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  • Good Morning everyone

    It’s Wednesday and FD for me today. I’m feeling very positive about it and so I hope it goes well. I already know that OH will be in the bathroom taking the remainder of the walls down when I get home today so I will be prepared! I might snack on some celery sticks or go for a walk or something.

    I’ve been a lot more consistent with my exercise for the past couple weeks. So yesterday I thought I would do some jogging, jog for two power poles and then walk for one power pole (would you believe how every time it was the walk time, the distance between the power poles was much shorter than the jog time? LOL). Today I was feeling good so I increased it to three power poles jogging to one power pole walking and also ran some extended periods when I could. I thought wow I must have done that circuit in much less time than yesterday but it ended up only being one minute quicker! My goal is to cut the the time down by a little each week. It’s a 6km trip and I’m doing it in 40 minutes. I don’t even know what a good time would be for 6kms but any improvement I make I will be happy with.

    Intesha, I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s fall but glad he survived it without serious damage. Also glad you were able to get some help to get him back on his feet. It’s nice to hear about the Christmas biscuits you are making again. I remember the pics from last year and your decorating was amazing. It seemed like a huge amount of work but the result is a true testament to your talent! So lovely.

    Betsy and Crazy, I hope you are both on the mend.
    Betsy, I hope you are not going to push your body too far with B2B2B when you are feeling ill already. Maybe you could just try one FD and see how you feel? Feel free to ignore my unsolicited advice but I just think we sometimes need to listen to our body first. 🙂
    Crazy, maybe you need a light chicken soup for when you start to feel better. Hopefully someone in your caring family could put one on for you 🙂

    Cali, good to hear you are ok. We have started our bushfire season here and there have already been too many! Look after yourself.

    A big hi to Neil, Cinque, LJ, Anzac and Lindsay. Hope you are all doing well. Also to all the people I have missed, hello! Please do pop in and say G’day. Oh, hi Gday, I almost forgot you! lol

    Yep, as I expected we were not winners in the Melbourne cup sweep at work but OH did manage to get $6 for his horse coming last. An investment of $20 to get $6 back? Now those are really bad odds!!

    Have a great day everyone 🙂

    Good morning everyone

    Cinque, thankyou I am still waking, but only once a night for the last couple of nights.

    Intesha, I suspect that those grazes and bruises are making your dad very stiff and sore today.
    My father was also heavy and unstable (even with a walking frame) and I was unable to lift him when he fell – which he did in a cafe and also in my house a few times. The aged care facility where he lived taught me how to use 2 chairs so he could help himself up. (It initially they talked me though it by phone when I rang in a panic to say he was on the floor.) It may not be suitable for your dad, but I’ll describe the method just in case it’s useful.
    You help your dad to roll over onto his side and then onto his knees. You get 2 kitchen/dining chairs and put one immediately behind him and another in front – both with the seats facing him. Help him to reach up to the seat in front so he can raise his body (and importantly his bottom), higher. Push the chair behind him as close to his bottom as you can get and help him sit back into that chair while steadying himself on the chair in front. Let him sit for a couple of minutes then replace the front chair with his walker so that he can stand when he’s ready. My dad had one knee that wouldn’t bend much but I was still able to use this process with him.
    I just went hunting through the internet and found these instructions – same as mine – but they explain it better! https://www.agingcare.com/articles/pick-up-a-senior-after-a-fall-170447.htm

    Cinque, I hope switching the phone to nbn goes without a hitch – I haven’t switched to nbn yet, I think I have until next March.

    Betsy and Crazy, hoping you both get well soon. Betsy you do need to pay attention to extreme fatigue when it isn’t normal for you.

    Neil, I agree, it’s not weight gain, I stand by my claim that it’s NFD food in transit, my lower abdomen is always larger after a NFD. Now that you have your post-NFD weight next week should show you a genuine weight change.

    As most of you know I don’t like weighing myself as changing levels of inflammation can make it difficult to see whether I lost or gained weight as it can be masked by the extra fluid around my joint. I had a clear demonstration of this last week.
    I have been tracking my efforts to lose weight over the past month my taking measurements every week or so. Over the last month I’ve lost 2cm from my bust, 3cm from my hips and 4cm from my waist. But last week my knee measurements (which I take to check inflammation levels in my joints) were both up by 3cms each. Imagine what that would have done to my weight had I been using scales instead of a tape measure. It also explained why my jeans have felt loose at the top but tight on the knees and thighs. Thankfully those knee measurements are coming down again now.

    I’m enjoying the mild weather this week (probably our last) and getting in some nice long walks. I’m apprehensive about getting enough exercise once it gets hot.

    Have a nice day.

    Quacka, our posts crossed. I don’t think it matters what a good time is for the distance you are running/walking – just that you are improving from where you started.

    I’m joining you in a FD today.
    Which reminds me, I need to get a tub of soup out of the freezer for dinner.

    Intesha, can’t wait to see your Christmas biscuit creations this year. They were stunning last year. I hope you’ll be posting pictures again. I know you put a lot of time into decorating them.

    I hadn’t heard of the nbn before reading about it here just now and looking it up. So do you still have to connect your internet and phone through a local internet provider? Is it less expensive than whatever you had before? Is it faster? We have several different internet providers across the country, both cable and satellite and I think some are through the old phone lines. They’re mostly privately owned like Comcast, AT&T or others. It’s really a hodgepodge across the country. And anything fast is expensive, depending on where you live. It sounds like having a government owned broadband would be more efficient. And hopefully cheaper. We’ve had VOIP for our phone for quite a few years. I really like it a lot because it’s inexpensive and the sound quality is the same.

    Quacka, It sounds like you’re doing great with all the exercise. The hard thing for many people is just getting started on a regular routine. My walking runs in spurts these days with too little recently. I find my joints are more stiff and achy without it. I need to get into a regular stretching routine too.

    Cinque, it sounds like you’ve been busy again lately. I’m sure your granddaughters keep you on your toes. They’re at great ages now.

    LJ, thank you for posting the info and link for helping someone get up after they’ve fallen. That could be useful even for ourselves if we twisted an ankle or knee.

    Well, time for sleep. Hope you are all having a good day.

    Cool and grey, it should rain a bit on my garden so that is good.

    I made flatbreads for my lovely breakfast after fast day, but made a bigger batch than I needed and ate them all. Regretting it already. I’ll eat my next meals imagining a flatbread is accompanying them.

    Quacka, good work with that exercise. It is wonderful on so many levels, helping with work stress and your long term health as well as making you look gorgeous and fit.

    LJoyce, very interesting to read about the two chairs way of getting up.
    I do hope your knees unswell now but hooray for that nice roomy waistband.

    I decided to go shopping yesterday to be ready for having Miss 5 here tonight, and came home to find my worried sister at the door. I forgot I had home help coming (first time ever) and they rang her when I didn’t answer the door. She had got herself really worried (even though my car wasn’t there) and I felt terrible so we calmed ourselves down by going opshopping. She showed me three opshops nearby I didn’t know about! And we did score a few things. But today I am exhausted, the house wasn’t cleaned and I need to get ready for a little tornado to arrive (she will be tired from kinder). Oops.

    I didn’t even manage to sort out my VoIP phone yesterday, so I had better do it next. Cali we must have been pretty much like the USA, but our low population meant we had very little infrastructure and consequently extremely slow internet speeds. Once the nbn infrastructure was connected I did have to sort through confusing options from a huge number of possible service providers before my old system got shut off. I left it to the last minute, but it seems to have worked out fine and slightly cheaper than my old plan.

    Okay, off to do all the things I should have done yesterday and then the things I need to do today. Kinder pick up at 3pm!

    Ah it’s the little things that make your day. I just saw a guy yelling at a seagull that was standing on the road, telling it to use the footpath like everyone else ;D

    Hi all,

    Thank you LJoyce for your information. Unfortunately Dad has no strength in his legs and is not able to put any pressure into lifting himself. I have a handrail at the backdoor and I couldn’t even get him turned around to reach it to pull himself up.

    Thank you everyone else for your concern and thoughts. He is okay but was obviously shaken up.

    FD today, went to Pilates this morning and off to the dentist this afternoon, nothing dramatic.

    Good afternoon all, from a wet and windy Adelaide. I haven’t found a suitable dry spell to walk, although the sun peeked out from behind the clouds moments ago, so I’ll risk it as soon as I finish typing this.

    Intesha, I knew there was a chance the chair method wouldn’t work.
    Hope the dentist isn’t traumatic.

    Neil, thank you every time I reread what you wrote I start giggling.

    Cinque, I bet you don’t forget that appointment again any time soon! Hopefully your sister has calmed down now.

    Cali, I’m hoping you don’t need the chair method any time soon – no slipping on those new bathroom tiles!

    My FD went without complication, although I suspect I was at 500cals due to the extra warm drinks on a cold day.

    The last few days I’ve done something I haven’t done in years – drunk coffee. After a discussion with a friend last weekend I was reminded that I used to like coffee. When I reflected on when that changed, it was when coffee shops stopped using either plunger pots or dripolators and installed expresso machines. The problem I have with expresso is that it’s made from dark roast (and I always preferred the milder medium roast) and it’s way too strong for me. I’ve been experimenting with coffee grounds and a plunger pot that I keep here for guests and realised that if I make it very weak I quite like it. My best friend always orders a small cup sized cappucino with a double shot, I figured out that the way I’m drinking it is about 1/12th of that strength.

    Babysitting tonight. I’m taking dinner with me so that I don’t find myself eating macaroni cheese with the kids. I’ve taken a serve of butter chicken from the freezer. I’ll have half of that with potato, carrots and peas that I cooked a couple of nights ago. There should be enough of everything left for dinner tomorrow night too.

    Have a nice day.

    Morning all.

    I’m sitting here trying to be quiet as Rosy sleeps ….it really is like having another baby. As soon as she doses off I jump up and try to do as many things as possible. We are finding a routine. She’s not whining at night now, which is a great relief. She wakes at around 5, and OH takes her for a walk while I whip around with the vacuum and straighten the chaos.

    Gosh, 38 in Brisbane today. Yet in the mornings I’m still putting on a jumper. Crackers.

    How’s your NBN going Cinque? Get your VoiP sorted? Nice time with the little ones? (Of course it was …how could it not be?) Cows still crowing? Oooh, flatbreads. Impossible to resist. What a clever cook you are.

    Are you leaving after work for your weekend with your parents Quacka? This will be a special, if difficult time for you all. Hope you are okay.

    LJ I’ve noticed already that my step count is up since we got Rosy, but also I am moving more. I am particularly pleased that OH takes her for a walk by himself. Usually he only goes when I suggest it. Another great benefit is the social engagement. Each and every time we take her out, people have stopped to chat. Nice. She is developing beautiful cafe manners. We give her a drink, and then she lays at out feet until it’s time to go. We’ve done this most days since we’ve had her, and without wishing to jinx myself, so far so good.

    Anzac, how wonderful to catch up with your Lab group. And great you were able to get through those early difficult times with the support. Pretty much all the gun dogs mature more slowly than, for example, the terriers. And strong willed! Man, worse than teenagers. But ultimately they mature into beautiful companions.

    How are you feeling now Crazy? Hope your tummy bug has passed.

    How are the renovations going Cali? Were you able to find bathroom accessories that you love?

    Betsy those viruses play havoc don’t they? Hope you are shaking off the effects, and not trying to power on through. Hard, when you have appointments and deadlines coming up, but try to ease through the days until you feel quite well.

    Neil, how nice to sit under that 90 kilo mark on the scale. Wonderful, in fact.

    Intesha, is your Dad recovering from his fall? Frightening, to crash down like that, and then not be able to get himself up…..for both of you. And the positive, under the 70s….what lovely numbers.

    I laughed out loud at the chap shouting at the seagull Neil. It is the little moments, as you say.

    LJ it’s hard to get the coffee right with expresso machines. I usually ask for a long black, with a pot of hot water on the side, so I can water it down if it needs it. My brother bought me a Europress filter which I always take on holidays, and it gives great home coffee. OH doesn’t drink it, and it’s perfect for 1 person.

    I’m fasting today, after yesterday’s lunch out with little Miss 3 turned out to contain more carbs than I wanted, and it’s reflected on the scales. I wish I could post the little video I took of her. She lay on her back on the pavement and i flicked a bit of cold water on her tum. Then I dribbled a bit more. She laughed, with such a wonderful uninhibited belly laugh. She’s such a sweetheart.

    Thin, G’day, Penguin, are you lurking? Enjoy your day all, and hello to anyone I’ve missed.

    Good morning,
    I had a fine time with little Miss 5 but she woke at 4:15 yesterday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, we gave up trying at 5:15am so it was a long day. When I got home I had a good reminder of just how hungry lack of sleep makes me! I ate delicious healthy things but a long list of them. I’m being careful and kind to myself, including to my poor digestive system, today.

    Ha, Neil, I can relate so much to that angry man yelling at the seagull.

    LJoyce, you are right (I hope) that I won’t forget home help again, I get a rush of terrible adrenalin every time I think of it. My sister must too.
    I hope your (delicious) dinner worked well while you babysat.
    As a coffee lover I can’t help but be delighted that you are enjoying it too, even if at 24th strength 😉 Have you tried New Guinean coffee beans? The altitude makes them a gentle delicious taste (not generally used for espresso).

    Ooh Lindsay, Rosy does sound just like a human baby with the amount of energy and attention you need to give and how such a small thing has to be the centre of the home and world while they have baby needs. Luckily she brings similar joy. And how impressive she is at the cafe! What a good dog! And how nice of her to keep both of you active and social.

    Little Miss 3 sounds such fun, I am so glad you have the video (and sad not to see it). Kiddies are carb kings! Miss 5 and I made pizza (ooh but it was yum though).

    When I dropped little 5yo home I tuned back into the world, so it was shocking to hear about the dreadful fires through NSW and how scarily fierce they became so quickly. It was freezing and raining here, so they felt far away and dreadfully near at the same time. Poor world.

    Day before fast day for me. Best wishes everyone.

    Sunday fast day for me,
    I am thinking about the things I love about fast days, especially my Sunday fast day where I don’t have things I need to do.

    I love having a break from thinking about what I will eat and preparing what I will eat. (I enjoy this five days a week, and I enjoy it all the more for having two days when it doesn’t happen). Once the dashi for my miso soup is made, and I have a couple of eggs to boil if I need them, I concentrate on non food things all day.

    I also love the ‘getting back on track’ feeling as I can quickly get into too much snacking, or too many helpings on my ‘normal’ days. After a fast day, normal eating is the treat.

    I love the feeling that I am looking after myself, and doing something special for my long term health. And when I am getting a bit irritable, hangry, which I generally do, I can distract myself with other little things to do for my health and happiness.

    I love looking forward to breakfast tomorrow and knowing that it will taste better than any other breakfast.

    Cheers to anyone else fasting today. And cheers to everyone who isn’t too. 🙂

    Hi all,

    I’m not fasting today with you today Cinque but I did have an impromptu fast day yesterday. I had a few slices of the Vogels sprouted grain bread and a big bowl of popcorn on Friday night along with a couple of drinks, so Saturday I just wasn’t hungry all day, even though I spent 3-4 hours doing some landscaping and a few hours playing tennis. I had a bowl of brisket casserole for dinner and that was all I had during the day.

    Yesterday was brilliant weather but today it’s turned to poop, pouring with rain and 9 degrees so I’ll do some kitchen stuff. I’ve been soaking some black currants in vodka to make some cassis for Christmas presents, and the rest of the currants I’ll cook up to make some cordial for my boy. I’m also trialling a new protein bar recipe where I add some protein powder to my normal coconut oil and cocoa mix before adding them to my nut/seed/dried fruit mix. It seems to make it a firmer textured bar.

    Have a great day everyone and stay safe to those members who are near the big bush fires over in Aussie. 😟

    It is a sunny morning here, and breezy,
    I am far from the dreadful fires, but hoping so hard that today is an easier one and that tomorrow won’t be as bad as feared. Hoping you and everyone you know is safe.

    I had a fasty mcfast day yesterday and feel very happy for it. And yes, a very lovely (light) breakfast this morning.

    Neil isn’t it great when you can respond so immediately to a bit of excess with a bit of a fast. I hope you had a wonderful inside day yesterday and that work is kind to you today. That cassis sounds wonderful, and so do your protein bars.

    I’m making a big pot of Bolognaise sauce today, and hopefully I’ll get another nice lot of things done too.

    Best wishes all.

    Good morning all

    Sorry to be MIA last week, it was a hellish week to be perfectly frank. But here we are with a new week and hopefully an improvement

    Haven’t eaten well but also not badly so haven’t put on any weight…..but haven’t lost any either.

    Quacka, I hope you had a lovely weekend with your family but I’m sure it was very sad. I’m sending cyber hugs

    Lindsay you hit the nail on the head about Labradors and other gun dogs. Challenging pups for a few years and then just beautiful companions. Our first lab Benson was like that but nowhere near as ‘challenging’ as Mr Maxx as a pup. I’m sure Rosy kept you busy on the weekend

    I’m back at the training centre this week with all the catering (GAH!) but I have brought my own food and am feeling very firm and positive about not giving in

    Have to keep this short as we are about to start the training. Take care

    Morning all

    Cinque, yes, it’s good that my body now seems to automatically tell me when I should be fasting. After eating quite a few carbs on Friday I just wasn’t hungry on Saturday so I would really have to force myself to eat if I was going to eat. My body really seems to be adjusting to the new way of eating.

    Bolognaise sauce is a favourite of mine to make in advance. I make up a big batch of it (without meat) every now and then and keep a big agee jar of it in the fridge. I either fry up mince and add the sauce and pasta for a quick bolognaise, cook up some meatballs and toss it through the sauce for quick spaghetti and meatballs, my boys cook up a pot of pasta and add it in by itself when they’re feeling hungry, or we even use it as a pizza sauce when making home-made pizzas. It really comes in handy.

    Anzac – Yay for brown-bagging your lunch. I really need to get more organized this week because last week I didn’t have time to make my lunches ahead of time and ended up buying food. Although I make the healthy choices now it’s just extra money that I don’t need to be spending. I was good today and I’ve bought an avocado, bacon and tomato salad for lunch, I’ll try to make a big batch of lentil dahl tonight to take for the next couple of days.

    I’m looking forward to my Wednesday weigh-in now to see how I’m tracking. After hitting my low of 88.8 kilos a couple of weeks ago and then two slight rises of 300 grams (first one I’m pretty sure was because I was dehydrated at my 88.8kg weigh-in after my cycle trip, and the second one was my first weigh-in after a non fast day) I’m hoping that my weight will have stabilised or gone down slightly this week. If it has then I’ll officially call it as being under my goal weight. I’ve been hesitant to call it up until now in case I bounce back over 90kg.

    Oh and a little yay moment. I fixed up my son’s chin-up bar because now he’s out of his cast he’s trying to build his strength back up again. After I fixed it I tried to do some myself and I was amazed that I actually manage a few chin-ups. I haven’t been able to do any since I was 18. I’ll have to add them in with the sit-ups and press-ups I’ve been doing every other day.

    Have a great week everyone.

    Good morning everyone

    Thank you for your thoughts and hugs my dear friends. We drove up on Thursday afternoon and spent a couple of days with my parents which was lovely. My father is getting weaker every time we see him but he is still in good spirits and very chatty. He does get down at times, which is understandable, and I could see the sadness in his eyes when it was time for us to leave. As we drove away the sadness set into me too. I had a a big cry that night but I’m ok again now. We will go up and see them again in a couple of weeks.

    It’s FD for me today. I’m not really feeling it but I will persevere through it.

    I bought some kelp noodles from the health food shop last week. They are extremely low calories and extremely expensive but I’m curious to see if they are good to eat and also if they have that awful smell that konjac noodles have. If I like them, I might try and source them online as they were $12.50 for a packet. I don’t remember how much it weighed but it looked about double the size of a konjac noodle pack. I’ll let you know how I go 🙂

    Take care all x

    Quacka – our posts crossed. Really sorry to hear your father is still going downhill but it’s good you managed to get some time with him. My wife had to watch her father’s health go downhill as he died from motor-neuron disease 3 years ago and I saw how hard that was for her so I can imagine how hard it must be for you. Sending my cyber hugs through along with the others. 🙁

    Just popping back, Quacka, to say how glad I am that you spent such precious time with your dad. I can certainly understand that big cry, and how sad he must be too. But I am so glad he can be chatty and in good spirits enjoying every bit he can of this bittersweet life.

    I hope you have a good fast day. It is a wonderful gift to yourself. And I am keen to hear how the kelp noodles are. I bet they smell a lot better than konjac! Wo, so expensive! But kelp is very good for us.

    Anzac, was last week hellish because of fixing up the project things? I do hope this week is easier. Hooray for having your own food while training. Well done on maintaining.

    Neil, yes, yum, I want to make lasagne, but today I will have the Bolognaise with spinach and pasta.
    Congratulations for those chin ups!
    And it will be interesting to see what the scales say. I’ll put 5 dollarbucks on losing a little bit 🙂

    Remember my heater drama when it took over two weeks for someone to come around when it stopped working? And they said I would need a new one, and then the next day someone came and fixed it? Well on Friday I am getting a replacement put in that is even bigger (the one I have is too big for this small room so I get lots of cold air blown on me every time the thermostat kicks in). I just got the phonecall. I’ll be optimistic, there is always a chance that it might actually be nicer. i wonder what they will do with the old heater that works perfectly well?

    Cheers all.

    Morning all. There’s a horrible smoke haze hanging over Brisbane this morning Hoping for better conditions very soon, for all those in the danger zone. It is all very very scary, to hear the adjectives being used by seasoned professionals. Unprecedented. Catastrophic.

    Cinque lovely to have time with little Miss 5, but those early starts! Man! I hope you were able to catch up. I meant to say, the reason I didn’t post the video of Mss 3 is that my daughter is very firm about posting pics of her children. I think her work as a journalist has made her particularly wary…and I can’t blame her. I can,though post pics of my honey bounty.
    https://imgur.com/iBnEtV4 I
    think there was about 4 kilos there, but because I had left it too long before I harvested I made quite a mess of it. We had honey and bees everywhere, Rosy found a gap in the pool fence so could get into where the bees are, then she kept taking off with OH’s ugg boot (we pull the elasticised leg of the bee suit down over boot to avoid finding bees finding an entry), it was 38 degrees and not really the temperature to be wearing a full suit with mask and ugg boot, and lighting a smoker. But, job done, and the outcome looks very pretty. It is a different colour from the last harvest – I wonder what flowers have gone to make this batch. As they forage up to 5 kilometres away, it isn’t anything in my garden, most likely. (Into the chaos, Rosy also took off with one of OH’s new sandals, made to measure in Vietnam, and we haven’t seen it since).

    Cinque, can I also say I like your review of FDs and why they work for you, and how they make you feel. I think it’s good to be reminded of why we do it.

    Neil I wish I were on your Christmas list. Home made cassis. How wonderfully decadent.

    Hoping for a good week for you Anzac….counting down for your trip?

    Thinking of you Quacka …

    Hi all

    Just a pop in to say I’m still here. I’ve caught up on all your posts but won’t be tedious and reply to them all.

    Quakka. Still thinking if you, your Dad must be very brave to be still upbeat. Hope you can have really quality time with him and the rest of your family to cherish later. Your jogging system is very good. It is like C25 (Couch to 5k) which got me on the move and was very successful. Keep adding a bit and you will be covering serious distances in no time.

    Neil. Your gent yelling at the seagull reminds me of a woman who rang a radio station in the USA to complain about the road sign which directed the deer to cross a busy highway. The recording of that call is hilarious. Well done on managing your new WOL. I’m also trying to get my head around how to relax about food but not too much.

    Cali and Quakka Need pictures of bathrooms when they are done. I did mine last year and it is so satisfying to upgrade the looks and practicality of such an important room.

    I’m still driving my DIL around and helping out with the kids after school so my days are never quite my own. Bread and cheese making has had to take a back seat but I do have the Christmas pudding made. OH has helped with household stuff but shopping is still my job. I need to get some meal planning going as we are resorting to takeaway too often at the moment. Not done much damage on the scales surprisingly and I checked my waist measurement yesterday to find it had dropped 3cm from the last time and that puts it well below that 88cm which is the top of the healthy range. Clearly my body is redistributing the fat a little which is good. To all those I haven’t mentioned, your posts are still inspiring and valuable. Thank you

    Good morning from a smoky, hot Sydney. 8.20am and it is going to be 37 today

    I saw on the news that poor old Melbourne and Adelaide are only 17 today! What a crazy country this is. Stay warm down there!

    I got a fright this morning when I glanced up at the t.v. and saw a map of Sydney with the five areas most in danger today and our suburb was one of them. I think because we are only 2 km from the big National Park. Our house should be ok, there have only ever been bushfires once and that was in 1994. It was horrific though


    Lindsay, counting down indeed! My ‘time until’ app tells me right now it is 19 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes until our first flight takes off!

    I too am terrified at the words being used by the professionals about the fire danger today. I just hope it turns out to be nowhere near as bad as they thought. The next few hours will tell.

    I’m annoyed at myself, I am normally so well organised. I wanted to get Australiana bandanas for the dogs who are coming to the Labrador forum meet up in London. I thought I would be able to just order them online but no, there is no such thing – unless you want to pay a stupid amount of money. If I’d thought earlier I could have asked my sister to sew some (she has a sewing machine and I don’t. Not that I’d know what to do with one even if I did). Drats. Back to the drawing board. Any thoughts on both human and dog gifts that are inexpensive and very small – as we will be pressed for luggage space.

    How did your FD go Quacka? I hope you are ok, thinking about you lots

    I’m back to control days for the next two weeks as we are out here at the Banks training centre. It just doesn’t suit 5:2 WOL

    Good luck with the new heater Cinque. It surely can’t be more drama than last time?

    I know it was a while back but I’m still chuckling at the seagull story Neil. I want to come to your place for Christmas! It all sounds lovely. Oh, hang on, I can’t….I have to be IN PARIS instead! Ha ha

    LJ, I love coffee but I will not buy it takeaway. It always tastes bitter and burnt so I buy coffee beans from Aldi and grind them at home. I have two spice grinders – one for spice and one for coffee. Then I bring the coffee to work and leave it in the fridge and I have a one-cup plunger.

    Have you decorated any biscuits yet Intesha? I’m looking forward to pictures

    Cali, you mentioned the importance of stretching earlier. I have a bad back and neck and have diligently done my stretching every single day for the past 2 weeks in preparation for the trip. What an amazing difference it has made. I recommend it for everyone. The best one is rolling up a towel and lying on it both long ways and across ways (I move it every few mins) along my spine. I often have a Labrador giving me a hand with it by jumping on my head or feet. Sigh.

    Penguin, are you still travelling? Maxx wants to know if you have been doing any more dog-sitting recently

    OK, the class of students are dribbling in, must go and prepare to help them with their training. Take care all

    Good Morning Friends

    My FD went very well yesterday (thanks for asking, Anzac) and I have that nice light feeling now. Yay! I’ve also been for my jog early this morning and pushed myself a bit harder and I have taken another minute off my time. Double yay! Feeling quite good about my health and body this morning which is always a nice thing.

    I made a beef and tofu stir fry for dinner last night using the new kelp noodles that I mentioned yesterday. I had done a bit of research online about how to prep them and found a couple of tips. I read that they are quite crunchy and was curious to try them as I wondered how could noodles be crunchy?? Well, they really were! I had read a tip that soaking them in room temp water with the juice of half a lemon works to soften them. They need about 20 minutes but it definitely works. It softens them enough to be ‘not crunchy’ and makes them a really nice texture, firm still but not crunchy and not mushy. Lucky, I ended up liking them because I had already ordered six packets online for about $4 a pack instead of $12.50. Talk about a huge mark up!! They are coming from USA so they will take about 10 days to get here.
    By the way they don’t have that awful smell that the Konjac noodles have when you first open the packet. They don’t have any smell at all.

    Klondi, what sort of shower screen did you have installed in your new bathroom? I wanted to try and avoid glass but I think I’m still going to have to have at least one glass wall. I actually wanted no screen at all but I don’t think I have enough space to avoid the wet area having to be walked though. So many decisions!

    Well, I better go and do some more work. I hope everyone has a great day today. Stay safe and all the best to you all xx

    Hi all

    Quacka. Firstly, if you are walking/jogging 6k in 40 minutes, you are doing well. My fastest time for 5k is 42 minutes and OH who is taller and has a longer stride can do it in 37 minutes. So you can be pretty happy with yourself. https://imgur.com/a/UzuDY9L

    This is my bathroom old and new. We have a frameless glass panel. It is the highest rating for glass. OH has epilepsy and I have always worried that he could injure himself if he had a major convulsion in the shower but I am assured he couldn’t possibly break this. I had it sprayed with a coating which makes it super easy to keep clean. I am now thinking of getting the tiles done as well. You will see that the feature tiles are 3D so more likely to grow mould. The washstand is vintage, marble topped and I found a copper basin which looks great. The other thing I love is the lights each side of the mirror which make it easy to put on makeup, not that I do that much but at my age I need all the help I can get. We future proofed with a grab rail and lever taps. The one thing I wish I had done is put a niche in the back wall for shampoo etc instead of a shelf in the corner. Would have made more sense. Hope this helps

    Good morning,
    I had a long sleep (broken as always, but I did keep going back to sleep) and have that weird groggy feeling (yes I will drink lots of water) (but having coffee right now 😉 ), so I am writing slowly. haha.

    Thin, how is it going? Have you fallen out of the Straight and Narrow boat yet?

    Lindsay, what a glorious honey harvest! How I wish I could poke my tiniest jar through the monitor to you, as I only need a little bit of honey for when my granddaughters are here, and I would love a little bit of your honey most in the world!
    I perfectly understood why you didn’t post a picture of your little one. I felt the same about the picture of my two dressed up for Halloween. Miss 3 was the cutest spooky witch (or mooky witch as she puts it, she still has a bit of trouble with the starts of words).

    Klondi HOORAY! You managed to catch up reading AND to post. So good to see you here! You have been missed.
    I know that hilarious deer crossing radio call too, it is so funny as they work out what she is talking about. Here is the link in case anyone wants to listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFCrJleggrI
    Respect Klondi, you are doing so much for your family, and ofcourse you do everything you can to help, but it is hard to put your own things on the backburner for so long.
    Woot re that trim waist! What a clever body.

    Anzac (and everyone in the dangerous regions), our hearts and thoughts with you. The ABC is running commentary so I am keeping up with it, and it is as if all Australia has their hearts in their mouths. I am so hoping that all the preparations and a big splash of good luck can save today from being catastrophic.

    Good luck finding something for the dogs. The only thing that came to my mind was for people who make their own dog biscuits, maybe some Australian themed cookie cutters. (My mind isn’t working very well but thought I would write it anyway).

    Interesting what you say about coffee. I find my coffee grinder doesn’t easily grind it fine enough for the espresso style coffee I love best, but if I preferred it milder and gentler I would grind it as you do, and use a plunger or napolitana or just a saucepan, that works best with a slightly coarser grind. And New Guinean beans!

    Yes! re hoping the new heater isn’t too much drama. I wish I had kept notes on the whole story as it is a study in ridiculousness.

    I am another stretcher, it is about the only exercise that doesn’t exacerbate CFS symptoms.

    Quacka, what a lovely morning after fast day. The kelp noodles sound very good! I will see if they are in local Asian groceries.

    Cali! Was this you? https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2019/nov/11/voter-detected-in-guardians-australian-bird-of-the-year-poll 😉

    Best wishes everyone.

    Cinque, I saw the article and the poll about Australia’s bird of the year and wished that I could find a way to vote for the Cockatoo, but sadly the poll was over by the time I heard about it. But I surely would have tried to skew the vote if I could have figured out how!

    Quacka, I bet your dad was so happy to spend the weekend with you. It’s so sad to see a loved ones health failing but you are making more memories and that time is precious. Tomorrow is promised to no one. We have to get as much as we can from each day. I think about you all the time.

    The news about the fires on the east coast are truly frightening. It’s good to see you posting here and knowing you are ok, and your homes are safe, at least for now. I keep watching the news and hoping that you get some rain.

    Klondi, you mentioned the 3D shower wall collecting mound easily. That’s a new wall, right? Is there some type of spray that you could use after showers that would prevent mould? What is the 3D material made of?

    Cali. There is a spray which keeps mould at bay. It’s the same one which helps keep the glass so clean. The feature wall is tiles in a lovely floral pattern which looks great but does give the mould more chance to collect.

    Quakka. If you are thinking of putting in a grab rail, I have two which I bought but then found that they didn’t suit the room https://gimel.com.au/collections/bathroom-grab-bars/products/etac-flex-grab-rails. The two rails can be joined together and look quite good in a modern setting. I really didn’t want the ‘hospital’ basic look and they avoid that. If you are interested, I’d be happy to let you have them. My email is on my profile so please contact me if you think you can use them.

    Cinque. Really, a new heater. Do they know the other one was fixed. I hope it goes in without too much fuss and mess. I’m interested that you are setting up VoIP. Is this linked to the NBN? We have another year before we have to change and will probably wait till then as there is nothing wrong with what we have now. I’ll be interested in your experience as many seem less than satisfied with the change.

    Having a rare day home, and OH is out, so enjoying a healthy home grown kale juice for lunch and might even do a bit of gardening although there is quite a chill factor to the wind, I’m a bit of a wuss when it is cold. Thinking of all those people at risk in our wide brown land.

    Weigh in and my weight has stabilised and dropped 100 grams. Down to 89.3 kilos 🤗

    Good morning from a cooler and very relieved Sydney. We dodged a bullet yesterday for sure. Only 23 today and I was actually cold coming to work as there is a southerly breeze blowing

    Neil, more good news on the health and weight front! Whoo Hoo!

    I bet you enjoyed yesterday Klondi, a nice relaxing day for a change. Did you get some gardening done? I too am not good in the cold which makes me wonder why on earth we are going to freezing Europe but then I think about the wonderful things we will see and do and I know the cold will just be something to deal with

    Work is very busy as I do all day training then have to find time to do my other work which is not very busy but building up. So I should go and get on with it sadly – as I would rather chat to you all

    Have an awesome day everyone

    Woot Neil!
    And I get my 5 dollar bucks! 😉

    Cali, next year I will let you know in time to vote for one of our parrots!

    Well, a terrible number of ‘watch and see’ fires in NSW feels like a victory, as there are none at emergency level. But now worry shifts up toward the border and into Qld, and hoping today can have as little damage as possible.

    Klondi, haha re my heater. I first got a call that I thought was spam, and hung up. They managed to stop me hanging up next time and said they had the heater to replace the one that doesn’t work (as LJoyce, I think it was, predicted). I explained that my heater was fine and they said well it is up to you, but we have this even bigger heater here for you. So I said thanks but no thanks. Next thing was the department ringing me to ask why I had refused entry to the new heater.

    My sister and I checked out two op shops yesterday and it was still too much for me. Need to rest today. I need my second fast day, but not before babysitting tonight, so I will have it tomorrow.

    LJoyce, are you ok?

    Best wishes to everyone.

    Anzac, our posts crossed, there must be a wonderful feeling of relief today. Have fun training!

    Good morning all. Still here but struggling with the weight. It’s a case of now you see it now you don’t. Just can’t seem to get a grip on the 60’s. I think it must be a plateau as I am doing 2-3 FD’s a week. So just have to keep on and hope it will drop soon.

    Haven’t started to ice the cookies yet as I have to set aside three straight days to keep the icing at premium. Have been making all the decorations to go on them which is also time consuming and with the hot weather it makes it difficult. When I do start I will have to isolate myself in the kitchen with the doors closed and my little window air conditioner going all day. I wish I could just focus on that but I will still have to stop to get Dad’s lunch and dinner.

    It was pretty horrendous here yesterday and heartbreaking to see the fires and they say there is worse to come with summer. I heard this morning that there was not one drop of rainfall anywhere in Australia yesterday and that is frightening in itself.

    Congratulations Neilithicman, what an achievement 🏆

    Anzac and Intesha, I’m glad that both of you survived the fires. I hope we hear from Quacka and Lindsay soon and that the winds calm down. These weather conditions and lack of rain all over the country are not the kind of records I like to see broken. In the U.S. a big part of the northern and Midwest states are experiencing snow and freezing temperatures. It’s -12c in Wisconsin tonight where my uncle lives. Crazy crazy weather!

    Neil, it’s great to hear that your new low weight has stabilized and you’re firmly into your new way of eating. It’s such a wonderful thing for your health and you’re probably feeling great too.

    Cinque, it sounds like feast or famine with your heaters. First you were going to have to wait for months and now they’re offering more than you need. I hope the one you have keeps working properly. Did you find anything good at the op shops when you went with your sister? It’s always fun to go. I love looking for bargains.

    LJ, where are you?

    Klondi, I love that 3D tile or wall covering and think it is probably worth the little bit of extra work to maintain it. What a big difference from the “before” picture!

    Lindsay, that’s a lot of honey from your hives. I can imagine the stickiness getting it all into jars. You’ll be set for the year! How often do they produce that much honey?

    I watched a good show on Netflix a few nights ago called, “The Game Changers”. It was about all of these athletes, many of them Olympics contenders, who eat strictly plant based diets. They also talked to several cardiologists and other doctors. I’ve read a lot of books on the subject over the years but this documentary was well done and very motivating. It looks like it’s on the Aus Netflix as well. I eat a lot of plant based meals anyway, but I think I will try to stick to a vegan diet for a while and see if I can get my blood pressure and cholesterol more stabilized. In just a few days I’ve lost 500 grams without a FD. I’m going to continue my regular FD’s, but try and stick to a plant based way of eating. Sunday night I made these Buddah bowls (on dinner plates because I didn’t have 3 of the right sized bowls.
    I sautéed some chick peas with chili powder, smoked paprika, lime juice, cumin and a little cayenne. They’re kind of covered up with.the cucumbers and avacado. There are also some seasoned sliced baked tofu strips along with diced sweet potatoes And other veggies on a bed of mixed greens, shredded cabbage and kale. I could feel all the vitamins and nutrients running through my veins by the time I finished. 😁

    Tonight I made eggplant chili with a whole diced eggplant, kidney, pinto and black beans and corn. There are enough leftovers for a couple days.

    Morning all

    What a coincidence Calif, We had eggplant last night too. I cooked mine with onions, garlic and vegetables then made a sauce with herbs, tomato puree and sour cream. I took some out for me and then threw some pasta in for the rest of the family.

    This week I’m going to trial easting breakfast again as a way of combating the post-work munchies. I’ve found a good cereal that’s high in fats, protein and fiber but low in sugar, so I’ll give that a go this week and see how it affects both my appetite and my weight. I’ve also cut down to 4 gym sessions a week, as I’m playing quite a bit of tennis and frisbee golf during the week I don’t think I can manage to get the gym every day as well, so I’ll go Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, go Thursday and Friday and then rest in the weekend.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Well another day and fire worry still in Qld and WA too, and ongoing work in NSW. And a nasty weekend coming.
    You are so right Cali, with clmnate change supercharging weather systems, crazy is pretty much the word all around the world.
    And yes Intesha, so dreadful to hear the news of our first no rainfall day.

    Now what are we here about? 5:2!
    I had a good one of my 5 days today and have started a good one of my 2 today, I hope. It won’t be a mcfasty fast day as I have a couple of things on, I will make it a less-than-800 day.

    Intesha, how frustrating for you to be struggling with the 60’s. It doesn’t seem fair if you are doing 2 – 3 fast days a week. Keep on keeping on. And I hope the cookie icing days line up soon.

    Cali good luck with that strictly plant based diet. It seems to be working wonderfully already, and delicious too.
    Haha yes re my heaters, so glad it did get fixed or I would have been all this time without it.
    Opshopping: a long, blue, silk, Indian shirt and a short, cotton, purple, Indian shirt. And a fine merino jumper. And I have a huge pile of clothes to take to an opshop today, I have had to do some serious clearing out. (too much STUFF!).

    Mmmm Neil another yummy eggplant dish. Good luck with this weeks trial, it sound sensible.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    PS Klondi, I forgot to say that so far using VoIP is no different at all to having my landline. Yes, I was also worried by all those stories saying nbn was worse than their previous system, but it has been fine for me (touch wood!). 🙂

    Hi everyone

    Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been quite sick since Saturday with a virus and a virulent lung infection. Haven’t caught up with posts for a few days as my head seems to swim every time I try to read.
    Take care, I’ll be back when I’m a bit better.

    Good morning everyone

    FD went well yesterday although I suspect it was closer to 600 cals than 500 but that is fine by me. Today I have a big salad with boiled eggs and tonight it’s taco night. Mmmm. All this talk of eggplant has made me really feel like some. We have three plants in the garden about 30cm high so it will be a while yet so I guess I might have to go and buy one. We have started to harvest some small zucchinis. I always forget the yummy fresh smell of a home grown zucchini, the supermarket ones have no smell (or flavour either!)

    I went for a jog on my treadmill this morning instead of around our village. Now, I feel like I have fibbed to my friends here because I could only manage 5kms in 38 minutes on the treadmill instead of the 6km that I do outside. So, is my treadmill lying or is it the Map My Walk app that I use on my phone that is lying? Only other thing I can think of is that I jog more quickly outside than on the treadmill. Either way, I feel really good after exercising so I’m going to keep at it. Klondi, I had a quick look at C25K but I need to have a bit more time to check it out properly. I wanted to ask how often did you jog at the start? I am doing three or four times a week at the moment.

    Klondi, thanks also for the photos of your bathroom. It’s lovely! Such a huge difference to the before shot. Thanks for offering the grab rails but I don’t think we will be installing them in our new bathroom. I’ll let you know if we change our mind though 🙂

    Cali, your buddha bowl looks so delicious! If I am in a cafe that serves good whole foods and I see something like that on the menu, it is always what I go for. The last one I had included pickled cabbage, hommus and all the other good stuff like you have in your bowl. It’s a very healthy way to eat as you are getting rainbow of foods which means you are getting a big variety of nutrients. No wonder you could feel it running through your veins! I almost could just by the pic 😉

    Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’m planning on a nice healthy one with lots of veggies/salads, some good proteins and a bit of exercise thrown into the mix. I’m going to make some more Nori snacks and I might do some Kale ones as well. I have a feeling that eggplant is going to be included in the mix somewhere as well!

    Cali, I really like what you wrote that “tomorrow is promised to no one”. It’s something we need to keep in mind and live each day as much as we can. Take care everyone xx

    Oh no, LJ. Look after yourself and get well soon x

    Cali, voting wasn’t over (but oops it probably will be by the time you wake up) https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2019/oct/27/australian-bird-of-the-year-2019-vote-for-your-favourite

    LJoyce sending you huge get well wishes https://previews.123rf.com/images/coramueller/coramueller1405/coramueller140500109/28385303-english-get-well-card-with-spring-flowers.jpg <3

    Quacka, hi!

    Sorry for mistakes in my last post, hope you could work it out!

    Must go.

    LJ, I am so sorry to hear you are so unwell. Sending cyber healing thoughts and I hope you feel better very soon

    LJ. I hope that you can knock this on the head soon. Be kind to yourself. Healing thoughts being sent your way.

    LJ, I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick. Take care of yourself and get back here soon.

    It is so sad. Get well soon!!!

    Good morning everyone,
    It is a lovely, still, sunny Saturday morning here. Yesterday I thought I was coming down with LJoyce’s horrible virus, but either the aspirin is working very well, or I have been lucky and it was just a one day thing.

    LJoyce, I am so glad you were able to put up that little post, even though you felt so crook, we would have been so worried without it. here is another bunch of flowers for you. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1428/2106/products/33865506_1972611976147583_7303557737563029504_n_1024x1024.jpg?v=1531895843

    Day before fast day for me and I am out of miso! Help!!! I was planning to go and buy some more when I was reminded that there is a local Japanese woman who is making her own and selling it AND (claim to fame) she used to be my next door neighnour. But I haven’t managed to chase her up and buy some of hers. Well, a change is as good as a holiday, and I will make a different soup for my fast day.

    I have been eating pretty sensibly the last few days, planning good meals and eating lightly, which is all I need to eat at my age and with such a sedentary lifestyle. It will get ingrained!

    Hello to Rosy the pup and Maxx the teenpup and all the other pets. Hi to Intesha, I hope this has been a good week, and Thin, water lapping against the boat, Penguin still holidaying maybe? Minka and Gday still ketoing happily I hope, and Merry I do hope you are on the horse and your family is well. Hello to everyone I will remember as soon as I send this post and go off to make my coffee.

    Best wishes

    LJ, take care of yourself and feel better soon! I hope you’re starting to feel better.

    My weight has been staying about the same on the vegan diet after the initial loss. But I’ve been going a little over my 500 calories on FD’s. I’ve felt kind of off all week, probably mostly because of the stress of the bathroom reno. The shower/bath and floor tiles and new bath hardware are all in. Waiting for the shower doors to be finished. Our bathroom will begin the first week in Dec., hopefully. Terrible timing with the holidays. Counters and sinks for both bathrooms may have to wait til Jan. I’m applying grout sealer today.

    Cinque, you ran out of miso! But a change is sometimes nice too. Maybe you’ll discover another FD staple. I missed the voting for Aus favorite bird. But maybe they wouldn’t have let me vote anyway since I don’t live there. Fingers crossed for the cockatoo!

    Hope you are all having a good day.

    Sunday fast day for me, and yes, miso-free Cali. I made mung bean soup yesterday so I will have a small bowl of that today and a couple of boiled eggs with sliced tomato if I need them.

    So sorry you have been feeling off Cali, hoping that the renovations going nicely make you feel better. Here is a picture for you to give you some cheer, I hope. https://i0.wp.com/www.nationalquiltregister.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/1205.2017.AG_.jpg?fit=3400%2C2368&ssl=1
    Are you still enjoying the vegan diet?
    There is a cockatoo (sulphur crested) and a lorikeet (rainbow) in the final 10 of the “Australian Bird of the Year”. I read that a lot of parrots were nominated but people (of course) chose local parrots and they didn’t get large enough numbers to stay on the list.

    LJoyce, I am thinking you need a lot of bunches of flowers! So hear is another one https://miro.medium.com/max/960/1*Es1jN6BMjajXWx0xbi6Y2g.jpeg

    Well I am hungry already and reminding myself that feeling hunger is a good sign my body is getting hard to work.

    Hope it is a lovely Sunday where you are. Or coming up for our NHites.

    Good morning all

    I hope that all our ill members are now over their illnesses, Crazy and LJ, hope you’re well now.

    CD – I didn’t know that Aussie had the bird of the year competition too. We’ve just had our one over here and the yellow eyed penguin took it out this year. My father will be pleased because before he retired he ran tours at the local yellow eyed penguin colony.

    Cinque – love that quilt!

    I had a good weekend. I managed to get two rounds of frisbee golf done, a visit to my favourite butcher to fill our empty freezer, mowed the lawn, played tennis, and made up a batch of protein bars before the rain came pouring down in the afternoon. We all settled down as a family to watch Avengers Age of Ultron, which my boys and I enjoyed, but I’m not sure my wife was too fussed on. But when females are outnumbered 3 to 1 in the house, comic book hero movies win out over romantic comedies every time 😉

    Sunday we got the garden finished and planted out our new Muscat grape plant. I’m hoping for a good crop off I maybe next year. The boys were nagging me to take them out kayaking so we headed out to Roseneath (a sheltered bay in our city)and we spent a few hours paddling around.


    We got out the DVD of the “Science of you” series from Michael Mosley from the Library the other day. It had his first foray into fasting and 5:2 with “Eat, fast, and live longer” It’s renewed my commitment to fasting, as now I reached my goal weight, I’ve eased off on fast days and am eating more like control days rather than fast days. I’m going to try to be more strict on my calories on fast days and I’m starting off with a complete fast today, I’m only going to have tea, coffee and miso soup.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend and I wish you all a good week to come

    Good morning everyone,
    I’ve just had my delicious post-fast-day breakfast and now I am up to my coffee. LJoyce, really hope you are recovering now. I’m wondering if you are in hospital with pnuemonia. Sending good wishes.
    And Crazy, hoping you are nicely recovered, or recovering, too.

    Neil I am so envious of your weekend. What a great life (apart from poor Mrs Neil stuck watching boyzie movies 😉 )

    I must look at the ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’ documentary again, it always gives me a bit of renewed enthusiasm too.

    You know (everyone, not just Neil) how it can take 20 minutes for your tummy to send your brain the ‘I’ve had enough’ signal? Well I think it takes 40 minutes or more for me. I am noticing, and concentrating on eating smaller portions, ignoring the brain saying ‘I need more!’ before tummy signal finally manages to make it upstairs.

    I’m off to babysit granddaughters this morning and then a couple of hours rest before I look after Mr 2, a dear little neighbour whose parents have work overlap for an hour and a bit. Second time of minding him.

    Best wishes for your day.

    Good morning all

    Phew, what a busy weekend. We had a big family gathering at our place yesterday so Saturday was full-on visitor cleaning. I am utterly exhausted today. OH cooked the most amazing roast for lunch (chicken and lamb) but he is terrible at cleaning up after himself so I was washing up until after 9.00pm!

    However we got the best news in the afternoon. My niece had a baby boy!

    LJ, I hope you are ok? Please let us know how you are going

    Enjoy babysitting Cinque

    I haven’t dared weigh myself for a few days as I have been overeating terribly. I don’t know why but it stops today

    This has to be a short post as training is about to start. It is an all-day session and very intense. But there is only two weeks before our beautiful trip so I can endure it

    Take care all

    Good Morning everyone

    Well all good intentions of a nice healthy eating weekend went out the window. Despite having a pantry and fridge full of nice healthy food we had three eat out meals! They were all very yummy and I don’t regret it but I am grateful for my FD today as the scales are loudly protesting! Hmmmm, I AM going to have a nice healthy light eating week this week.

    Saturday was overcast and windy and not much good for any of our outdoor activities so we had a look at a couple of bathroom and tile places. I have in mind a black and white pattern tiles for the floor and then all white walls. Depending on which pattern we get for the floor (how much black is in it) we might even get a black bath – white inside, black outside. So of course the patterned tiles I like are ridiculously expensive. They are made to order so are more than double other patterned tiles that are pre made. OH said to get whatever I like but I just need to see how much of a blowout of the budget it is going to cause! I’ll post a photo up of the ones I like after this post.

    Wow, Neil, you sounded like you had a busy weekend! Roseneath bay looks beautiful.

    Anzac, your trip is so close! You must be getting very excited now. I hope the training day goes nice and smoothly.

    Cinque, I think I have one of those brains too. I wonder if it is because I eat too fast. I read somewhere on another thread that this person was counting bites as their way of controlling their eating. I’m not sure if it’s bites per day or counting the number of times they are chewing the bite but it sounded interesting. I sometimes try that myself and after one bite I usually forget. I’m enjoying my food to worry too much about how many times I have chewed it!

    LJ, hope to hear from you soon and that you are feeling better.

    To us fasters, I hope it is a an easy one. Good luck to us and I hope you all have a lovely day. Look around and enjoy what you have x

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