new sewing machine …so while I made the tea he fitted it, and even threaded the new machine. Now, I just need to sew. Big things or small, we all need help sometimes.

    Neil, great you are back to the gym. It worked so well for you in the past. Very best wishesto your wife.

    I like your list (and the idea of having a list) Cinque. Not ‘old lady’ at all …just very practical. I love a list ….but my son says I’m like mmm, can’t think of the character (was it Rimmer?) from Red Dwarf, who spent so much time making lists he didn’t actually get anything done. You are most definitely not a Rimmer Cinque.

    I’ve had a fabulous Mother’s Day. Brunch at DD’s (a sausage and bean casserole with sourdough). My son gave me some amazing bee earrings – which a few months ago would have been far too long for my chubby face and shorter hair, but now looked terrific, I thought. Made by a local artist, from recycled brass and gold. My daughter bought me a cookbook – In Praise of Vegies – which looks amazing, particularly as we’ve embraced more vegetarian food. According to the blurb ‘the colour-coded recipes are an aesthetic dream’, so pretty as well as practical.

    Hope you continue to improve Betsy.

    Where are you today Anzac? Enjoying a lovely peaceful weekend?

    Turn, Intesha, Calif, G’day, Jony et al. All good in your neck of the woods?

    See you Monday friends.

    Good morning,
    I had a very productive Sunday housework wise, but not a fasty one, so my breakfast this morning, while lovely, wasn’t as amazing an experience. I’ll look to a fasty Wednesday.

    Lindsay, hooray for helpful brothers, antibiotics, and getting over the fright of your doctor’s call to give good news. I hope you keep having a gentle time until you are completely recovered.

    I am ringing my doctor’s clinic next to organise my flu shot and to choose a new doctor to see (I need a form filled) so wish me luck, I want to choose a young one in the hope they won’t retire on me like my last doctor did.

    Haha yes re ironing, not every day or every week. About once every 8 weeks I think.
    Isn’t Rimmer so wonderfully obnoxious. He would write the most appalling lists.
    And those bee earrings sound wonderful and OFCOURSE you are right that they would look wonderful at your new weight.

    Betsy, so glad you could get to church and have such a good time with friends and community. I bet the kiddies dance was scrumptious.
    Thinking of you today and hoping the xray shows all is well.

    Thin, thankyou so much for that feedback. It made me remember that when I started skipping I had this wonderful idea that it would be so quick and intense that whatever the mechanism is that results in ‘payback’ for activity with CFS, it would slip under the radar. This clearly isn’t what happens, so it is sensible to go right back to the drawing board and consider all options for building cardiovascular health without suffering too much CFS wise.

    Hello to everyone, start of a new week. Woohoo, mindfulness, good decisions, plenty of vegetables… woot.

    It was an easy FD despite meeting friends for the first time in months. Hurray for socialising for the sheer fun of seeing people rather than an excuse to eat. Low 58s, (that’s my weight but it happens to be the °F temperature as well) the sun’s shining and further lockdown easing announcements are expected today.

    Good evening friends

    A gorgeous day in Sydney today – 26 degrees the top. Two weeks until winter! However that’s the last of it as we have a cold change coming tonight and wet weather for the rest of the week. We made the most of it and washed bedding (human and dog) as well as the dog himself. He gets itchy skin sometimes so we use a medicated shampoo for the second soaping and we have to leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing. Normally the dear fur-child is good and just walks up and down the path rubbing himself on the wall but today he did a huge zoomie, jumped into a garden bed and dug up a thyme plant! He went from yellow lab to dark chocolate lab in seconds. He has never once in 3.5 years dug in the garden – until today! Oh well, he is now clean and dry and smells lovely.

    Well done for fasting during a social event Thin. I seriously don’t know how you do it. How lovely to be in the sunshine with lockdowns easing for you after such a torrid time in the UK.

    What thoughtful gifts Lindsay and so glad you are feeling better and had a lovely Mother’s Day

    I had a productive day with housework on Sunday too Cinque. I have finally convinced Mr Anzac that we need to get a cleaner just to do the floors and bathrooms as this is getting too much for me. We are going to approach our neighbours cleaners tomorrow to see if they can squeeze us in. Hooray!

    I am sure the kiddies dancing would have been lovely Betsy. Hope your hand is ok

    I do hope your wife is ok Neil and glad you are back at the gym and enjoying it

    Did you have a productive day with your Aunt LJ?

    Must go, it is late and I still have work to do. Take care all

    Morning all, from a crisp Brisbane after a corker of a storm last night. Very unseasonal….lightning, thunder, and sheets of rain. Even our Rose was unsettled and knocked on the glass doors to be let in …which of course she was.

    Hope you get your flu shot and new doctor easily Cinque. Although the flu shot isn’t perfect protection, it does bat away a good percentage of those bugs that come for us. Do you have a date for your second Covid jab?

    Anzac getting a cleaner will take pressure off you and your household, particularly as your work life is so chaotic with different time zones and deadlines. I loved having a cleaner – once a fortnight I could sit and look around, feeling content that nothing needed to be done. And then she got tendonitis, and left me. sigh.

    Oh Maxx…..just when you thought he was ahem, maturing! Gun dogs do stay pups for a very long time. A thought – I have started bathing Rosemarie with a special dog soap I got from the people I buy my plastic free soap and shampoo from ….it works a treat, and leaves her coat soft and lovely….and it doesnt take all the palaver washing out shampoo/conditioner. Shampoo with a Purpose, it’s called

    And to finish ….my Mum has been gone for a very long time….and I still miss her. But now I am slimmer, I put on my Mum’s dressing gown on Mother’s Day, and it fits perfectly. I can still see her sitting at the kitchen table, having her cuppa with the paper, and wearing this gown. A great comfort.

    Enjoy your day all.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Lindsay, your storm made the news here too, so it must have been dramatic. I hope your property escaped damage.
    I loved the story of remembering your mum wearing her dressing gown.

    Anzac, yes I did have a productive day with my aunt. I filled 22 garbage bags with clothing, shoes and linen – some went tho charity but most had to be binned due to mould damage.
    Excellent that you are getting a cleaner. Given the long hours you work I think someone else should be doing the cleaning. You need some down time.

    Thin, wonderful that you are enjoying the company of friends without fear. Funny that something we took for granted feels like a special treat now. I heard your PM announcing the removal of many restrictions on the news today.

    Cinque, I hope you find a wonderful new GP. It might be useful to have forthcoming appointments with several different GPs so you can choose the best fit. (I did that last year when my GP was on 5 months leave. He did return but I now have a good idea of which GP I’d prefer when he eventually retires).

    Betsy, how lovely to have such good friends. I hope your broken finger continues to improve.

    My very long and busy day helping my aunt on Friday left me so exhausted that it has taken me several days to recover. To make matters worse the lung infection returned on Saturday – possibly exacerbated by the endless dust and mould I breathed in on Friday. I recommenced antibiotics immediately and am pleased to say that the symptoms stopped yesterday so I will just need the one course of antibiotics this time.
    As we have had a few days of rain I am going to attempt to remove a bit more lawn this afternoon. I don’t have the energy for a lot of digging, but I hope I can manage half an hour.

    I am continuing with the heavily restricted foods in an attempt to lose that last 2kg. I lost nothing last week so I need to persevere.

    Have a lovely day all.

    I’m about ready to give up. I had 4 decent gym sessions last week of about 40 minutes each, I ate ok without any sugar or carb binges and I averaged around 1800-2000 calories per day and yet I gained another 1.3 kilos, I’m now 97.1 kilos. I don’t know what to do about it.

    Good morning,

    Neil, I just saw your post. So frustrating. My only suggestion (the only one I can think of) is to take the long view. Easy and sustainable is important. Keep doing what is good for your longterm health in eating habits and exercise, and plot your weight over a few months. It is not going to keep going up!

    Thin, hooray for time with friends.

    Anzac woot! a cleaner. (Time to find another one too, Lindsay).

    Lindsay, what a precious Mothers Day, wrapped in your own mother’s dressing gown.

    LJoyce, so frustrating the lung infection returned, and hooray it is going/has gone. That, on top of the big day, would have been exhausting. I hope you can get things done while still taking it easy.

    I’m off for my flu injection today, and then an appt with a new doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed she is lovely. But there are a couple more to try if I am not comfortable with her.

    Fast day today. Hooray for 5:2.

    Cheers all

    Neil, I’m so sorry for your frustrations with your efforts seemingly not paying off. Have you considered new batteries for your scales? I’m not being flippant, it’s a genuine query. Please don’t give up.

    Anzac, wow, you’ve arrived! A cleaner. I’ve never had one, I think I’d be too embarrassed and have to spend a day cleaning before they arrived. As for how I can fast during a social event, I don’t really know how I do it either – all I can think of is that I like being slim more than I like eating. It took me many decades to arrive at this point. IF seems to suit my personality type, I’m not a ‘grey areas’ person. Yes, Cinque, hurray for 5:2.

    Cinque, I hope you liked your new doc. I expect with your condition, it’s especially important to gel with your GP. I was very grateful to have found my Perth GP, empathetic with my weight drama.

    Lindsay, those were happy mother’s day memories created for you.

    LJ, I hope you feel better soon. What a lot of clothes to get rid of – were they your uncle’s?

    Things are starting to feel different here. There’s always the nagging uncertainty of new variants but OH and I feel more confident about tackling things – we went on public transport for the first time yesterday so that we could get into a town for haircuts (5 months since our last). It’s all done using covid-precautions of course. I don’t feel quite as freaked out by grocery shopping as I did a year ago. We can assess potential risk by age and other factors which gives clues as to how wide a berth we need to give people. Many boaters our age are now declaring that they’re ‘double jabbed’ as a sort of safety net.

    CalifD, how are you getting on? Hi Betsy, & everyone else.

    Hi all

    Thin, the fact that I’ve gone out a couple of notches on my belt and I’m struggling to fit into my shirts shows my scales aren’t lying. I just don’t know why it’s happening. I wont give up yet, but I’m really going to be depressed if it keeps going up and I hit the triple digits again.

    I had a decent session on the treadmill this morning. I did a solid 30 minutes and ran 6kms. If I’m going to stay at a higher weight I may as well try to keep my fitness level up. I’m trying to do four 30-40 minute sessions a week, enough to get a sweat on but nothing too excessive.

    Morning. A quick post, before I head off to pre-school sitting and delivery (my DD is doing the prac component of her masters in education so we do before and after school care). We are in our fourth week – then only two days next week. It has been a huge commitment …but worth it.

    We have had a night of rats and rain. We caught one that we spotted scampering across the back verandah, helping itself to Rosy’s dry food. They look so menacing on the move, but very vulnerable in the trap. (sorry for the image). Then we saw its pal doing the same thing, but it is smart and has eluded the trap and of course we won’t bait. Now, with three nights of heavy rain, it’s taken up residence in our roof, where I can hear it scrabbling around above my bed. Most disconcerting. We flick the light on, and OH bangs on the wall, but all we do is wake the dog. sigh.

    Thin how good for you that things are feeling more normal in the UK. Here, borders are staying closed until well into next year. There is very little covid in the community and we have been extremely lucky …Vic I think had it the hardest. My OH catches a bus to a writing group ….he still wears a mask although it’s not mandatory. Few people seem to, though, when out and about.

    Neil, please don’t give up. Your body has done it once before, and will do it again. You know this program works …just give it time, as Cinque says. No consolation I know, but my loss has slowed right down, and I am finding it very difficult to shift my last few kilos. I’m trying eating more (too long on 800 daily perhaps) but haven’t found the right formula yet. Can you give yourself a fortnight of Fast800, and then move to 5:2 again?

    LJ I’m so sorry the lung infection has returned. Perhaps too much exertion too soon, without full recovery from the last bout. Do take care of yourself, while you are taking care of others.

    Thin re cleaners ….we had one for years when we both worked big jobs. But we had a cleaning day ritual. ‘cleaning up for the cleaners.’ My OH used to despair at the stupidity of it.

    How did you go with your new doctor Cinque? And ‘flu shot done and dusted for another year?

    OK time to go. I pop back to collect Rosy after DD has left (electronic gate … Rosy would shoot out in seconds) and she has a play with DD’s dog, then she walks them to school. The little kids love her and it’s a lovely thing to do in the mornings.

    Enjoy your day all.

    Good afternoon all.

    Neil, I am sorry that your weight continues to rise. If you are staying under TDEE it shouldn’t be happening unless you are also retaining more fluid. Are you doing any FDs. Eating around 2000cals a day might require a couple of FDs as well, to get your weight moving in the other direction. Lindsay’s suggestion would also help and would probably be faster.
    Did you keep records of what you ate when you first came to 5:2. If you have the records for the last 10kg you lost, that should be the weight range you are in now and would be a very useful reference for you. If you know something has worked well for you in the past when you were that weight then it should work again. It’s the positive side of the saying “don’t keep repeating the same things and expecting a different result”, although in this case when it’s a positive result it’s worth repeating.

    Lindsay, you have my sympathy with the rats. It was a continual problem for me when I lived in the hills. I spent time bashing ceilings to disrupt their scratching too. The worst thing was when one died up there. The room that they were decomposing above was uninhabitable for a week. It seemed to happen regularly in summer, probably due to the extreme temperatures in the ceiling space. Thankfully they remain outside the house here and just raid my veggie patch.

    Thin, it’s wonderful that you are able to be out and about without the level of heightened fear any more. I hope you can explore the areas when you moor a bit further now.

    Cali, I think I have told you before that I usually watch the PBS News Hour each day. I got a shock yesterday as they had a long piece on Australia and how we had handled covid. It’s rather rare that we get a mention.

    Good news on the health front. My lung infection seems to be over. I had my biannual hospital clinic appointment yesterday to be assessed for continued access to my RA treatment infusions. Thankfully I passed all the requirements, so I have access for a further 24 weeks. It’s always a relief when I get through another one of those.

    Must go, I want to do a little grocery shopping before I head off to babysitting duties.

    Have a nice day all.

    Neil, my best wishes to your wife for a quick recovery.
    My only thoughts on the unexpected weight gain when you seem to be doing the right things, is that sometimes extra calories sneak in without us realizing. How about using an app for keeping a journal for a week or two of everything you eat and measuring or weighing all the food? Over time it’s easy to forget calorie contents or underestimate how much of a certain food we’re eating.

    Cinque, maybe doing something like walking fast instead of skipping, like thin suggested would improve your breathing without making your CFS worse. I do know that lung capacity can increase pretty quickly with fast walking. Many years back when I spent a lot of time on a treadmill and carefully kept track of time and speed, I saw the improvement even in a week as I got used to walking faster and longer. I’m pretty sure now that I’m older it would take longer to see improvement, but I believe it would still be beneficial. I don’t know how that would affect CFS, but maybe starting at a lower intensity would be easier on your body.

    Anzac, so happy to hear you are getting a cleaner, especially with your long hours at work. It’s been years since we’ve had a cleaner but it was very helpful when we did. We didn’t clean before she arrived except to put things away that she might misplace so we wouldn’t have to spend time looking for them. In one of our previous houses we had a dark chocolate brown carpeting with fairly high pile, installed throughout most of the house that looked beautiful when it was freshly vacuumed. But every piece of lint, crumbs of food and cat hair showed up on it. It seemed that within a day of having the cleaner in, the house began to look messy again just because of that carpet. We learned our lesson. It’s so much easier to care for hard surface flooring like tile or wood!

    LJ, I’m sorry to hear you had the lung infection back again. I bet it was the dust from helping your aunt go through all those old clothes. It’s amazing how quickly dust accumulates, especially in dry weather.
    I notice too that we don’t hear a lot on our news about Australia’s success with the Covid pandemic. I sometimes think they’re embarrassed that other countries can’t follow such straightforward rules like closing borders and staying in place during breakouts. Aus and NZ have been very successful at keeping cases to a bare minimum and haven’t destroyed their economies doing so. Most other countries have paid a tremendous price for their failure to contain it, especially in this country.

    Lindsay, I hope your lung infection is clearing by now. The beginning of winter always seems to be a time for colds and flu-like symptoms. I think the change from warm to cold weather is tougher than the other way around. We’re going from warm to hotter weather these past couple weeks and flowers and greenery is filling in everywhere. We’ve had to start the sprinklers and drip system again because it’s been so dry.

    Thin, happy to hear that you’re getting out with friends more these days. I feel more comfortable in grocery stores but still feel nervous about restaurants, even though we’re fully vaccinated. After being very cautious and having lockdowns for over a year, it’s hard to change my mindset. And while things have improved a lot, there are still many daily cases. But I think we will be going to outdoor seating in restaurants soon. We really need to get out.

    Take care everyone. And get vaccinated when you can!

    Morning all,

    Cali, I do track my food, that’s how I know I’m averaging 2,000 a day. The only thing I can think of is high cortisol levels. I don’t sleep well, drink a fair bit of caffeine and have a bit of stress which all raise cortisol levels, and high cortisol levels are linked to weight gain. I’m trying to cut back on the caffeine, switching to green tea and rooibus rather than coffee and energy drinks, I’ve started taking some tart cherry and magnesium suppliments to try and improve my sleep. Hopefully I can turn things around soon because I worked so hard to get down to where I was, I don’t want to balloon back up again.

    It must feel pretty good to be getting out and about now that you’re vaccinated.

    Ljoyce, great news about the infection clearing up. Have fun babysitting.

    Lindsay, it’s the worst hearing a rat scurrying around. I’ve spent many a night in tramper’s huts out in the wilderness that were infested with mice and rats. You hear them all night and you have to keep getting up in the night to shoo them out of your packs or they’ll eat and spoil all your food.

    Well I had another decent gym session today and I had a good fast day yesterday. Hopefully I can keep away from temptation in the weekend and have a win on the scales next week.

    Have a great day everyone.

    p.s. I’m listening to Shawn James at work at the moment, if you haven’t heard anything from him you should check him out. He’s a soul singer with an amazing voice. He does both originals and spine tingling covers of other people’s songs. This is an acoustic version of one of his songs


    Hello friends,

    I had an excellent Wednesday fast day, and a no hassle flu injection.

    I saw the doctor yesterday and she explained that she mostly sees mums and children and is going on maternity leave in September. She didn’t have much understanding of chronic illnesses, had a good go at doing my application for renewal of my accessibility parking ticket, but it is all online now and the computer said No. She said she would try again when she had time between patients so I hope I hear from her today.

    Lately I have been pretty much the only one wearing a mask in shops. It is interesting reading how you assess risk, Thin. Nice work.

    Neil, does keeping close to your 2000 limit mean you don’t have quite enough leeway for those oops days?
    Good song!

    Lindsay, ooh preschool child minding, delivery and aftercare is massive. Well done, and hooray that it means your daughter has been able to do her teaching experience. Congrats to you all.
    Did it hail on your bees?

    I had rats once when I lived in the Dandenong Ranges. Horrible! That’s why I roll my eyes when people complain about a mouse in the house. They got into my underwear drawer and shredded everything in it and ate through plastic lids in the pantry. Luckily a huge rat trap killed one and the rest of the family gave up and moved out.

    On the other hand, when I was living in a student house on the outskirts of Bendigo we had native rats who lived in the roof, caused us no trouble, but lived on snails from the garden, which I loved! If we poked our heads up into the roof, the area was strewn with thousands of empty snail shells.

    LJoyce, I saw that piece on Australia’s handling of the pandemic too!
    Hooray for your assessment, and that you have recovered from the dusty mouldy day.

    Cali, thanks. After thinking a bit more I have decided to give skipping a miss for as long as I can. I am breathing okay at the moment, so the trick will be to do enough walking and other aerobic activity to maintain that. I went for a (comparatively) brisk walk around the block on Wednesday. I need to do it a few times to get a sense how it works. So many variables when trying to do a scientific experiment on one!
    Cheers to you, Mr Cali and Crickets getting out and about some more.

    I’m off to have a good veggie rich day, and I might get outside for a bit before the cold front comes through. Best wishes all.

    Hi all, very quick post as Mr Gday and I are heading out to the Indian restaurant for dinner in a moment and I wanted to respond to Neils post.

    Neil, I would also suggest that your elevated cortisol levels due to poor sleep and stress are definitely a factor in your current weight struggles. As part of my Cert III in Fitness studies I learnt that excess exercise also raises cortisol levels because exercise yields the body’s stress response and when cortisol levels aren’t in homeostasis (maintaining a stable internal environment within the body), regular, high levels of exercise can cause cortisol levels to remain constantly high. Worth some consideration given you appear to be doing all the right things in terms of eating etc. Maybe trialling a reduction in the intensity, duration and frequency of exercise for a few weeks may help…..Just a thought.

    Will try and post again over the weekend when I have more time. Happy Friday everyone.

    Hi all. I’m at the end of a very long day, and I’m pooped. We had a day off one set of grandchildren(SIL doing a home admin day for his business and took them) but I then got an SOS call from my DIL who’d been called into work, asking us to have the 3 year old. I adore her …but my heart sank.

    Neil, I really feel for you. But….follow the program. You know it will work. Five days up to your TDEE, and two days of 800. If you weight is being stubborn, perhaps drop your calories on your non-fast days, or inject a third fast day. You can do this.

    Success overnight – we caught a second rat. But triumph was followed quickly by disappointment ….I just switched on the lights on the back verandah, and saw a a long grey tail disappearing over the edge. More rat traps tomorrow.

    LJ we haven’t had a death in the ceiling …yet. But I have a downlight just above my bed, and the light dropped out the other day, and OH can’t get the frame back in. The space is, I think, rat sized. Cinque, Neil, I hadn’t realised rats weren’t uncommon. Cinque your experience sounds horrid, and Neil how did you even nod off knowing there were rats and mice afoot. I hesitated even to mention it on here …so was heartened to know it’s not just a problem unique to me (although it feels it). We’ve had recent evidence of a few (gnawed water pipes, desiccated rat in the garden) and I think it’s because of all the renovation/clearing of the block next door. The neighbours must have put down poison, I guess, because that’s what drives rats to water.

    Cinque, it looks like your search for a good GP continues. Yes, look for a young one. They tend to keep up with latest research (not to diss older doctors), and hopefully will see us out (eventually).

    And no, Cinque, no hail on the bees. Actually here it was just driving rain, but the hive is well covered with corrugated iron which provides shade and shelter, so they were tucked up. I am amazed how busy they are – I can see them buzzing away from the verandah, which is quite a distance. But only putting down winter supplies, not honey for us.

    My oven is buzzing. After a pretty rigorous regime of fast800 soups for dinner, I’m making a roast chicken and vegetables for my ever patient OH.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Neil, I’m thinking of you. It sounds like you are working out the culprits. I do remember that you didn’t ramp up your exercise regime until your weight loss was well under way. I know you’ve said that you don’t want to discuss your wife’s health here and of course everyone completely respects that – but if it is the cause of your stress, or even if it isn’t, I hope there’s someone in whom you feel able to confide.

    Cinque, oh no, a mothers and babies GP doesn’t sound quite the ticket. But yeah for getting a ‘flu shot. I had one for the first time ever last autumn but also wondered why I was bothering considering I didn’t come close enough to a living soul to catch it. I think I did it by way of registering with the NHS. I think you are sensible to wear a mask even if no one else does.

    CalifD, I’m with you on outdoor dining feeling safest. But the weather has been really rubbish. I’m still in my thermals! When we had our hair cut the other day, we had an outdoor pub lunch and the heavens opened. The huge sun umbrellas kept all the rain off us and our food but it was funny that all the diners were eating outside in torrential rain. Although the evenings are still light well after 8pm, it’s just too cold to eat dinner outside.

    DD is coming to spend the night on her way to a surgery course in London next week. She’s dropping off some paint and other boating supplies we ordered online and her visit coincides with the date that pubs open indoors as well as overnight stays in another household being allowed. It will seem like all our Christmases have come at once. The main issue of concern now is the Indian variant.

    Hello everyone not mentioned, I ran out of time.

    Hello Brrrr! Freezing here, rainy, woke up to thunder and lightning.
    Thankyou heater, I love you!

    Super glad to see your post Gday, I hope you had a great evening with magnificent Indian food. I hope you manage a post this weekend. Fingers crossed.

    Lindsay, grandchild overload! I hope you managed a gorgeous day but that you have an easy childfree weekend.

    Good luck with those rat traps.
    I didn’t mention the other day, but I check Miso very carefully at night before she comes in because a few weeks ago I missed the fact she was carrying a still partly alive baby rat in her mouth. Eep, I managed to get it outside and she went after it. I took the cowards approach and shut the door and hoped it died quickly.
    I recognised it because she had brought me a dead baby one as a present a couple of years before.
    (That’s the sum of my rat stories).

    Glad to hear the bees are so happy, busy and snug.

    I got the message that my disability sticker application is at the Council being processed. And yes, hoping to find a good kind young female doctor eventually.

    Thin, I am getting my thermals on, so the world is in balance 😀 😀
    Yes, happily still wearing my mask when shopping etc.

    A big hello to DD, what a lovely time you will have together.

    For anyone who loves a good article, this an excellent one about science and research and how a tiny fact can be used wellmeaningly but inappropriately for public health lawmaking, and the hard work and dedication it takes to unpick it. https://www.wired.com/story/the-teeny-tiny-scientific-screwup-that-helped-covid-kill/?fbclid=IwAR1UgE3JdiOIGZIa5rJzSobbopI6vkcx9OW3wnhML9HMZaNF828Ya77G4jA

    Day before fast day for me. A nice consequence of no skipping is that fast days and general sensible eating is a LOT easier. Yay.
    Hope your weekend is a good one.

    Good afternoon friends

    Brrrr, it is really starting to cool down – no surprise considering winter is a mere 2 weeks away. The days are lovely and sunny but now only creeping up to the high teens / early twenties and the mornings and nights are very cold. Maxx is right now curled up on the couch next to Mr Anzac as they watch footy together and I think the heater will be going on soon

    I saw on the news that an arctic chill has hit South Australia and Victoria so I’m not surprised to read that it’s so cold where you are Cinque. Stay warm! You too LJ. So very glad to read you kicked that lung infection into orbit and yay for the continued access to the RA drugs

    How lovely to be spending the night with your daughter Thin and I’m glad the UK is still limping back to a bit of normality. Enjoy 🙂

    I had a shocking week at work. The other side of our project is for domestic products which my project implemented the system for in late 2019. So they are gradually migrating transactions and….wait for it….they have 14 analysts – 14! We are now doing international branches and we have 4 analysts. Yes the volumes are lower but significantly more complex. Anyway there was a big domestic migration looming that the regulators were watching with interest and it turns out they did not put any new processes in place for the side of things that I am employed to do on my project. So my colleague and I had to go charging in on our white horses and save the day. In one week we had to put in place something they failed to do in 18 months. We did it but the hours and stress were horrendous. I did take a half day (fully paid) yesterday and managed a nice walk and sat out in the sun on the back porch reading. I’m proud to say, however, that I did not take it out on food and still managed to lose 400g. Yay me! I’m still a way off my first goal but trickling down towards it slowly

    Neil, I’m not letting you give up – none of us are. Keep trying new things and try to be patient. You will get there

    Lindsay, I’m not surprised you are exhausted. Little ones and their energy levels are exhausting for sure. My sister and BIL have both of the grandkids (nearly 3 and 1.5) every Monday and while they love it I’m sure they hand them back to their daughters gratefully.

    Unfortunately the cleaner has not eventuated yet. We were planning to pop over the road when they turned up last week but they didn’t turn up! Hopefully next week and fingers crossed they can squeeze us in or give us a recommendation for someone else. I’m not sure how it will pan out with Maxx as he barks anytime someone comes to the door, let alone into the house. I plan to sit on the back porch with my laptop while they clean (they are a husband and wife team) and hopefully get some work done while we take it in turns to distract the pooch.

    It must be starting to warm up over there Cali. I’m envious! I really dislike the cold and hot weather doesn’t bother me in the least. Our pool has been hibernated (boo) and I’ll hunker down like a cold, cranky bear until the spring. Ha ha

    Mr Anzac and I have been making our own pasta for a long time (I say ‘we’ but all I do is help with the winding through the machine). Tonight we are attempting filled pasta (ravioli) for the first time. I made a mix of chicken mince, fresh sage, garlic (lots), long red chilli, pancetta and some spices. We will make a tomato based sauce of some description to go with it. Wish us luck!

    Take care all

    Hi all,

    Our Indian meal was lovely however 3 courses was just way too much. We never learn, always say we won’t have 3 but always do. As much as I enjoyed the food, I felt quite unwell afterwards and couldn’t wait to get home to have a large cup of peppermint tea to settle the indigestion.

    We occasionally get rats here too, and mice. Not inside thank goodness but in the sheds, chook and duck shelters etc where we always have traps set. We hide the traps in shoe boxes with a small hole cut in the front for the rodent to get in and a brick on the top so the dog and cats can’t get to the traps. Talking about animals, on my early morning walk a few weeks ago a very large grey kangaroo crossed in front of my path, scared the daylights out of me as I didn’t see him (or her) coming. I’ve taken to listening to podcasts while walking so was too engrossed listening I guess to notice the roo coming.

    Mornings and evenings are quite chilly here too, but the days are lovely with lots of sunshine. We had a light shower of rain the other night which was lovely to wake up to but alas nothing of any significance to water the garden or put water in the tanks.

    Thin how lovely to be able to catch up with your daughter although if she is bringing paint, I guess that means work for you (or Mr Thin).

    Work experience at the gym is progressing slowly, I’m past the half way mark but the supervisor won’t be available for the next 2 weeks so I will try and get the theory part of my assignments completed so when he becomes available again I can work through the practical quickly (fingers crossed).

    Mr G Day and I are on the look out for a new GP too. We go to a husband and wife team, an older couple. We haven’t been happy with either of them for awhile now. I agree with Lindsay about young GPs, they may not have the years of hands on experience, but they certainly are a lot more up to date with the latest research. This is something that has been annoying me about my current GP, she keeps telling me I have issues with my cholesterol because she is only looking at the total number. My good cholesterol is very high and my bad cholesterol is very low which means it’s fine. A locum Dr I saw last year said my levels were perfect, as does my Nutritionist, but my GP keeps going on about it, telling me I need to start eating healthy and stop eating junk food (lol) when I keep telling her that I do eat healthy and I don’t eat junk food (another lol) and she says if I don’t change to a healthier lifestyle then I am heading for medication (yep, another lol and rolling of the eyes). She certainly doesn’t like the fact that I disagree with her and instantly cuts off the conversation when I put my point of view across. Mr G Day has similar problems with her husband GP, hence why we want to move.

    Productive day today, full on house clean, including dusting, bathroom clean, clearing away of the accumulation of junk, vacuum, and steam mop. Miss G Day helped so she could earn a few more dollars pocket money. A few days ago, I pulled everything from the walk-in pantry and gave that a full make-over so everything is looking spick and span at the moment. Only problem is, the accumulation of junk just got moved down to the office and plonked on the pool table so I need to put some time aside to work out what I want to keep, what gets thrown out, what goes to the op shop and what I can sell.

    Garden is looking lovely at the moment. We recently planted a heap of salvias and more vertical creepers along the backyard pathways, most of which have just come into flower. She we have a lovely array of pinks, yellows, purples, oranges etc. Looking forward to when they grow a bit more and produce more blooms. Our newly planted herb garden is also looking a treat and it’s been great using new herbs that I haven’t tried before in my cooking.

    Must go and re-heat yesterdays leftover stir fry for tea. I did a live online Facebook ‘cook along with’ Simon Bryant (from The Cook and the Chef fame) which was so much fun. He posted the ingredients list on his FB page a few days ago so participants could have everything ready, and yesterday lunchtime I logged into the session where he instructed us on how to prep and cook, explaining the reasons why he did things a particular way etc. It was a Tofu Pad Thai, and I must say the flavours were absolutely delicious. I will definitely make it again, Mr G Day loved it.

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

    A quiet Sunday on here. Just finishing my FD. I hardly noticed it. I must say that’s it much easier just having one evening meal than how I used to do it with the 2pm feeding. Sometimes I feel hungry, sometimes I don’t. This regime will come in handy for when we’re travelling in foreign lands.

    Cinque, I had another go at the urid beans yesterday and made up a recipe almost like a bean chilli con carne without the carne. It was really tasty – I used lots of capsicum colours.

    Anzac, you two are creative in the kitchen. I’m thinking I’d give those cleaners a miss! If they didn’t show up, that’s not a very good first impression.

    GDSA, I love Indian food. Do you bring home the leftovers or are you in the camp that’s horrified by that thought?

    Yes, we are planning to paint the boat’s roof. Mad undertaking but it must be done. We’ve had various quotes and there’s a two year waiting list for anyone who knows what they’re doing – we could be dead by then. It’s no mean task because there are many fixtures and it requires four coats of primer applied on four consecutive days followed by two coats of top coat. The trickiest thing is to adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications wrt temperature/humidity/dew point not to mention requiring the need of fine weather for four consecutive days – with no direct sun, falling blossoms and no insects. We need a wide enough towpath so that we’re not bumping into people, dogs, cyclists. The boat is 57′ long and 7′ feet wide. It’s all in the prep of course and there are a lot of rust spots to be removed, then treated and miles of masking to be done first. And finally, I am fanatical about not getting any toxins in the canal adding to the anxiety! OH will require constant supervision in that regard as he tends not to plan ahead. If all those stars get aligned, I’ll consider myself very lucky.

    End of the day, Monday. Melbourne.

    I’ve just listened to Dr Karl (wonderful science communicator) talking about this years ‘Best Diets’ list put together by dieticians based on the research. They look at nutrition, weight loss re keeping it off, how easy it is to follow, and how it helps heart health and avoiding or managing diabetes 2.


    I especially thought of you Neil, because the doctor interviewed in the discussion has written books about interval dieting, which is to avoid the way our bodies work efficiently to get weight back on if we lose a lot of weight quickly. Sigh.

    I think his message to you would be to just try and stabilise your weight as close to what you are now, as you can, and let it recover from the stress of the big changes you have made. If you can avoid putting all the weight back on (you definitely can!) then you can wait for the right time and lose some more gradually in a way that doesn’t stress your body.

    The results were interesting.
    The top of the list was the Mediterranean Diet (again 🙂 ) and poor old 5:2 was way down the bottom because it isn’t necessarily linked with the Mediterranean Diet and so fails for not good nutrition, as well as being one where people lose weight quickly and then put it back on again.

    Well I missed doing my Sunday fast, I spent time with the grandkids in the morning and they were full on tricky (they’ve been stuck home with colds) and I was so wrung out when I got home I just had to do what was easy. Good food, but not a fast.

    I have a big day tomorrow too, as my vicar sister is starting her 3 months leave and I am her first stop over, as the bus leaves St Arnaud early for Melbourne, and then the bus to Sydney leaves late. She is likely to want to nap part of the day as she is exhausted from preparations, and we will just be cruisey, so not too big a day, I think.

    I have had a rough few days, one friend (I mentioned previously) is still having a dreadful time around breast surgery. Another friend has just lost her mother, and one of my dear sisters blacked out a few days ago (and hit her head hard) presumably as a result of recurrent diverticulitis. She is okay, but chronic diverticulitis is nasty. My mum had it too.

    Hoping your day hasn’t been as full of hard times. I am going to make a lovely big bowl of soup for my evening meal.

    So much I wanted to say about your posts Anzac Thin and Gday. Hopefully I can write tomorrow while my sister naps!

    Best wishes all

    Hello all

    I’m so sorry you have so many awful events going on around you with your friends and family Cinque. I can only imagine how terrible chronic diverticulitis would be for your sister. Mine is on-and-off bad and that is nasty enough. Enjoy spending time with your sister tomorrow.

    Thin, I didn’t explain the cleaner situation very well. We haven’t even engaged them yet but decided to pop over to our neighbours house next time we saw them there. As we had seen them on the previous Tuesday we expected to see them last Tuesday but they didn’t arrive. Possibly they only come fortnightly or we did see a professional carpet cleaning truck in the driveway so perhaps they asked them not to come last week for that reason. Anyway, I will be keeping an eagle eye out tomorrow as now that I know we are getting one I can’t wait for them to start!

    Good luck with painting the roof….I shuddered reading about it. I made sure the one time I helped Mr Anzac with painting to deliberately make a complete mess of it so now every time I offer to help he says something like ‘you make the coffee and lunch’. Ha! He is a perfectionist whereas I am an 80/20 type so he would rather do it himself and get it right. Suits me! I detest painting.

    G’day, we absolutely love Indian food too and cook it often. About once a month we treat ourselves to takeaway from our favourite local and order up big as it keeps well and gives us lunches for the next couple of days. I love chicken tikka so I have that in a salad for the next two days. I’m not surprised you want to change GP’s – yours sounds arrogant and ill-advised so best to find a new one. Good luck!

    We just had our flu shots and are booked in for our first covid AZ jab on 3rd June. One part of my brain is worried about blood clots but I am resolutely pushing that aside.

    I am keeping up with doing a second walk most days, even if it is just 15 minutes. It makes such a difference as it provides some nice fresh air and sunshine and it clears the mind and I get to listen to some of my favourite 80’s music too. Win win

    Time to go and help the chef with dinner prep. Roast chicken and veges – yum!

    I am teaching Maxx how to pick up his toys and put them away. Here is a little video of our progress….


    Gosh Cinque, better times must lie ahead surely. Oh dear, shame about the bad rap for 5:2. Surely, it gets top marks for sustainability?

    Anzac, you did explain it all perfectly the first time. The only part I hadn’t understood was that you’d only assumed they’d be arriving to clean the neighbours’ house as opposed to your neighbours having told you that they were expected on that day. So, they are off the hook as they weren’t meant to be coming anyway!

    I was always the painter at our house. I am meticulous about it. I love it because it provides instant gratification (once the boring prep work has been carried out). OH was pretty hopeless, getting paint on my precious leadlight windows, etc so I’d usually take on a painting project while he was working away.

    We had to take the bus again today to get to a chemist. On the way back, OH tapped a young man on the shoulder and signalled for him to put on a mask. He made a show of feeling for one in his pockets for a while and then gave up. OH handed him one of ours which he put on. Two other young people were chatting across the aisle with masks below noses. As we got off the bus, I asked them why they weren’t wearing their masks properly out of respect for everyone else. I probably got the finger as I left but I imagine the oldies on the bus were grateful. A man told me that he confronted three men in a small grocery store, one of whom threw a bottle of water at him. I’m pretty sick of these special souls, always the same group whining that they’re more likely to get the virus and refusing vaccinations. 17 out of 18 covid hospital admissions in the current hotspots are people eligible for the vaccination. Sorry for the rant but humans can be so selfish.

    Morning all.

    Thanks Cinque, I’m giving it a listen now while I’m working.

    I’m not making the same mistake I did in February by over-exercising, I’m doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise at the gym 4 times a week. Workout Monday and Tuesday mornings, rest day on Wednesday, workout Thursday and Friday mornings then do my normal frisbee golf and other exercise during the weekend. I’ve done well cutting out the caffeine, the exercise helps wake me up in the morning so I get by with 2 cups of green tea during the day. That’s around 55mg of caffeine per day as opposed to the 240mg I was getting with a double shot of coffee in the morning and an energy drink at morning tea. The tart cherry hasn’t helped much with my sleep but I think it can take a few weeks for your levels of melatonin to build up.

    Weigh in tomorrow, and going from the gym scales I should be down a little.

    A bit busy today SO I can’t write much more, but I hope everyone has a great day.

    Good morning,
    My sister remembered there is a bus on Tuesdays that leaves at 9am instead of 5am and goes a different way. It takes about 4 hours to get here though! Anyway, I have got coffee and plenty of time to catch up with you lovely lot.

    Anzac, the cold weather has sure arrived on steroids!
    What a gorgeous video of that clever dog! And what a lovely voice you have!

    I couldn’t believe your week at work! If you negotiate a new contract with them, remember to add in extra for overtime hours! They’d be a fool to lose you, even if you doubled your salary.
    I am so glad you have Mr Anzac and definitely get cleaners in twice a week! Make life easy.

    Hooray that nice 400g gone! https://cdn2.vectorstock.com/i/1000×1000/38/46/congratulations-card-happy-people-congratulate-vector-32263846.jpg

    How did the filled pasta go?

    Hmm, I need to find out if there is a definition of chronic diverticulitis. I am very glad to say my sister has not had it continuously, but I know most people only get one attack, whereas she, and my mum, and you, have had ongoing problems and may always be at risk of another. My sister was hospitalised with it a couple of years ago. I still need to hear how she went at the doctors, I’ll ring her this morning.

    Yay, having the flu jab out of the way and the covid one booked in.

    Gday, Hooray you did manage another post, and (inspite of Indian meal indigestion) it sounds as if your health has improved a lot. Is that so? I hope so.

    Your home sounds so beautiful. Say hello to the sky and the roo. Are your worms still happy? I have one salvia with red and white flowers and I teach all the children how to suck the nectar fro the flowers, and then they teach their friends 😀
    Your online cooking with Simon Bryant sounds so delicious and so much fun! He is a treat.

    I’m another one who says yes! Find a new doctor! But also sympathy as it is hard work to find a good doctor, and luck seems to be involved too. Good luck!

    Thin, omg what a job! No wonder the professionals charge so much! But I am betting you and Mr Thin will manage is perfectly. May the starts be aligned.

    I’m so glad you cooked a wonderful urid dish. You are making me itch to try them again.

    Neil, I hope today is a very good day.

    I’m off to clean the kitchen, ring one sister and prepare for the visit from another and write a list of all the other things I need to do. Including deciding if tomorrow or Thursday will work better for my fast day.

    Sending best wishes to everyone. Key words: vegetables 🙂 mindfulness 🙂 Mediterranean Guidelines 🙂

    Decent weigh-in today. I tipped the scales at 95.9 kilograms down 1.2 kilos. I won’t celebrate too much until I see 2 or 3 weeks in a row, but hopefully this means I’ve managed to stop the steady advance my weight has been taking the last 3 months.

    Have a great one everyone

    Morning all.
    Neil, great news. It’s on its way (your weight loss, I mean).

    I’m off to the beach today – free from grandparenting duties (well, until Monday) as my daughter finished her prac. teaching yesterday. Whoo hoo for us both. Now it’s just after school pickup two or three days a week.

    Gday, your garden sounds so pretty…and such a bee magnet. Cinque, how lovely, to teach the little ones those things we learned as children. Precious.

    Thin, happy painting. I can imagine painting suits your personality ….precise, am I right? My OH is of the ‘slop it around’ variety. I prefer painting when he’s not around.

    Cinque, I am sorry about your family’s health problems. It’s a terrible illness, diverticulitis.

    OK I’m going to shoot away now – Rose to be taken to the kennel for her little holiday (she loves it) and we’ll be on our way.

    Did I mention Rosy won another Best of Breed at a show at the weekend? Not a lot of competition, but we did beat another very pretty dog that has beaten our Rose in the past, so that was nice. We are loving going to the shows – terrific people, and all very helpful and the setter folk demonstrate none of that ‘win at any cost’ approach that’s evident in some other competitive arenas.

    OK enjoy your week all – sorry to whose I’ve missed – I’ll be back later in the week.

    Excellent Neil, about time for some good news. Sending good wishes that the next few weeks continue to reflect your good work.

    Lindsay, enjoy the beach!

    Hooray to Rosy! Beautiful girl!

    Well I have decided tomorrow is fast day.

    Today is home help. Hooray for people who come and vacuum and mop floors etc.

    Lindsay, you put it perfectly. And your description of your OH’s painting skills was very funny. We now have the materials, all top quality. As to the weather …… the sun is shining but too much rain forecast.

    Neil, good news!

    It was a lovely, albeit brief, overnight visit from DD. We had a really great pub meal, all covid safe, lots of hugs but she had to study lectures until the early hours for today’s surgery practical in London. She hit the road at 6am. Yawn. DD gets her first vaccination on Saturday for which I feel great relief. We did get the eye rolling when I recounted confronting the law-breakers on the bus.

    We had another Zoom high school reunion this week. One of our classmates had been tracked down to living on a canal in the south west. She has no internet or social media. I wish I had the courage to take that leap. I got rid of FB and have been gradually divesting myself of everything associated with it (switched Whatsapp to Signal) and other big tech companies telling us how to think, censoring free speech and pushing their own agenda.

    Cinque, here’s hoping the home help is one of the mask-wearing variety.

    Have a lovely day all.


    Kia ora, fast friends! Long time no write! Sorry, but I seem to have been very busy. As the late, great John Lennon once said – “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.

    My new bike group is going very well and we regularly have 20 riders out on the weekly Shark Bell rides, even though winter’s grip is tightening. My pic shows two of our girls admiring the scene from Highcliff Rd on Otago Peninsula yesterday morning after a 300 vertical metres climb. The temperature was about 5degC and we were battling strong winds and rain – and they loved it! It’s a very social group, which is connecting mainly retired folk who have lots of get up and go, my reason for setting up the group.

    Of course, a big weekly bike ride will also help keep me fit during winter, important now that I’ve decided to sell my skis because of my serious leg injury last winter (not a ski incident). I might still do some cross-country skiing but my alpine career is over, as I reckon it’s not worth the risk of another bad leg injury.

    My fasting journey continues and after 34 weeks I’m still on the 600cal routine twice a week, usually Mon and Thurs. One thing I’ve found – although I’m sticking to the rules on those two days, my weight stuck around 96-97kg for all of April. It’s annoying, as I expected it would dip into the 95’s. However, I stayed on the 5:2 regime as I knew that ditching it would send my weight up again. Would you all agree?

    I hope things are improving for all our forum members. This week we had a visit from a Sydney-based nephew who hasn’t been in Dunedin for at least 10 years and it was so good to see him. Maybe we’ll be able to jet over to Sydney to see him in the next year – hope so. Kiwis can now fly to the Cook Islands, which is a start. My wife and I are expecting our first covid shots at the end of May. NZ’s vacc campaign seems a bit tardy but it appears this is caused by two issues – we’ve recognised most other countries need the shots before us and also we’ve now decided to use just the Pfizer shot, so it’s taking time to get supplies.

    I’ve got my sleeve rolled up and I’m ready! I just heard up to 30% of Aussies are anti-vax – is that really true? I thought they had more sense.

    Ka kite ano, John

    Good morning everyone,
    I’m embracing my Thursday fast day.

    I tried to be a good ambassador for covid vaccination yesterday when my homehelp was here. Yes it was my maskless regular and she makes me laugh and tear my hair out in equal measure. I asked her if the council workers had their covid vaccine yet, and she said they still hadn’t even been told if they would need to get them (like they have to get their flu vaccine).
    As soon as I talked positively about getting it done she went into her ‘agree with the client’ mode and talked at length about how how important safety is and how she is very safe, and can’t believe the people who rubbish those who wear masks (I was wearing a mask, she wasn’t) and how careful she is (while coughing all over my house) because she would feel dreadful if she spread covid, but what a relief that it is all over now so we don’t have to worry.

    Jony, it is mainly fear about the blood clotting with the Astra Zeneca vaccine that is making 30% of people here vaccine hesitant. That is the only vaccine available to over 50’s. Even though the chance of that reaction is vanishingly small, and they are checking for it carefully, and they have got the treatment sorted. So in reality it shouldn’t be holding people back.
    There is no good public service ad campaign (love NZ’s ad!) so there is only the tabloid news fearmongering.
    Hopefully growing pressure on the government will lead to better public information and encouragement.

    Thin, don’t go off the internet altogether!
    I trimmed fb down to only close family and friends but they have mostly trimmed theirs down too I think, so fb seems small and slow lately. Not that I post much on it, maybe I will feel up to being a bit more entertaining and have fun posting soon.

    Best wishes to DD, what a punishing work schedule she has. I’m so glad she got a night with you. All power to her.

    Jony, yes, I think you have the right mindset. So long as you can keep 5:2 easy and sustainable then you can think “Oh dear, I am on a weight plateau, thank goodness I am not piling it back on again, hooray for 5:2”.
    We can be steady and predictable, but the fascinating workings of our bodies means that our weight loss isn’t necessarily the same.
    I hope next week you get some nice weightloss though!
    Hooray for your bike group and the wonderful social time everyone is having. Great pic!

    Lindsay, Happy World Bee Day to all your bees!

    Cheers all

    Jony, great to see you back here. What a fantastic event you’ve started with the cycling group. I’m suddenly able to see the imgur links and that’s a beautiful shot. Completely agree with your 5:2 philosophy. You could also try cutting out something from your regular diet to kickstart the weight loss. For me, that something was carbs. It doesn’t have to be forever, you can reintroduce them in small quantities later.

    Cinque, you made me laugh reading your account of your home help’s approach to covid and mask-wearing. Those are staggering anti-vacc statistics if true. I respect people’s right to refuse it but believe they must then accept certain restrictions on their own freedoms. Herd immunity is the only way out of this and this relies on everyone doing their part. A long-lost concept in today’s society. As for taking to the streets to demonstrate against vaccinations, how irresponsible! No one’s forcing them to have one.


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