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  • I use a chest heart rate monitor with an app on my iPhone to visually see my heart rate. I have downloaded the Fast Exercise app which works well, but I am unable to see my heart rate in the other app because the Fast Exercise app stops when I open the heart rate app. Are there any plans to update the Fast Exercise app ? Any ideas would be brilliant………………………….

    HaarJimlad. Apple watch is the most accurate I have ever used to measure heart rate. I have used many. I am a member of David Lloyd gyms. When I use various cardio machines using the hand held sensors I watch the HR on the machine and compare it with my Apple Watch. Most machines give a similar reading to my watch. I have however discovered some machines at the gym are useless and do not calculate calories burned and HR accurately. One machine claims I have burned 300 calories in 15 minutes when the watch tells me it was more like 90. Hope this helps…

    Thanks DJInfinity, I have an apple watch which I will use. It’s just a shame that the Fast Exercise app doesn’t include a HRM. It’s an obvious inclusion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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