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  • oh no 🙁 It’s week 4 and I’m not doing good at all. I might have known this would happen, my track record for starting diets with enthusiasm only ever lasts 3 weeks. I really really really want this to work though because it is such an easy thing to do compared to point counting etc – but I’m sat here, not even hungry, feeling like I am just not going to get through the day without giving in.
    I didn’t do very well on the first fasting day of this week either – I ate 200 calories more than I should have.
    need some motivation 🙁
    can anyone help me get through today in a successful way?!

    You don’t need motivation not to do something molly69. Just don’t put anything solid in your mouth and if at all possible avoid liquids with calories in them – it’s easy! Find something else to take your mind off it if you start thinking about food. You’ve said you’re not hungry, so this is just a mental thing and you know that. Find something to otherwise occupy your mind. Clean the house, make Xmas lists, write your cards out, research something you’re interested in (fasting itself if nothing else). Go for a long walk and try not to go near any convenience shops while you’re out.

    If you’re at work, throw yourself into that stupid project that you’ve had waiting on the back-burner until you had time for it. Or engage a colleague in a conversation, the subject of which you know they will happily bang on about for hours. Do whatever you need to do but just promise yourself that you will not allow solids to pass your lips until your 500 calorie meal and try to last as long as you possibly can before you have it. Make it a challenge and WIN it! You can do it molly69 – you know you can.

    thanks so much TracyJ – I will make myself that promise – it is all in my head I know. Trouble is I am a baker, working from home and today faced with 30 sugar cookies to decorate and they smell too good!! But I really am not going to give in today. I will be so upset and angry with myself if I do…I will not eat sugar cookies i will not eat sugar cookies lol!!!!!

    Yeah – that’s the WORST job to have if you’re on any kind of ‘plan’ I imagine. But presumably all of these cakes are for other people, so enjoy the smell and keep repeating that mantra “I will not eat sugar cookies – these are NOT for me!”

    I had to bake a pecan pie at the weekend and as you know, it is basically just various forms of sugar on a pastry base with 3 eggs and some nuts, so that was torture I suppose but I survived without ‘trying’ any and it wasn’t even a fastday, so you can totally do this. You rock! Just think of the power you will feel when you put those perfect, untouched cookies in their box. The cookies are not the master of you, you are the cookie master.

    Now put some in a box for me! 😉

    you deserve some for keeping me on track today! x

    It’s a 2 way street – you’re distracting me too 😀

    All my colleagues have abandoned me and I know they’ve left all the leftover Thanksgiving potluck food in our fridge. My colleagues suck! 😉

    But we can do it! We rock!

    yea we can!
    I have iced cookies and not eaten a crumb 🙂
    I’m in the uk so no thanksgiving here tomorrow, but just think of how guilt free you’ll feel tomorrow! Hubby & I are going out tomorrow eve and I am focusing on that and not stupid cookies 🙂

    Yeah I’m in the UK too Molly – I just have lots of U.S. colleagues.

    Glad to hear you held strong – well done you! I was good too and today we get to eat what we like (within reason) as a reward – brilliant!

    Haha good thing you had eachother! I wasn’t online so sadly couldn’t help out, but you did great without me as well 😛

    Also oh my god I can’t imagine working as a baker… especially from home!! I mean at work you may have some colleagues who don’t agree with you eating the merchandise but at home… good on you for not giving in, I probably wouldn’t have been that strong.
    I used to work at a restaurant a while back where I usually worked the pizza – counter. (It was a bit buffet-style, so an open kitchen and everything). And I really, REALLY loved them pizzas. So sometimes I would “falsify” an order and write down an extra pizza… then when they were done I’d innocently yell “Ham-mozzarella pizza?! Anyone?” And then act annoyed and put it aside. And yup, eat it myself if no-one was looking. Damn I really loved those pizzas. Still really love pizza. But they don’t have real pizza here in China 🙁

    Anyway, I’m ranting about pizza now. Damn I love pizza. And the garlicbread. AH STOP IT!

    Just imagine Molly, if you managed to keep strong through that day you had, you can do anything 🙂

    I like your tricky pizza ordering Nika!! very sneaky haha! (good idea though!)

    I’m with you on the garlic bread too oh my goodness.

    Yes I feel very empowered making it through wednesday and the cookie saga. it helped loads to talk to Tracy – and it was all worth it, I have now lost my first half stone!!! Yipee!! – and I have to admit to not counting calories on normal days, and quite often eating pizza & garlic bread lol!

    Have a good weekend 🙂

    Congratulations on your half stone Molly – what a wonderful feeling for you going into the weekend 😀

    Naughty Nika the ‘pizza nicker’ (not sure where you’re from Nika but ‘nicking’ is a cheeky reference to stealing, so it sounds like you have the right name ;)).

    I’ve got another week to go before my next weigh in, so still some good work to do to get myself back on track but it’s nice to not have an office full of goodies to contend with at least.

    Haha that’s some alliteration going on there… I like it though, ‘Naughty Nika the Pizza Nicker’. I’m from the Netherlands, but I’m well at home in the Queen’s English so I know the word.
    I’m not even sure how I learned English this well, but I do strongly remember the high school teacher who refused to change my 9,48 grade into a 9,5 so I would have a perfect score (they round them to wholes on the diploma’s). Just because I always corrected her during class and most of the time got sent out for being cheeky. Anyway. I’m telling quite some stories on this thread aren’t I?

    I’m weighing in this Sunday and hope to have lost a total of 3-4 pounds by then. Thursday morning I had already lost a bit over 2, so I think I should be good. Especially now that today is a non-fast day, I only had 800 calories and get sick at the thought of eating more… Made soup and basically ate the whole pan. There was some beef and vegetables in there, no vermicelli or any carborific foods. And tomorrow is a fast day… hope my high cardio workout goes ok!

    How’s the Christmas plant going?……..some lights have started going up outside our houses here in the UK….our Street is quick to get in the Christmas spirit……just now seen a tree opposite in a house….ours over the weekend…

    Good Luck on the weight loss on Sunday

    Have completely lost it this week myself – just found it too hard and with stress and overload I just failed in talking myself past lunchtime so broke my fast. Help!

    I’m in my fifth week and am feeling quite discouraged – I know I want to continue but have something on everyday next week which will make fasting an issue! Anyone else is the same boat?

    Hi Happylc
    I’m sure there are lots of people in the same boat as you. Stress can make things hard, and there is no need to beat yourself up about giving in to food.

    With something on each day for the next week you might like to try changing things to the 16:8 (?) where you just give yourself a window during the day in which you eat and you just fast for the rest of the day. That way your eating window can cover the events you are going to and you can fast for the rest of each day.

    Times like Christmas are just never good for any kind of eating discipline. They say that most people put on 2 kilos over Christmas – so I think in the long run if you manage not to put on that is a true win at this time of year.

    Keep on hanging in there and the new year will be here before you know it.

    Thanks ghost girl! With the 3 days I tried to fast I did 16:8 on most of them. But since I ate nearly my tdee in the 8 hours does it count? Lol

    I’m performing in a carols event over this weekend and am one performance down with 2 to go. I’m not going to beat myself up over my lost week (I’m sweating out so much under the lights anyway) and am just going to get up Monday morning and start again. I know I can’t achieve more than 16:8 this week but thanks for giving me a strategy to start the week with!

    One other thing to remember – as someone else said – this is a marathon not a sprint.
    Not all weeks will work but just stay true to this woe long term and things will work.
    It’s almost Christmas now so the insanity will soon be behind us and things will return to normal.

    Yeah Happy, just stick with it and it’ll get going again!

    How did the last days go?

    And a late response to Symba (didn’t see your post until now) I bought a plastic mini christmas tree for on my desk and a green snowman-thing for at home. He’s sitting on the TV I never use 😉 My colleague, her boyfriend and me will celebrate Christmas together though! We’re going to make some plans soon.

    Someone very kindly replied to mine about having a wobble. Can’t find her email and want to thank her but don’t know her name. Perhaps she will recognise this!! Thank you again!

    @helen T
    ” having a wobble. ”

    What’s a wobble as relating fasting?

    I looked it up and doesn’t seem pleasant.


    @helen T
    ” having a wobble. ”

    What’s a wobble as relating to fasting?

    I looked it up and doesn’t seem pleasant.


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