Happy to have discovered 5:2

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Happy to have discovered 5:2

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  • Hi everyone! I have been reading the forums but just registered today. I watched Dr. Mosley’s documentary, read the forums (you guys have some great info and advice!) and got started! I have not read the book though. I was following CICO using my fitness pal (MFP) since January 2015 (with the goal of sticking to 1350-1400 calories a day) for a year along with weight training (mostly body weight or weights up to 20 kg – twice a week) and lost about 6.3 kg. I knew *something* had to change in the food department to speed things up because, as we all know, it really all comes down to food! I love cooking and eating whole foods. I tend to eat healthy on weekdays but am more indulgent on the weekends as I live in a big city and Fri/Sat nights usually involve exploring the awesome restaurant scene and having alcohol. So while I could stick to 1350 a day on weekdays, I found that on weekends my MFP had become a shame-record. I had heard of intermittent fasting with the idea of “windows” but knew it wouldn’t work for my current lifestyle as on Fridays/Saturdays I can be out and still eating/drinking until 2 a.m. Enter 5:2 – genius! I really do believe that some diets are better suited for certain types of people. For example, the idea of giving up carbs and alcohol completely wouldn’t work for me! However, I have always naturally never really been hungry at breakfast (unless I exercise in the morning) so it is a piece of cake for me to wait to eat my first meal until 11:30 or noon and the requirement to limit calorie intake on 2 weekdays is not that hard as sometimes I am so busy at work that food is just not on my mind! I still try to stick to around 1450 calories on the other day so that I can go out on Fridays/Saturdays without ruining the hard work.

    I will admit that I’ve only lost 3.2 kg since starting 5:2 in August 2016 and am a bit discouraged that it seems lower than others’ progress. I am 29, female, 5’3″ and started 5:2 at 75.5 kg and hope to get down to 60 kg. I will also admit that I struggle to eat 500 calories on my fast days (M and W) and am usually in the range of 535-585 and find the extra calories on the particular day are just enough to take the edge of…). My current activity level includes doing 30 mins of weight training 3 x a week and I walk to/from work on weekdays. As per my fitbit, I burn an average of 1900 calories on a day that I don’t exercise and (+/-) 2200 on the days that I do.

    The first few weeks of 5:2 I was very cranky at night and had a lot of insomnia/energy at night. This has now settled down. I’ve also learnt that sugar on a fast day is a no go – it gives me a dull headache! My one symptom that still remains is getting cold on fast days – esp. my hands and feet. Does anyone else deal with this?

    Anyways – this is just to say hello and reach out for any thoughts/advice – please be kind 🙂

    Hi all and welcome:

    This thread will answer your question about being cold and many others: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Not sure why you are disappointed with your rate of loss? As you say you love your Fri/Sat nights out. So youre still doing that AND losing weight. Win-win. If you really want to lose faster youre going to have to choose healthier options more consistently.

    Hi, all smiles. I’m always cold, anyway. Just take it slowly. I’m sure you’ll find that you won’t be able to go mad on weekends before long.

    We’ve just been out for a meal,,I ate about a third of my gnocchi dish. Bad choice, I suppose.

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