Hashimotos and fasting

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  • I recently read some information that says fasting is not a good idea if you have thyroid issues or Hashimoto’s….

    ‘The reason is that fasting triggers a mechanism whereby t4 is not converted into the active t3 that gets into r cells and provides energy, but into reverse t3 which blocks the receptors and so leads to blocking thyroid take up, and therefore energy in the cells. This is an evolutionary method for conserving energy during starvation low food times.’

    I spoke to a naturopath who aggreed it was unwise and agreed with the above statement as she said it is a mechanism for saving energy.
    I am asking for advice as I have just started 5:2 diet and feel absolutely terrible the day after the fast. Crashed crashed crashed…. haven’t felt like this for a while. I have suffered from chronic fatigue in the past and this feels like a relapse.

    Would love any advice or info….

    I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid in April 2016 I began the 5:2 in October 2016 and have lost 26 lbs and feel a lot fitter. I appreciate that might not seem a lot to some people but it suits me. I have only about 6lbs to go to reach my target weight I have not experienced any crashes after fasting.I do not water fast but just keep under 500 calories on my Fast days as I take medication for my thyroid and also for a heart condition plus vitamins and minerals so don t like combining them with just water That is just my view not based on research but it works for me and I feel ok If I want to lose weight faster or hit a plateau I go into 4:3 mode for a couple of weeks I find the diet not too demanding and am happy with the results

    I do not do any really strenuous exercise but frequently take long walks of up to 10 miles, do Qigong once a week and all my own housework and gardening. That is all I can manage at 70 years old
    I have really cut down on sugar, cut out processed foods and gluten to support my thyroid function. I also try to minimise the use of other foods which are not thyroid friendly such a sweet potatoes, soya and certain green vegs. Do you do the same ? Do you take any medication for your thyroid ?

    My personal view is that you need to have all your thyroid levels optimal and ensure your vitamins levels B12 Vit D iron etc etc are all ok to achieve a successful 5:2 programme. Have you had all these checked lately. Do you supplement where necessary. I use some of the Thyroid advice sites to help me Hope you resolve your issues soon

    @vicc. Interesting about the thyroid issue. Ive got a slightly different take on thyroid issues and type 2 diabetes. Does being overweight cause T2D or does T2D make you overweight? Does eating poor food selection and weight gain produce a thyroid condition or does the thyroid condition make you eat poor foods and gain weight. I hope you can see the subtle difference. You are not magically going to fix your problem having fasted a total of once. Its going to be a hard slog and no one can give you intestinal fortitude other than yourself.

    This is my take on thyroid conditions (please note it is not backed up by any science). You eat highly processed foods with high glycaemic load. You get a huge sugar spike. You body starts to produce lots of insulin to get rid of the dangerous levels of glucose in the blood. Because of the high insulin levels you cant access your fat reserves. You have a crash. You crave more cheap carbs. Over time you body realises you really don’t have access to a steady supply of glucose and fats. What to do? Lets save energy at all costs and run super slow. Hence you have a “thyroid problem”. You don’t have a thyroid problem as such, you thyroid is doing the best it can given the situation you find yourself in.

    I would try and get rid of all cheap processed carbs. Anything made from grains becomes a no go zone. No cereals, bread, cakes, pizza, biscuits, breakfast cereal etc. No sugar in anything. Get your carbs from veggies. Eat foods with lots of natural fibre. Nuts, legumes, beans, leafy greens. Dig deep and try this for 6 months. Get a thyroid function at the start and then repeat the function test after 6 months. If it improves great. If not then seek a different “cure”. But give it a red hot go for 6 months.

    Bigbooty, some interesting points you have made about the thyroid condition and crashes Completely agree with your advice about having an updated function test and also the diet Bless you
    very helpful info

    Hi guys and thanks for your replies :). I will keep preserving with the diet. FYI, I have been grain and gluten free for about 4 years and mostly Paleo (except for coffee) for the last 2, so feel my diet is thyroid friendly.

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