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  • Good morning, I started the day without any internet. I did keep myself busy, but it is nice to have it back.

    I’m out of milk, and missed getting to the shops early. Coffee with powdered milk is okay, but I think I do need to venture out. I also need more veggies!

    Penguin, what a lovely time you are having with chocolate biscuits, beer and family. I hpe you can enjoy the watering.
    I am taking three posts from you as a victory that my insults worked!
    The salmon mousse came in “The Meaning of Life” when death came to the dinner party and the hostess said “But how did we all die?”

    The new series of Vera starts here on the weekend, and we are getting a new (for us) series of Shetland too. Lovely.
    I am SO excited to find someone else who enjoys ‘The Brokenwood Mysteries’. I find them such a treat. Beautifully daggy, with some really thoughtful writing and characters, and gorgeously NZ. I wish they would play all the series from the start again here.

    Day before fast day for me, and I am having a nice light eating day and then a second go at a soupy fast day tomorrow. I’ve been successfully drinking enough water.

    Sending good wishes out to everyone. I read this yesterday:
    ‘There is another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.’ Kazuo Ishiguro.
    Let’s have this one as beautifully as we can.

    Good evening all. Quick post, as a film I want to watch starts in 20 minutes.

    LJoyce, what a gorgeous photo of you. And your hair is waving beautifully in the photo.

    Anzac65, sounds like Maxx needs a few more days of run, run, run! Hope the tummy settles quickly, and the UTI clears up with antibiotics.

    Cinque, yes, COLD! Wilbur does the same with his bowl. I usually either just mix the dry food around, or put in a tiny amount of extra dry food, just to freshen it up. Then he’s happy and eats.
    Yes, I’d noted that normal house cleaners couldn’t work, but where their work was essential, for the elderly or disabled, they can.

    Penguin, glad you’re managing the chemo okay. Was the house you mentioned as possibly buying the same one you referred to some months ago as being one you liked? Hope you can sell yours quickly.

    Can’t make any comments re the Monty Python jokes because – shock, horror! – I’ve never watched any of the films.

    Neilithicman, strange about your supermarkets during the lockdown. The only item I noticed as being more expensive than normal earlier this year was toilet paper, and that was only briefly because once people “bought out the store” they had so much they weren’t interested in buying it. Then the supermarkets had to drop the prices again to get rid of their excess stock. 🙂

    Whoops, nearly out of time. Stay well and stay safe everyone.

    The Brokenwood Mysteries start in about 10 minutes. In think we saw the tail end of the series but they have restarted from scratch. Don’t like to eat and watch but it is on early and my veg risotto should be done!

    That was the one about the Rugby coach whose team had lost 50 games in a row. My only problem with it was that they played in the colours of my old team!

    Cinque, I have read most of Terry Pratchett’s Disc World books. When the wizards summoned Death he arrived with scythe and a piece of cheese and pineapple on a cocktail stick.

    No Betsy, this is a different place. The first one was all we could find at the time, but it needed a lot of work: a solid internal wall knocking down, a new bathroom and heating system. What it had going for it was location. It is still on the list, but now sitting about third. The new favourite is a ground floor apartment, in a conversion of a large old house, with a small private garden. It has a large old fashioned living room and is ready to move into. The location is perfect. We had a promising viewing of ours this morning, good feed back so fingers and toes crossed.

    And, I don’t know how, but England beat Pakistan.

    Good morning, hope you are all having a nice Sunday.
    After a couple of days of gloomy weather the sun is peaking out occasionally today, so a walk awaits.

    Penguin, I really hope you get a sale on your property while your favourite is still on the market.
    Congratulations on the cricket win – always more rewarding when you don’t expect a win.

    Cinque, I’m having to really manage my water intake. I’m finding with the reduced amount I’m eating it’s even more critical – probably because I’m getting less water from food.

    Anzac, I think having the colonoscopy is a good idea as it may identify the problem, or at least put your mind at rest. The preparation is definitely unpleasant, but worth it to get some answers.
    The last one I had, they did an endoscopy too (at least there’s no extra prep for that). I did get some answers and they weren’t dire as I feared. Sometimes ruling out the serious things can be as important to your stress levels as actually identifying the problem.

    Betsy, I think Wilbur’s size is probably normal. I’ve never met a ginger cat that wasn’t a large male. Or maybe they’ve just all read Garfield and think they need to emulate his food obsession.

    Cinque & Betsy, My nephew’s cat is little and lean – she’s also bulimic! She eats until she’s so full that it makes her vomit, then comes back for more. They have to carefully ration her food across the day so that she doesn’t eat too much at once.

    Well I reached a milestone this morning, I am finally back into my preferred weight range, just. I was 77.9kg this morning and I think it’s been nearly a year since I was that weight. I know from the last 4 weeks that this will bounce around for a bit before it allows me to stay under 78, but that’s ok. Normally the daily weighing would be something I could not cope with, but surprisingly I’m finding it useful at the moment and I’m coping with the upward fluctuations. I have decided that I am sticking with my current regime on the fast800 and will continue with my limited food range. Once I’m closer to 75kg I will ease back into a normal 5:2 maintenance regime.
    I’ve also been happy with my activity levels. Over recent months I’ve managed to build my average steps up from 8500 per day to 11000 per day. When I do the higher step count it used to increase my joint pain and inflammation. However, I’ve discovered that if I don’t do a really long walk, but spread the activity across the day and evening I can do a lot more without adverse consequences the next day.

    Hello to everyone I haven’t mentioned. Have a lovely day all.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    On the computer, so a good time to post. Just checked my bananas, and they still need to ripen a little before I make them into banana cake, so I can spend longer on the computer.

    Looks like a couple of posts crossed with mine again. Cinque, hope you were able to safely go out and buy some milk and vegies. I tend to try to avoid the shops at the weekend, but if you’re out of something, that’s a different circumstance.
    Pleased to note today that our Covid-19 figures are down below the 400 mark for the first time in several days. Hope that’s a sign of a downward trend. Greatest recorded number of deaths, though. So sad.

    Penguin, yay for England beating Pakistan. Comment re having a ground floor apartment – how noisy would the people above you be? That was always an issue when I lived in China, as nearly all city living was in apartment blocks. If the upstairs neighbour lives to a different time frame to you, you could end up being woken earlier than you like, or at the other end, be kept awake too late. Just a thought to keep in mind.

    LJoyce, great that you have lost those couple of pesky kilos and are now back into your “happy” range. And well done you with the walking. I’ve set 8000 steps as my minimum goal, but generally get into the 9000s or 10000s. You’re doing even better!

    Re Wilbur’s weight, last time I was at the vet’s I was told to try to not feed him as much as they felt he was too heavy. Well, he’s also 15 years old, so I’m not trying too hard. My previous cat, long ago, was a Burmese, and she was a tiny thing about half Wilbur’s size, so I’ve had both. She also self-regulated her eating and never gained any weight. She lived mainly on dry food, with some meat and some fish each about once a week. My vet at that time recommended me feeding her like that – said the dry food was designed to be a complete food. I guess that’s what Cinque feeds Miso. I gave her meat once a week to chew on, to remove plaque, and fish every so often as she just loved it.

    Stay well and safe everyone!

    Good morning,
    I started today without internet AGAIN! But I headed off to Northland (shopping centre) and left iinet to sort it out. And they did.
    The streets were like the Sunday mornings of my youth, decades ago. Empty. I was the first car to park on the roof above Aldi and the veggie shop. I got everything I needed (including the good halloumi, and FRESH MILK!)

    Even though it is fast day and I am wondering if I might try a couple of weeks of Fast800, I’ve cooked the beetroot that has been kvassed (can you decipher that?) and made 6 meal sized ramekins of mince and beetroot bake. I had to, I had all the ingredients! They are in the oven now.
    They are very ‘Eastern European winter’ as they are lined with thinly sliced potato, then a layer of mince cooked with caraway and cinnamon, topped by the beetroot and I snuck in a good sprinkle of chopped parsley, then topped again with lemony sourcream sauce. I’ve made them before and they are a lovely meal. And I feel very productive. They might be 800 calories each, so maybe I could have one meal a day when I have one of them.

    But that does mean the day is rattling along nicely and I have been too busy to think of my stomach.

    Betsy I hope you are having a good day. Haha re Wilbur. I started off doing exactly the same, but Miso got so fat that now I just say “If you were really hungry you would eat the crumbs!” She would like to move to your house!

    LJoyce, Oh dear that nephew cat! Miso will vomit after eating if she has a hairball (usually on soft furnishings!) and then tell me how hungry she is. She is a shorthaired cat so we weren’t expecting hairballs, but luckily that is all it is and she does pretty well on the specially formulated feed.

    Woot Woot! Your milestone. Lovely work. I know you need to wait for it to settle, but here are flowers for today, in anticipation. http://theflowerstudio.ie/occasional-flowers/congratulations-flowers/#gallery/2075/933

    Penguin, I love the discworld Death, and his granddaughter. Haha re the pineapple and cheese, he would fit in well at that salmon mousse dinner party.

    That apartment sounds so nice! I want to live there! All my fingers are crossed for you.

    Well, I am going to sit and consider whether to do the Fast800 for a couple of weeks. Or maybe even one week to see how I go. I am hopeless at counting calories, but I am hoping if I read the book carefully and study the recipes I can get a close enough idea.

    Gday, how are your going this side of your 60 hour fast? And how is Mr Gday? We are thinking of you (blithely speaking on behalf of everyone here).

    We have had a terrible day for Victoria, with our highest covid death toll. But otherwise the signs are good. The next few days will tell, but it looks like the numbers of people catching covid19 are falling.

    Cali, I have been thinking of you as the numbers were rising here, especially when I spent most of yesterday thinking powdered milk was better than facing the shopping centre. I could feel the worrying situation really effect the way I was feeling and thinking, so much more than previously. I do feel a lot better after this morning’s shop and this morning’s figures. But I am sending so many good wishes your way.

    Well the oven pinged and my ramekins are golden brown and smelling so good it is a pity I can’t eat one today.

    There is a bit of sun outside so I will go for a little walk before attacking Dr Mosley’s book. Good wishes everyone!

    Good afternoon. Just back from a nice walk in the rather brisk air.

    Betsy, I also have 8000 as my minimum, but seem to usually exceed it without trying too hard. The thing that made the big difference for me was listening to my fitbit when it reminds me to move every hour. Mine is set to remind me of that from 9am-9pm. By the time I add that onto one outdoor walk it seems to really add lots steps to my day.
    I did notice the covid numbers and was very pleased to see number that was lower than you’ve had in while. I’m hoping that some lower numbers will reassure people that the pain of stage 4 is worth it.

    Cinque, Good luck with the decision about which form of the fast diet to do.
    I haven’t counted calories on any of the days I’ve been doing fast800, I just guess and am happy if I average 800. I’ve been limiting myself to fresh veggies, chicken, eggs, fresh firm ricotta, milk and a little fruit, but no more than 1-2tsp added fats per day and no grains at all. (I am eating plenty of potatoes though, which I cook, chill, then reheat to create resistant starch.) I know roughly the kilojoule count of everything and think I’m around 600-1000 each day, but averaging 800. I have also added psyllium back into many days, just so there is enough bulk going through my digestive system as the volume of food I’m eating is significantly less than a normal NFD. I’m also having 1/2 glass of kombucha each day.
    Most days I have either a very low-cal veggie lunch or I make a smoothie with a tblsp psyllium, a cup of almond-coconut milk, 1/2 a piece of fruit, a little stevia and ice. I dilute it with extra water so it’s quite filling. My main meal is dinner and I’m eating no breakfast and no mid-meal snacks – just cups of tea. It’s very limited, but I need it to be that way right now as lots of choices has been my downfall.

    Take care all.

    On the subject of wizards. CNN this morning has an item about Christchurch’s official, and paid, wizard, complete with photos of him and his nominated successor in black robes and pointy hats.

    Not a bad day. Overcast until early afternoon but warm. Did a little gardening. Now sitting out in what for us is late afternoon with a beer, now the medics say I can have one. There is motor racing on the box tonight. I may watch the start and the finish, the going round in circles in between I don’t find particularly interesting. Recently on radio one of the Mercedes designers was asked “which is more important, car or driver”. answer “80% car”.

    Betsy the apartment is in a conversion of an old Georgian house, so about 200 years old and solid. It is in a quiet street on the outskirts, which is why we can afford it. If it had been in a fashionable area of the town centre it would have been at least 50% more and without any outside space. I know what you mean about noisy neighbours. In 1963/64 I lived in a small room in the back of the YMCA in Kowloon, sharing it with whoever was passing through. School holidays and weekends I worked in the Territories and slept on the floor in the back of a temple in a fishing village – much quieter.

    Cinque, they have made a couple of Discworld films. They were better than I expected, that kind of fantasy is usually best left in the mind of the reader.

    Time to think about doing the watering.

    Good Morning all, it’s 4am…yawn. Went to sleep at 10pm but woke up at 2am unable to get back to sleep, so here I am.

    We’ve had constant steady rain over Friday and Saturday which was lovely and will soak into the ground much better than a downpour which just runs off. Tomorrow we are forecast for a day of reasonably heavy rain so again I’m happy with that. Earlier in the week, prior to the rain, we fixed one of the downpipes on the shed, planted out some Lilly Pilly trees in the spare block, fertilised the entire garden and spread gypsum (clay breaker) around other areas of the block where we intend to plant more trees and ground covers in the coming weeks.

    LJoyce I love the photo. I was in my mid to late teens / early 20’s in the 80’s and had the longest, frizziest main of blonde hair. And the fashions, oh I can’t believe I wore some of the things I did, but didn’t we all. Lots to laugh about looking back now but I do hope the 80’s fashions stay back in the 80’s and don’t repeat themselves.

    Penguin, good luck with the house sale / purchase and glad to hear your health is going well and not causing too many side effects, allowing you to still continue on with your daily tasks. I too love Vera, Brokenwood Mysteries (although only watched a few episodes) and Shetland (was it Cinque who watched this?). Mr Gday is not a fan of British murder/mystery/drama, he prefers American shot ’em up shows so I don’t watch much British tv now (in fact don’t watch too much tv at all as I much prefer to read at night) but when I was single I watched all of them, the old ones and the new.

    Cinque, I’m with you, can’t wait for the warmer weather to appear. It was so cold late last week there was snow fall in nearby townships (30 kms away from us), which is a very rare occurrence. Most of it melted as it hit the ground but some areas further north east of here had quite a good covering. Isn’t it great getting to the shops early when there is no one else there. Not so much over winter as it’s too cold, but in warmer times I often head into Coles at 6am to do my food shopping. Only downside is that some days they haven’t finished stocking the fruit and veg section as it’s so early but I find they are more than happy to go out the back and get what is not on display when asked.

    Mr Gday is still on the wait list for further tests which is playing havoc with his stress levels. He is a stressor by nature and worries about every little thing in life so you can imagine what he is like at the moment. I keep reassuring Mr Gday that the specialist we saw was very positive about the outcome given he has not symptoms, is feeling well, no family history and his blood tests showed only one abnormality which was only slightly off scale.

    Weight loss update. I’m very happy to say that the scales are still heading downwards. In April, I reached my heaviest weight ever in my entire life, just nudging the scales over 80kg, hence why I was feeling depressed along with both of us being made redundant. I’ve hovered between 77kg and 80kg up until 10th July when I decided to give up the booze and go strict keto/very low carb. On that day I weighed 78kg. Today I weighed in at 73.4kg so more than happy with a 4.6kg loss in 4 weeks. I’m also in the middle of another extended fast, ate my last meal Saturday evening and will fast until Tuesday, not sure if I will break my fast with brekky, lunch or tea on Tuesday, will just see how I feel. I’m aiming to get to 65kg. When I used 5:2 to lose weight before I got down to 62kg but for now 65kg is my goal and from there I will re-asses if I want to go further or not. I must say that when I look at my Fitbit and it’s says 8.4kg until I reach my goal weight rather than the 15kg to reach goal weight of a few months ago I’m feeling very positive indeed.

    One other added benefit from being alcohol free is my Fitbit shows my Resting Heart Rate has dropped. For most of this year my RHR has been between 66-69. For the last month it’s been a constant 52-53. The same has happened for Mr Gday, a drop of about the same amount in his RHR since kicking the booze. I thought that was very interesting.

    I’m super excited as today I start my Cert III in Fitness course and I’ve just noticed the log in email has just lobbed into my inbox. Another plus is that weight loss (and muscle tone) should accelerate from now on seeing as I will be more motivated to stick to my fitness routine, no excuses to slack off now. My massage course starts on 1st September and yesterday I watched a 2 hour course overview session they sent me and I loved every minute of it. Later this week I will order the massage table. I’ve gone for a good quality, electric lift table, with detachable arm and head rests. As a registered massage student I receive a discount from this company which is great. It’s Australian made in Ballarat so I’m hoping the lockdown measures won’t hinder manufacture and delivery to SA so fingers crossed. The majority of the first unit is theory so I’m hoping by the time I’m into the practical work I will have a table.

    Excuse the long post, time for another coffee and then check my emails. Happy Monday everyone x

    Monday morning, crisp air and sunshine in my part of Melbourne. Beautiful and sparkly.
    Today’s numbers have just come through: even higher deaths, my poor heart, but the new case numbers are down again. What a relief. (19 deaths, 322 new cases).

    Betsy, the post you put up before mine yesterday: I didn’t see it until much later.
    Hello to Wilbur again. Yes, Miso is on dried food, with a whiskas pouch twice a week (because she loves them SO much) My fast days are her feast days. And she also gets the juices when I have a tin of kippers.

    LJoyce, thankyou, so useful to read how you played your Fast800 days. I will copy cat you, with less base knowledge but a good idea that if I keep to high vegetable numbers and low carbs, and including the psyllium husks, I should do well.

    I have spent this morning with pen and paper trying to work out how to manage all the veggies I bought yesterday so they get eaten at their prime. I need to cook a big eggplant and capsicum curry and a pot of aloo gobi (I’ll be eating potato too 😉 ) and that should make it manageable. I have written out meals for the next few days, and they do look delicious and doable.

    My plan is to fast800 to next Sunday (inclusive) and then make a decision about next week.

    Haha Penguin, the Christchurch wizards seem very good ones. Wizards are everywhere. I read a lot of Kerry Greenwood (who wrote the Phryne Fisher mysteries) and she is married to one!
    I agree with you about the Terry Pratchett films. I must read him again, I am sure there are some of his titles I have missed, and many I would enjoy reading again.
    I think his witches are my favourite.

    Gday, hooray for soaking rain. And for so much good news from you. Fingers crossed for Mr Gday.
    Ooh the lillypillies are lovely tress, and fruit! I hope they can grow free at your place, I am always sorry for them if they are cut to hedges. (But, oh, ok if you need hedges).
    Last night was Shetland/Vera night on the ABC, so I will enjoy catching up with them today. Ooh and someone else who knows the Brokenwood Mysteries, I should start up a Brokenwood Appreciation Society.

    Hooray for the onwards and downward number on the scales, and that you can see the benefits of time without alcohol. I just love the pleasure your studies are bringing you already, that’s what life should be about! Your massage table sounds wonderful.

    Well, I am off to cook and clean and hopefully sit out in the sun for a bit too. I wonder if today will be the day I FINALLY repot the mint?

    Best wishes whatever you are doing. Looking forward to your news. Hi Intesha!


    Morning all

    Penguin, I think the Wizard has moved after the Christchurch earthquake and now lives in Oamaru. He’s a well known and much loved New Zealand eccentric.

    Cinque, you’re much more organized than me by plotting out your vegetable’s execution date 😉 . I just look in the fridge, cook whatever I want, then panic at the end of the week when there’s some veges that are looking a bit sad and cook up a big stew or soup to get rid of them.

    Congrats Gday, a 4.6 kilo loss in 4 weeks is awesome

    Ljoyce, I’ve never been much of a kombucha fan, do you make yours or buy it? I found that the supermarket kombucha is awful but my brother in law makes his and that is palatable. And congrats on your weight milestone too!

    I had a decent weekend, Saturday was pretty quiet because it was a bit cold, but I got out to the farmers market and butcher and then did a bit of cleaning around the house and pruned our redcurrant, blackcurrant and blueberry bushes. Sunday was better weather so I managed to get quite a bit done outside. I got the branches I pruned over the last 2 weeks all chopped up and drying ready to use for next year’s kindling, I got a new garden dug for our feijoa tree (our ground is on a slope and solid clay, so I had to dig a 50cm deep hole, cut a drainage channel, lay some drainage coil and gravel, put in some decent soil and then lay a border of stones and then plant the tree) I also got a trailer-load of aged compost from the pig/poultry farm and got it dug through some of our veggie gardens ready for spring planting.

    Well fast day today, control day tomorrow and then it will be weigh-in day on Wednesday

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hi all.

    Yes, Cinque, not sure what is happening with my posts – they seem to be appearing in the chat line quite a while after I post them. Oh well. You made me very hungry, by the way, with the description of your cooking. Yum! I cooked some banana cake yesterday, after all, and that was a bit of a disaster re my eating. It was SSOOO nice! Ate 2 warm pieces with some gelati, then had a further piece later in the evening. Half the cake has now been given away, and the rest is in pieced, frozen, so temptation is far from me, for now. I already had some frozen, so there was no reason to cook more. Just felt like it.

    Penguin, your planned apartment sounds really great. Having some outdoor space will be a real advantage, and you’ve obviously thought through the potential issue with noise. Hey, great you could enjoy a beer.

    GDayfromSA, you’re really starring with your weight loss now. I have been thinking of following your example re an extended “fast”. Mine would be more a string of 500 calorie days but I think I need to do something to break this cycle I seem to have gotten into recently of over-indulgence both on NFDs AND FDs. Not good.
    Anyway, hope you really enjoy your course. What you’ve written so far sounds very interesting.

    Neilithicman, Great that the weather was nice enough for you to accomplish things in the garden.

    LJoyce, sounds like you’ve worked out your FD800s very well. I may end up following you, if having a couple of back to back FDs don’t kick me back onto schedule.

    Re my fitbit, I have it buzzing at me from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (i.e., finishing by 7 p.m.), so 10 hours being prompted to move. I usually include a walk, mostly in the morning, of 40+ minutes, so mostly exceed 10,000 steps. Lately, with the daily Covid-19 updates from our Premier, I have the TV on and just walk around my unit listening to it. A few days that’s meant nearly an hour of walking.

    Well, I’m waiting for an email so I can print something for my neighbour, but she hasn’t sent it yet so I think I’ll move on to something else while I’m waiting.

    Keep well, keep safe everyone!

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Penguin, I do love Georgian architecture, such pleasing proportions and symmetry. I’m sure the apartment is lovely.

    Penguin & Cinque, I too prefer Terry Pratchett’s stories with the witches. As to the few Discworld Films that have been made – I think I’ve seen them all, but my favourite was Going Postal – I loved the golums.
    In Adelaide there is a little amateur theatre company called Unseen Theatre Company. They mostly perform plays of the Terry Pratchett books. I have been attending these with some close friends for years. They always perform in the Bakehouse theatre – so called because it used to be a bread bakery in the late 1900s. As you can see from the list of their plays, they do a lot of Pratchett, although I do also remember going to a Ben Elton play that they did too: https://unseen.com.au/

    GDSA, I am glad you are able to commence your studies now – good to be able to pour your energy into something that will set you up for the future. I also think that the electric lift massage table is definitely the way to go – easier for the more infirm to get on and off, also easier for your back as you can set it to the perfect ergonomic height.

    Betsy, oh dear, fresh baking in the house is deadly. I have carefully avoided that lately – apart from 2 birthday cakes which left the house intact. I chose the daily 800 as it was moving between 500 and NFDs that was proving difficult, I needed some daily sameness. Hopefully the B2B FDs will get you going again.

    Neil, yes I do make my own kombuch, and if I do say so myself it’s really nice. I’ve perfected the recipe to my personal taste now. The nurse who does my infusions shared her scoby with me but hadn’t successfully made a batch herself that she really liked. After trying mine she took my recipe home as she did like what I’d done.
    My jar makes about 2 litres at a time. I always start with 4 heaped tsp black tea in leaf form (normally a mix of darjeeling and assam) which I brew in a teapot for 6-7 minutes. Then I strain it onto 100g caster sugar (a lot less than many recipies advise), stir to dissolve the sugar and leave until it gets to room temperature. I pour the sweet cooled tea onto the scoby and then top up the jar with cool water. After brewing for 7-9 days I drain most of it into a jug (leaving at least a cup of kombucha in the jar with the scoby as this is needed to get a good ferment next time). I flavour it with a Twinings cold water infusion tea bag. I’ve tried a few flavours and my strong preference is for the blueberry, apple & blackcurrant flavour. I also add 1-2 tsp of powdered stevia per litre of the finished kombucha. If it’s a little strong I dilute with some water – sometimes necessary if I’ve left it fermenting for more than 7 days. I put mine in clip top bottles and refrigerate so that it becomes lightly carbonated. I make a new batch about every 3 weeks as the bottled kombucha lasts me that long. That meant that I leave the scoby in that cup of kombucha that I left in the jar for about 10 days before starting the next batch. It seems to survive these short hibernations very well.

    Cinque, My plan is roughly the same – mostly veg as I know it will keep me around 800 without pesky calorie counting.
    I tend to do something similar with my veggie purchases too – although my plan in often also about sensible scheduling so that I have the right leftovers for later – eg leftover mash so I can make a shepherds pie with less effort.

    Hello to everyone who is reading and not posting. Have a nice evening.

    Hello all
    I do enjoy reading all the news, even if I don’t contribute very often.
    I did my fifth FD on Saturday and it was the hardest yet. It was a grey wintry day and I felt tired and cold and hungry, but I stuck with it. I guess some FDs are just like that.
    I will do my next FD on Wednesday. I’ve realised it’s best to be busy and Wednesday is usually a busy day, with a visit to my ancient Dad in the morning and a Skype Italian class in the afternoon. I spent time in Italy 40 years ago and studied the language then, so it is good to keep it going with this conversation class.
    Cinque, I loved the sound of your mince and beetroot bake. I think of you and the other Victorians, and hope that the corner is being turned. It looks as if it might be. Fingers very much crossed.
    All the best to everyone

    Hello HK, you are doing exceptionally well if you are sticking with FDs regardless of the difficulty. I think that is one of the big challenges in this way of eating. I agree that a busy day is always easier.

    Penguin & Cinque, there was an error in my earlier post. It should have said: “They always perform in the Bakehouse theatre – so called because it used to be a bread bakery in the late 1800s.” I got my centuries mixed up!

    Take care all.

    GDay. We could use some rain. It has been hot and humid today with thunderstorms forecast but they haven’t happened, so I have just watered.

    Cinque. I don’t know the Phryne Fisher books. Must research them.

    Neil. That sounds like hard work. Mine changes from light and stoney to solid clay about half way down the slope, but fortunately most of the cultivation is on the light area.

    HK. There are a few of us working at languages. I use Duolingo most evenings to keep up fluency in the ones I can speak and to try new ones. I am currently playing with Norwegian. I tried Italian some years ago, but it didn’t seem to work in Sardinia!

    I baked bread this morning – 50/50 wholemeal and strong white, at least that was my intention. It is better now but at the height of the lockdown flour was one of the things we couldn’t get. There was no shortage of flour, it was paper bags to put it in that were short. As a result this morning’s wholemeal was a brand I don’t know, quite pale and full of seed. It didn’t rise as well as usual but tastes OK.

    Good morning, after a gorgeous day yesterday, rich with saturated golden light, today is grey and dull, but with any luck I might be able to eat my midday meal, sitting in the sun.

    Now Neil, how food sits in the fridge varies greatly between one woman eating 800 calories a day and a family of four that includes two growing boys!
    I am laughing at myself because I was feeling low on food before my shopping trip on Sunday and now I think I will be right for a month. My cooking went well yesterday, so I have good things in the freezer while I eat up the fresh food.

    You did have a decent weekend. Enjoy today and the weigh day tomorrow morning.

    Betsy, there is nothing like having a few ripe bananas to conjure banana bread.
    Haha walking to Dan Andrews’s press conferences, brilliant way to get fit! They’ve been at least an hour long for weeks now. And I hope you have a spring in the step today as numbers (touch wood and whistle) seem to be settling, and the tragic death rate has at least not risen today.

    LJoyce that Discworld theatre is such a treat! And that theatre must be so beautiful too. What fun they must have. Your kombucha sounds lovely.

    Helen Kate, lovely to see your post. Well done getting through that hard day fasting. I don’t know why some are so much harder than others. Suggestions: a bad night sleep makes it harder, getting cold might make it harder, some people find that what they ate the day before affects their fast day. Busyness is a big one. There is nothing like lots of distraction! Hoping your next fast day is easy peasy.

    I was learning Italian (just starting) at around the time I joined the forum. Hence my name, I just love the sound of cinque, and I am one of five sisters and fifth in our family of seven children.

    Penguin, in my experience disappointing home made bread still tastes better than almost anything bought. Good luck with the next batch.
    You might love the Phryne Fisher books. I don’t think Kerry Greenwood is the best of writers, but her characters (especially Phryne), and the satisfaction at the end of each book are very good, so perhaps that is good writing after all. They are based in Melbourne in the late 1920’s which is fun too. I love the tv series they made and there is a film too, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    Well so far so good doing fast800. This is my third day (counting my Sunday fast day). I’m off to distract myself. Ooh and the sun is peeping through. Best wishes all.

    Glad to see there’s some Pratchett fans around. I read a lot of Terry Pratchett and I’m currently working through the “Long Earth” series that he wrote alongside Steven Baxter. It’s the last thing he wrote before he died.

    It was sad this morning, there was a fire in the 120 year-old cathedral in my city, it’s right beside my work so I was worried that I’d be shut out of work, but by the time I got there the fire fighters had got it under control. I don’t think the damage is too bad, but we’ll have to wait and see how bad the internal damage is after the investigation.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Hi everyone from Whakatane, it’s a very wet one today and is forecast the same all day with strong winds tonight too, it’s coming over from Oz apparently, so what you all had last week by the looks of it?

    We have had some really lovely warm and sunny days of late though so not complaining. I hope you find some sun for your lunch Cinque, and what a scrummy lunch it will be with all that new fresh veg? The beetroot and mince bake sounded great and so tasty.

    Sounds like you had a great weekend Neil although colder than you would have liked but a lot accomplished, clay gardens are so difficult to manage I find, but having said that, any garden right now would be appreciated! I can’t believe the prices of vegies this winter, but then I think it might be our first winter here in NZ for about 8 years! So that might have something to do with it? Just as well I’m not eating so much haha.

    You can have some of our rain Penguin, I’ll send it over for you, nothing worse than humidity? Glad to hear that you have your treatment under control and good luck with the house sale, got everything crossed for you. Not sure how England won the cricket either coming back from 177 for 5! We’ll have to see how well they do without Stokes for a while?

    I have decided I’m with you LJoyce on too many choices becoming a downfall. I am tending to stick to the same meals on my 800 cal days or I tend to fall off the wagon. I also love Georgian architecture, my younger sister lives in a ground floor apartment in a beautiful Georgian building in Farnborough, Surrey in the UK, and it has a large stained glass window at the top of the stairs it’s just beautiful and wonderfully serene. I think it was built as some sort of convent. Also congratulations in reaching your wright goal, so happy for you.

    Well, my weight has certainly been pretty erratic since passing that stone, up and down like I don’t know what, I have been the same weight the last three Tuesdays so am determined to keep it going in a downward trend this week, need to keep with the time frame I set myself, if not, I may be forced to do an extended fast as you have Gday, well done to you, not sure I could manage all that time though, maybe when the weather is a little warmer!?

    Watched all three episodes of the Salisbury Poisonings last night which was really good, surprised it was made so quickly, given it only happened in summer ’18, but a good watch. Also just a couple of episodes into the Gloaming, filmed in Tasmania and Melbourne, bit of a slow start but unfolding nicely with a great cast. Looks like we might be watching a bit more with this rain today!

    Hope you are all enjoying your day fasting or not,


    Neil – Our posts crossed, I did see that on the news this morning re the cathedral, I do hope there is not too much damage, pretty sad.

    Good morning all

    Super busy at work so a quick post to say hello. Today I start my prep for the colonoscopy. Cinque, you would be horrified at the things I can eat today and tomorrow – or more around the things I can’t eat. NO VEGETABLES AT ALL apart from well cooked pumpkin or potato! In addition I can only have meat, egg, fish, white bread, white pasta, white rice, milk and clear liquids. Ugh. Thursday is clear liquids only then Friday nothing after 10.00am. I’ll be glad to see this over and done with.

    So glad you are going ok Penguin and good luck with the house sale. That apartment sounds lovely. Sending some of our rain your way although I think it has finally stopped.

    G’day, that is an awesome drop and you must feel amazing. Good luck with your studies and also everything is crossed for your hubby

    I need to dial into a meeting so more later……

    Good evening all

    Well, I did it, my first “proper” and successful (as it’s now after 11 p.m., so too late to eat anything) FD, and by that I mean under 500 cals, in over 2 weeks. I think the weather is warming up just a trifle, which does make it easier.

    Turnabout, I can understand you struggling in the cold weather, as I have been, too. And yes, we’re sending our wet weather over to you.

    Neilithicman, sorry to read of the cathedral fire. Hope the damage isn’t too great. I guess for Penguin a church 120 years old doesn’t sound like much history, but it is for us in the Antipodes.

    For the Terry Pratchett fans, I also enjoyed his Discworld books, but haven’t read anything of his in several years. Might go back and re-read some, now you’ve made me interested.

    Penguin, once I finish my doctorate, I hope to go back and study Chinese (Mandarin) again. I also used to be okay in French, but now if I try to speak any, I find I’m throwing in Chinese words. I don’t seem to have a lot of fluency with languages. Oh well!
    Oh, and I agree with Cinque, even if not up to your usual standards, home-baked bread is almost invariably nicer than bought (but note the almost, as disasters can happen)

    HelenKate, learning Italian is rather like learning French, isn’t it? Another of the “romance” languages.

    Cinque, I’m not sure that what I make can really be called banana bread – it’s baked like a cake, but cooked in an oblong cake pan. Because I use wholemeal SR flour, it really is delish!

    Let’s hope the corner has now been turned on our Victorian Covid-19 numbers. Two consecutive days in the 300s is hopeful, but we’ll have to see what the next several days bring. Bit concerned about NSW; hope the situation there doesn’t get away from the authorities.

    Anzac65, you don’t have to eat the food, just because it’s listed as permitted. It’s all to stop your bowel from being clogged up with fibre, and it can be just as easy to eat little, for the same result. Look on it as a few enforced FDs 🙂

    Better close off; it’s getting late!

    Neil, Rough. I guess your Cathedrals are as important to the community as ours.

    Turn, that rain hasn’t arrived here, although parts of Wales are under water.

    Anzac, Good luck with the colonoscopy.

    Betsy, a church is a church. Ours is over 900 hundred years old. There were Romans, Celts and Saxons on the site before that, but it doesn’t get as many people as some of the new ones. All extreme age gets us is a leaky roof. The people are more important.
    Have fun with Mandarin. When I lived in Hong Kong in the 60s I picked up some Cantonese. It is pretty much all gone with lack of use, although my expression of surprise remains ayyyaaaar. Typically, I suppose, I can still order a beer or some meals in Cantonese, but it is unwise to do so because after that I have nothing to offer. Some of the Romance languages are so close together that they can be a problem. If I slip something Spanish into Portuguese I can cause offence.

    Hello all. A while since I posted.

    Penguin it’s so good to see you posting again. A Georgian apartment with a small garden sounds beautiful. Best wishes for your health and wellbeing, and for getting through the rest of your treatment with minimal side effects.

    Cinque, HK, aaahhh Italian. What a wonderful language it is. I studied Italian in Bologna for my thesis for my MA in Linguistics. It was blissful. Living in the old quarter, classes all morning, then OH and I free to wander for the rest of the day. Without use, I think I’d struggle to have a conversation now. Betsy like yours, my Mandarin is a work in progress. I speak it much better when I’m in China, and find it’s fallen away quite significantly, particularly as I’m not seeing Chinese friends from uni now.

    Penguin, I am in awe of your language expertise (and how you keep challenging yourself).

    Cinque, a very fine Italian online name….it has such a ring! Now, Sunday nights with Vera AND Shetland. My friend says she needs sub-titles for Shetland – I tell her it’s like home movies here (the accent, not the murders haha). Have you noticed that the Vera character is a little more sympathetic this series? I noted on the credits on Sunday that both Vera and Shetland were written by Ann Cleeves. Very clever – both such good characters.

    I am currently watching Total Control which I recorded ages ago. What a powerful series …brilliant acting by Deborah Mailman, and directed by Rachel Perkins.

    Gday hope Mr Gday is doing okay…and you too, of course. The stress of waiting must be hard.

    LJ well done on managing the 800 so successfully. I am having trouble resetting. Up down, up down. I want to shoot Mr L and Rosy off to the island soon, so I can focus on getting some work done around the house (concrete kitchen benches need repolishing, and I can just see Miss Rose putting her great paws on the new seal, just to check what’s going on), and have a final run at editing the PhD (my candidate is aiming to have the final document to me by month’s end). I think when OH and Rosy are out of the house, I can really focus on getting back into the swing.

    Cinque I agree about lillypillies and their fruit. and the pectin! One of the brothers made jam with them once, but couldn’t get the knife back out of the pot once he’d tried to scoop some out …set like concrete. He had the same experience with grape jam.

    My Rosy is in season, and is like a caged lion. We have a large garden, but it’s not enough. She misses running on the cricket field with her pals. We are off to the beach for a few days next week and she will go into kennels….she’ll have company and more exercise, and we’ll get to sleep past 5 am. Win win. She’s sleeping soundly beside me now – but this morning she’s already taken off with the remote control, OH’s glasses, and a small carpet square. All off to her lair, wanting me to chase her.

    OK I know I have missed heaps, but that’s the problem with skipping off for a while. Best wishes to all – Thin, Turn, Neil, Calif, Intesha, Anzac (good luck with the colonoscopy Anzac) and others whose names will come back the second I hit ‘submit’.

    Hoping for lower numbers again today in Victoria, Cinque and Betsy. you both okay?

    Hi all, bad news and disastrous news

    Bad news is I was up 600 grams on my weigh-in. I’m not too worries about that because I’ve maintained my other measurements so that should go easy enough.

    The disastrous news is here in NZ we’ve had our first community transmission cases of covid in over 100 days and that means that the whole country has stepped back up to level 2 restrictions, and Auckland where the cases were found has been bumped back up to level 3 restrictions 🙁 I’m really hoping we can nip this back in the bud soon so this outbreak doesn’t turn into a situation like they have over in Victoria.

    Well, have a great day everyone.

    Good morning,

    Neil and Turn, so sad to hear NZ’s covid news. I so hope they can find the source and that this quick action being taken will stop it dead in its tracks. It does sound like the right measures are in place.

    Terrible news about the beautiful cathedral too.
    Well done on all those measurements, Neil, (apart from the pesky scales)) you can hug that to you today.

    I’m busy getting ready for homehelp today. So I might need to cut this short and write more later. We’ll see.

    Hi Turn, lovely to read your catch up. I hope the weather is improving and your weight is stabilising itself on the lower side. Warm weather does help, so much. (Except maybe California summer warmth Cali? Is it cooling down there?)

    After reading your post I saw ads for the Salisbury Poisonings, and for The Gloaming (which I missed when it was first on).

    Haha Anzac, so true re the colonoscopy prep. Thinking of you today.

    Betsy woot woot, a lovely fasty fast day feels so good.

    I chose to learn Italian (thinking to stave off dementia and become a bit less monolingual) after considering learning a Chinese language so I could communicate with with my elderly Chinese neighbours. But I discovered they spoke Cantonese and when I looked it up I saw it was a particularly difficult language to learn. Choosing Italian because it was easier, because we have an Italian community, especially in this part of Melbourne, and because of my love for Inspector Montalbano (another TV series 😉 ), I started well but went to a class that was too fast for me, and then tried Duolingo and didn’t enjoy that either, and then got busy with YamDaisy and let it slip.

    Now I dither between trying Italian again, trying Japanese, which my daughter has learnt a bit of, or concentrating on the traditional language of this area, even if I just learn the words for the seasons, the animals and birds and places.

    Lindsay, how good to see your post!
    Total Control is SUCH a great series.
    I do understand what you mean about Vera becoming a bit more sympathetic, but oh dear she was brutal to the young man murderer at the end of the last episode.
    I am finding Shetland very bleak. Not the place, the plot.

    Good luck getting that time to work solo and productively without that mad darling dog of yours. I hope it can be a good eating time too, so you can feel great at the end of it.

    Haha the lilly pilly jam. Goodness me! They do vary such a lot in how mouth-puckering they are. We had some lovely sweet trees near us when I lived in Bendigo and my daughter and I feasted on them when she was a toddler.

    Well numbers are up a bit today, but still looking hopeful. Heartbreaking death toll, and awful to understand it will continue this high, or climb, for another several days at least.

    I’m onto day 4 at 800 max and going well. Off to make my home covid safe for my homehelp and prepare for how covid unsafe she might (accidentally) leave it. Cheers all.

    Good morning everyone

    I was shocked to hear the NZ have 4 new Covid cases and no idea where the family caught it. I do hope they find the source ASAP and avoid a second wave. Fingers crossed for you Neil. Things are not improving here yet but at least the numbers aren’t growing; but so many deaths in Victoria. So so sad

    Talking of languages, I studied French before we went on our trip last year. Funny, every time I said something in French when we were in France or Morocco, they would answer in English. Not sure why – LOL

    I went to a school that specialised in languages Cinque and did a few months of Japanese. It was very challenging. I did really well at Indonesian so studied it for 4 years but I can only remember a couple of words now.

    I remember you said you were studying Norwegian Penguin. I imagine that too would be very difficult, but good on your for always challenging yourself, just as Lindsay said. In fact I am often in awe of everyone on this forum for your talents, abilities and setting challenges. I feel like a sluggish couch potato in comparison! But everyone is different. I think I put so much energy into my work I don’t have much left outside of that environment.

    G’day, it’s lovely to hear you sounding so much more positive, especially with what you have been through.

    That theatre sounds lovely LJ. I love live theatre and we went a bit nuts when we were in New York in 2017. I had to double check that because it feels like last year, not three years ago. We saw Cats (didn’t like it, too operatic), Carol King, Kinky Boots and another one for which I have forgotten the name. Then last year we went to the West End in London and saw the Tina Turner story (spectacular) and the Abba Mama Mia (disappointing, just like the movie)

    I am missing fruit and veges and it’s only been 24 hours! I keep walking past the fruit bowl that has some lovely apples and mandarins and my mouth starts watering. I had a very unsatisfactory breakfast of ham on white toast. Ugh

    You are right Betsy, I would actually rather not eat than stuff myself with white carbs. I have a crusty white roll that I’ll have with some turkey for lunch and dinner is a nice steak with some potato. That’s it. I also bought some low sugar sparkling apple juice (it’s on the list of allowed liquids) which is delicious. Otherwise 2-3 litres of water and that’s it.

    I do have to smile at your Rosy and her thieving ways Lindsay. It does stop – but not completely. I can now hang tea towels on the oven door, but if Maxx comes looking for playtime and gets ignored that is his first port of call for getting our attention. I wish I had a dollar for every tea-towel I’ve rinsed after being ‘Maxxed’, I would be rich. Yesterday we had an electrician downstairs for several hours and every time he and OH would speak Maxx would bark like a mad dog. Even down to the WOO WOO WOO WOO howling. The labrador forum said to reward him with little treats when he was quiet, but that only worked for as long as I was feeding him. As soon as I’d stop he would start up again. I ended up having to put him outside and close the door which is something I don’t like to do as he doesn’t really understand why he is being punished. Sigh

    Ooops, better go and prepare for an 11.00am meeting I am running. Hi to everyone else and have a great day

    Hello everyone
    I am sorry about the news from New Zealand, which has been doing so well. Hope the spike is brought under control really quickly. I guess life is going to be like this for quite a while, with changing degrees of lock-down and relaxation. Pretty challenging.
    On a happier note I’ve been interested in reading about people’s different language learning experiences. Lindsay, how marvellous to study in Bologna. I studied in Perugia nearly 50 years ago. It was my first time of being away from home and I was sometimes lonely, but what an amazing experience to be in that beautiful country and to wander around those medieval streets. And I do love the language. And like you, Cinque, I love Montalbano!
    Penguin, Norwegian must be such an interesting language to study. I would love to travel to that part of the world. Just before Covid hit we had the Festival here in Adelaide, and as part of that the Norwegian Soloists Choir were here. I went to their concerts and they were absolutely thrilling! It seems a long time ago now.
    LJoyce, I live just a few minutes away from the Bakehouse Theatre! I haven’t been as often as you, but I’ve seen some terrific things there.
    Cinque, I hope your home-help has left things fresh and beautiful and covid-safe!
    Anzac, all the best with the preps for the colonoscopy.
    One thing I’ve noticed on my fast days, like today, is that I get tingling in my finger-tips. Have any of you others experienced this? Any advice? I have googled a bit and it seems to be something to do with electrolytes.
    Best wishes to all

    I have just spent 30 minutes replying to everyone. Then I seem to have swiped left and it has gone! Things to do now so I will attempt to remember it all later.

    Penguin, to quote the eminently wise Homer Simpson…D’OH!

    HK, you need to make sure that you drink enough fluids on your fast days. If you get the tingling feeling again you could try drinking a cup of coconut water. One cup has 45 calories and has all the electrolytes you need to maintain hydration.

    Well I’m on my fast day today and then a control day tomorrow before allowing a few more calories over the weekend. Hopefully the weather clears up and is nice in the weekend so I can get some more garden work done.

    Have a great day everyone

    It has been a busy, hot and humid day. This afternoon we went into town to have a look at that possible apartment. We are about 600 feet higher than town and as we went downhill it got hotter. Even up here, it was 39C when we got back, which may not count in Australia but it feels warmish to me. We have just had a thunderstorm and it is raining again, so I’m hoping for a cooler night. The apartment was not quite as splendid as the photographs, they never are, but it will do us well if we can get it.

    I think I know that Phryne Fisher series. I may have watched a few on one of the minor channels last year. Our digibox is playing up and will now only receive about half the channels it should so it may be some time before I see it again. I am not buying a new box until we move.

    Neil, we all thought you had really cracked the Covid problem. That you can get it again has the rest of us worried.

    In my lost earlier post I seemed to chat to about half of the group about languages. if I have given the impression that I am a linguist I have over cooked it. It is just that I have worked in a lot of countries and very early on realised that people are more co-operative if you try to speak their language, so I have dabbled in a lot of languages. Even going on holiday I try to learn the survival structures before I go – how to get a meal, a bed for the night, a train or theatre ticket. It can have unexpected benefits – a Belgian traffic cop halved my on the spot speeding fine when I spoke to him in his own language. I have a northern ear. I hear German or Norwegian clearly and have problems with the southern Romance languages. Portuguese I read without difficulty but spoken Portuguese flows past me like music. I had real difficulties with Cantonese because a word could have several meanings depending on tone: a dog, the number nine or an obscenity. The Chinese guys I worked with had an interesting sense of humour so I was never entirely sure I could trust them until I had checked. My approach to languages is probably my Father’s fault. He came back from the war as I was learning to speak. His Arabic teacher had believed that adults should learn like children, so he started them off on Arabic versions of English nursery rhymes. My ” Mary had a little lamb” was in Arabic.

    Good morning,

    A couple of things I meant to add to my post yesterday. One is a flower for Penguin (even though your treatment is every single day!), that is further down.

    Also, the banana bread that is also banana cake. I grew up with it being called banana bread, and we also call the one with zucchini ‘bread’ even though it is sweet and cakey. But made in a rectangle loaf pan! Maybe they were originally less sweet and cakey as I know we used to toast them as they got stale.

    I’m in a lovely clean home, thanks to my home help. She is still terrible with covidsafety but we managed.

    Anzac is your colonoscopy done? (thinking you might read this when you get home) I hope you can eat big meals of veggies now, to make you feel good again.

    Helen, I had tingly numb fingers a couple of weeks ago, and I think I worked out what caused it, and I don’t think it was dehydration (which nearly everything ends up being!) or electrolytes, but I can’t remember what it was. My clunky old brain will keep at it. (But hoping yours is electrolytes, because that is easily fixed).

    Edit: I remembered. I got that numbness when I had a slight migraine a couple of weeks ago and figured it was connected.

    Neil, happy control day!

    Penguin, so glad to read your news you managed to rewrite after the annoyance of losing a good long post. But oh dear 39c is hot. I do hope you get some relief soon. Here is this weeks flower, just one, but it is a stunner: https://www.dhresource.com/0x0/f2/albu/g5/M00/DF/59/rBVaI1n6kgqAPI38AAE768kbt2U505.jpg

    Languages! I would love another life, and be able to go and study in Bologna (and do a thesis in linguistics!), or Perugia (I do know the feeling of walking in an amazing old city while feeling alone and homesick, a very special feeling), or to live in Inspector Montalbano’s house in Sicily 🙂
    I would also love to live in China and learn a smattering of Cantonese or a good lump of Mandarin…. oh and so many other wonderful things to do.
    I have a very romantic but unrealistic idea of learning another language, where I would be so fluent, native speakers would be impressed. Nothing less is acceptable! (I can fight against that impulse though, reality is my friend). I also have a fascination for linguistics and the way things are seen and expressed in other languages that make me look at the world differently.

    And etymology, haha, ‘bread’ and ‘cake’ are really interesting!

    But no bread or cake for me today. I’ve passed my fast800 week hump day and it is easy and hard, but I will get to the end.

    Thin, are you stuck in a lock? Don’t tell me you finally fell in? But picking a hot day to fall in is a clever move. Good wishes.

    Guess what, I finally repotted the mint! It is very grateful.

    Best wishes all,

    Hello everyone, quick post to say I am surviving the pre-colonoscopy day. My last solid food was before 10.00 this morning and I am drinking loads of water, some Gatorade and apple juice. I can drink these clear fluids up until 10.00am tomorrow (Friday) and then nil by mouth until after the procedure. I have to be at the hospital at 2.00pm

    The next steps in the preparation start at 4.00pm today and based on the instructions, I will still be feeling the effects past midnight. GAH

    I am already dreaming about the chicken and vege soup that is waiting for me when I get home tomorrow night

    Penguin, 39 is super hot anywhere but especially when you aren’t used to it. I hope the rain has cooled things down and tomorrow is much cooler. My friends on the labrador forum and their dogs are all melting over there

    Today I was bringing in the washing and had to strip off my jumper leaving just a t-shirt. It was 22 or 23 degrees and sunny and just beautiful. Spring is coming!

    Sorry, must run. Work is busy – but I’m not complaining as it keeps my mind away from thinking about how hungry I am. I just keep telling myself that it isn’t hunger, it is my body shedding fat. Ha ha

    Take care all

    Thank you Cinque. OH, who is a botanical artist, loves those. I like the idea of passing as a local, but it has never happened. After 10 years in Germany, locals who didn’t know me assumed I was Dutch because the languages are close, the Dutch are great linguists and the British are notoriously bad.

    Anzac, after the prep the actual colonoscopy will be a none event.

    It rained most of the night with impressive lightning. Cooler this morning, forecast of about 24C but still humid..

    Thanks Penguin, good to know. Glad it’s a bit cooler today for you

    Norwegian expression of the day; “under frysepunktet”, with photo of thermometer in snow bed. “Tegnestift” I found more difficult to guess.

    Hi everyone

    I had a longer babysitting stint tonight as my nephew had errands to take care of after work, so I’ve just had quite a late dinner for an 800 cal day. The macaroni cheese that I made for the kid’s dinner was looking good, but I resisted. Thankfully my dinner just needed 15 minutes in the airfryer when I got home. I feel pleasantly full now.

    Penguin, I would concur with Anzac, 39C is hot in anybody’s language.

    Anzac, good luck tomorrow, I hope you have some answers very soon. Enjoy that lovely soup when you get home.

    HK, Cinque & Penguin, I have attempted to learn both German (at school) and French night classes) but struggled. I have a good memory for nouns, probably because I can tie the word to an object in my memory. I find verbs, adverbs, pronouns and sentence structure difficult to remember and gender based pronouns are just a nightmare.

    Neil & Turn, I have been watching the news on NZs cases – they have been showing your PMs press conferences here daily. I hope you get better numbers very soon and most importantly can find out how the virus got into the community so procedures can be changed to deal with that risk.

    Hello to Thin, Lindsay, Betsy, GDSA and anyone else who is reading.

    I needed a break from my 800cal days yesterday. Nothing drastic, I just really needed a hot lunch as well as dinner, so I added a 2 egg zucchini omelette. Today I’m back on track and quite happy with my 800cals. On this type of plan I find I need a slightly less restricted day every 10-15 days. What I’ve learned though, is that you still need to stick to the foods you’d normally be eating on 800cals – no sugary treats. Yesterday’s deviation didn’t derail me and I am now firmly lodged in the mid 77s. I’m feeling a great deal less stressed about my weight now than I was a month ago.

    Take care all.

    Good evening all.

    Very pleased today for the new Covid-19 numbers in Victoria to finally be less than 300 – best result in more than 2 weeks. Here’s hoping it consolidates.

    Neilithicman, I was so sad to hear of NZ’s sudden virus cases, especially as the first 4 seem to have come out of the blue. Hope the authorities get to the bottom of it all quickly.

    Cinque, loved the flower you posted for Penguin. It has such beautiful symmetry!
    Re the banana cake vs bread, I mentioned it to a friend of mine whose response was that my recipe was definitely banana cake as the sugar content in the recipe is much higher than for banana bread. Comments?

    Anzac65, good luck for tomorrow. You seem to be managing the preparation okay, but have probably spent some of Thursday evening in the little house which shall not be named.

    Re languages, penguin et al, I did live in HK for 6 months before going into China, and quickly decided that learning Cantonese 1) was very difficult (as per Cinque’s comments re the tones – only 4 in Mandarin, as opposed to 8 and a disputed 9th tone in Cantonese) and 2) learning some Cantonese followed by Mandarin would probably confuse me. I did study Mandarin during my time in China as an official student, 18 months full-time and 1 year part-time, and by the end, I was occasionally asked if I came from Xinjiang Province (where they have some ethnic Russians), which I took as a compliment. My speaking was always much better than my listening, though, so extended conversations were difficult. Now I’ve forgotten a lot of vocabulary.

    My French was 5 years learnt at school, but 6 months in Cambodia where I had to communicate with my laboratory co-workers in French brought about a considerable improvement, sadly now also lost in antiquity 🙂

    Good to read your post, LindsayL. You have a lot of tasks to work on once your OH and Rosy go to the island. Hope they go soon, for you.

    LJoyce, great that you have been mainly able to stick to your 800 cal days, and sure hope the scales reward you!!

    Goodnight all!

    My pyjama pants are very loose this morning, every nice reward for my Fast800 week, especially as my midday meal yesterday was bigger than I meant it to be! Back to a smaller serve today!

    Anzac I forgot all those days of prep for the colonoscopy. Oh well, it will soon be over and done. Ooh I would love those 22 degrees, but at least today will be a lovely morning before colder wet weather rolls in again.

    Penguin, those are impressive Norwegian words. ‘Pin’ is a lot easier to say!
    Hooray for cooler weather, and I hope the humidity is less by now too.
    What an artistic couple you are. The flower had such lovely architectural symmetry I thought a dahlia grower would like it. I will go to the opposite extreme next week I think!

    Hi LJoyce, goodness me, macaroni cheese would be hard to resist at the end of a long hungry day. Congratulations. Your clothes and your knees will reward you.

    I am starting to think how I want to eat after this week, It has been a good reality check and I am eating enough that it is quite sustainable. But I am sure I will need breakout days, or maybe an extra serve of veggies with my meals. It will be a good scientific experiment on myself to figure out what suits me long term.

    Oh dear, my heart just dropped at the news out of NZ yesterday. When covid sneaks in it is like a fungus growing underground, only being found when the mushrooms pop up. I do so hope it hasn’t spread too far.

    Betsy, weren’t our numbers a lovely relief yesterday! Hanging out for today’s numbers. I woke up this morning to news of the outbreak at the RWH, but I am hoping that is all counted in previous days and that it won’t be spreading. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed.

    Ooh, well done with that Xinjiang Province compliment!

    I do think your friend has it right. We would have so much more sugar in more recent recipes, and fluffier texture. But how I was brought up does stick in my brain, so it is just as well I don’t eat those things any more. If it is in a loaf tin, I would keep calling it banana bread!

    How is studying going after your break? I do hope you are enjoying it, or at least ploughing through it and fitting it around your 10,000 steps and 5:2ing.

    Cheers everyone, I hope today is an easy and good one. Bye now.

    Morning all, well 17 cases and rising in the new Covid cluster, and reports are the family at the centre of it did a big trip down through Hamilton, Rotorua and Taupo, including a visit to a rest home. We’re bracing for a rather large wave of cases. The thing that annoys me is that when the announcement came out that Auckland would go into level 3 restrictions, a whole lot of Aucklanders decided to fly out of the city into the provinces to avoid the lockdown, and potentially spread the infection to the rest of the country.

    I’ve finally settled on my routine for eating.

    Fast days Monday, Thursday: Skip breakfast, daily kiwifruit at 11am, plenty of tea and water throughout the day, skip lunch, have a decent sized dinner. Total of around 800 calories

    Control days Tuesday and Friday: Skip breakfast, medium flat white, daily kiwifruit at 11am, decent sized lunch, decent sized dinner. Total of around 1600 calories.

    Regular eating days Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday: Decent sized breakfast, lunch and dinner, large flat white on Wednesday, a couple of drinks on Saturday evening. Total of around 2500 calories.

    Trying to avoid snacking on all days, but if I can’t resist I’ve taken to snacking on a handful of dates that give a sugar hit but also have a decent amount of fiber.

    I started it this week and it hasn’t gone too bad so far, except yesterday when I went a bit over my 800 calories because I had some crackers in the afternoon when I got home from work.

    Good morning all

    Cloudy today, 20 degrees

    I am very surprised that I am not famished. I don’t understand it but I am not going to complain. I have had nothing but water, Gatorade, apple juice and jelly for just over 24 hours and I’m fine. Possibly the DISGUSTING gunk I had to take at 7.00pm last night has a side effect of filling you up? Or, more plausibly, it is a mental thing where you know you have no choice but to stick to it so you just accept it

    The sleep section of my fitness app says I managed 1 hour 24 minutes of deep sleep and 1 hour 35 minutes of light sleep last night. It sounds right as I was up and off to the loo a lot plus some noises in the street that were annoying. Lots of whistling around 11.00pm so I can only think someone was looking for his/her escapee dog. Then Maxx wanted the loo at 12.30 so yep, pretty darn tired today. I worked until 10.00pm because I’m so busy plus it took my mind off everything. Finishing work at 12.30 to get ready to go to the hospital at 1.30

    I like the sound of your new eating pattern Neil. I do try something similar as it suits me too (with fewer calories). I really need a couple of days of ‘regular eating’ but I just tend to go overboard on those days. I will try harder

    So scary about the news from NZ. My heart dropped like a stone this morning with the news of a potential spread outside of Auckland. Fingers crossed they can contain it

    Hooray for loose PJ pants Cinque! Whoo Whoo!

    Betsy, I just realised your post did not come into my email FD inbox. I tend to read them there and then login to respond. I happened to scroll up and saw your post – I wonder if this has happened before? I love love love banana bread and might make some soon. I just have to freeze it quickly before it gets consumed en-masse

    I am fascinated to read about your overseas language studies HK, Betsy and Lindsay. I would have loved to do that.

    Must run, have a great Friday and hi to everyone else

    Just a quick post to wish you well with the colonoscopy Anzac, if you haven’t had it already?! I am sure you will sail through it after all the pre procedure restrictions? Good luck

    Cinque. Discussing sleep wear again?

    Neil, It seems we all have our share of selfish idiots. You are sounding very organised.

    Anzac, the lack of hunger sounds right. Before I hit my target weight I fasted totally for 2 – 3 days every month, just fluids. Hunger was never a problem and counter intuitively I had enormous amounts of energy. I remember that disgusting gunk!

    Overcast and cooler here after an enormous thunderstorm at 2.15am. It had us up and about so at 9am OH is still sleeping.

    Does anyone else suffer from the need to post, then go back in to change the occasional word?

    Morning losers, just popped in to commemorate my 6th anniversary of 5:2. One year of weight loss and five years of maintenance using a combination of 5:2 and 6:1. Start weight 83kg, current weight 58kg. I have never once skipped or blown a FD. The NFDs remain a work in progress although I now have control over food rather than food controlling my life as it had until August 2014. So many great health benefits to the IF WOL, thank you Dr M. for changing my life. Thanks, too, to all the like-minded people here who provide vital support.

    Cinque, I’m not stuck in a lock, although there was one last week where we feared we might never leave; everytime OH opened the paddles of the top gate, the lower gate re-opened itself. Fortunately, a passing dog walker stopped to help on the third try.

    Anzac, all the best with your colonoscopy today. Thinking of you.

    I’ve been lurking and read most of the posts but, as usual, can’t remember much (that much hoped for benefit of fasting, staving off dementia, doesn’t seem to have kicked in yet).

    All the best to everyone.

    Anzac, you should be finished with your colonoscopy by now and hopefully catching up on all the sleep that you missed last night. Hope the procedure was uneventful and you will have good news.

    Penguin, so happy to see you posting again and glad the chemo hasn’t had too many side effects. I will keep my fingers crossed that your home sells soon so you can get the move out of the way while the weather is still nice. We’ve been having some ho weather, around 36 or 37 during the day but cooling down to the teens by midnight. But now the forecast for the next week shows temps around 38 to 40 or higher and not going much below the low 20’s at night. It’s hard to get the house cooled down at those temps since the brick and stone on the front of the house seems to hold the heat for a long time. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

    There have been a few fires in Northern California, but none close enough to affect us. That is always my worry this time of year with so many hot days in a row. I know Australia has the same worries in the summer.

    It’s good to see the Covid numbers going down in Victoria. With the current lockdown they should continue to go down. Neil and Turn, I’m sorry to see those cases in NZ recently. I hope they get it contained before it spreads any further.
    The numbers here in California seem to be going down a little, but now we find out that the computer systems for keeping track have had major problems that they are fixing, but lots of cases were undercounted. So who knows what the real numbers are? There are some really high numbers in some states and lower in others. Pandemic fatigue is setting in. This has been going on for a long time. We have less national leadership here on the pandemic and as a result much less cooperation from the citizens and local governments.

    We’ve been watching a lot of streaming movies and shows. We binge watched almost all of the available 3 seasons of ‘Yellowstone’ with just 2 episodes to go which are released weekly. We are now watching ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ which is filmed in Australia that we quite like. It looks like it was filmed in Kingsford north of Gawler which doesn’t look too far on the map from LJ and MK in Adelaide. There are 8 seasons available for streaming with over 22 shows in the first season and over 30 in some of the later seasons so that should keep us entertained for a long time. DS commented that we’ve seen 6 episodes so far and nobody has been killed, unlike Yellowstone that had several murders. We did have to turn the subtitles on to help with some of the Aussie accents, especially when they’re talking quickly. Did anyone here watch that show?

    Thin, we watched that movie, ‘TheLife of John Gale’ on the weekend. OH wasn’t crazy about all the twists and turns in the plot but DS and I both enjoyed it. Great acting!

    Cinque and Betsy, I love both banana and zucchini bread but agree that they are more like cake even though we bake them in loaf pans. They’re great with walnuts added too!

    Well my battery in the iPad is dwindling so I will say goodnight and wish you all a good day. Stay safe and well!

    Happy 6th thinaversary thin!

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