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  • I will starting my fast day in a few days and I’m concerned about headaches on fast day. I am normally prone to them unfortunately and I have a feeling this will make my fast days miserable ? anybody else seem to get headaches on fast days ?

    Headaches are quite common and are usually related to dehydration. It is surprising how much liquid we get through our food, and it is easy to become mildly dehydrated, enough to get a headache, and even to feel a bit woozy, on a fast day.

    As well as drinking plenty (have a drink each time you go to the loo? drink 8 goodsized glasses of water through the day? Check your wee is clear or pale straw coloured, darker yellow indicates dehydration) consider making soup your fast day meal as it will contain the electrolytes you need.

    Good luck. If you are worried, start with 800 calories on your fast day and then, if you want, you can cut back on calories as your confidence increases.

    I am not normally a headache person but it was one of things I noticed in early days. I think I read somewhere that it was to do with loss of sugar fix (sugarholic = guilty!). Initially you use up stored glucose then your body turns to fat stores. I dont have the headaches anymore so stick with it and best of luck.

    first day today morning was quite rough but faring better in the afternoon headache is there but no worse than normal.

    I have never dieted and my dr. recommended this diet so I’m ready to get some of this weight off. Funny how every year a few more pack on then another few… thanks for the advise I think I am going to do around 700 calories to start seems do able!

    I get a headache on fast days too- more so in the beginning. I looked it up and found that there are a number of causes:

    •dehydration-drink sufficient water/fluid for your height and weight before, during and after
    •Stress hormones and histamines- try relaxing techniques and sleep well, rest if possible
    •Lack of sleep- this one is the same as above
    •Hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar)- Eat a low sugar, low GI content meal before your fast
    •Caffeine withdrawal-will decrease over time, or try black coffee, green tea or black tea
    •No specific cause.

    People who generally suffer headaches/migraines or have certain medical conditions may be more susceptible. There are medications that you can take before a fast to prevent fasting headaches- so speak to the doctor.

    A headache is pain in the head or upper neck. They may be primary (not associated with a medical condition) or secondary (caused by an injury or medical condition). Primary headaches include tension, migraine and cluster headaches. Most headaches are not indicative of a serious medical problem.

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