Headache after first food on day after a fast day

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Headache after first food on day after a fast day

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  • Hi- has anyone found that after a fast day, you’re not that hungry the next day and/or when you eat breakfast, you get head-aches, feel a dip in energy-? This has been my experience a couple of times recently tho not always. Wonder if there’s something I need to do differently/ whether this is any kind of problem-? Any feedback welcome! 🙂

    What is your normal diet like and what do you eat on fast days?
    A dip in energy and/or headache sounds like withdrawal symptoms from sugar/carbs

    Thanks Amazon-I don’t keep a food log of any kind so that’s worth looking into. I don’t always use the IF book recipes etc on fast days. I think I’m a fairly healthy eater on the whole. It’s eating after a fast day, not the fasting on the fast day, that seems to be the trigger: when I’m not really hungry, but eat anyway because it’s not a fast day! The ‘symptoms ‘ soon go tho.Thanks tho- I don’t eat lots of ‘bad’ carbs but might consume more sugar than I want to believe. Happy Fasting!

    Headaches might possibly also suggest dehydration. I’ve had to consciously increase water consumption significantly when fasting.

    Thanks onel I think water consumption could be something to keep an eye on. Again, tho, the point of interest to me really is the feeling worse AFTER EATING AND DRINKING on the day AFTER a fast; like the fasting makes me feel good, but eating again brings me ‘down’ and triggers a (temporary) headache.
    Thanks and happy fasting!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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