happy new year to you all x

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  • Hi all, touching base with all 5:2 ers. Really busy as usual just flicked through lots of posts so thought easiest way was to say hello in new topic.I hope you all had a good Christmas. My grandson was born boxing day 🙂 I’ve done well over Christmas ate what ever I liked didn’t fast but found it naturally happened where I didn’t eat at times. Had chocolates now fed up of them, back on track. First fast of the new year feel good, slightly hungry but won’t hurt me.scales slowly going down but inches are massive loss and have noticed in clothes that was quite tight before, now are fitting well, some to big!!! Liking the shape my body is taking on still rounded but in right places. Feeling better than this time last year so no complaints. Hang in there and enjoy the journey, don’t get a strict mentality about fasting take it easy and enjoy life to the full!!!! Hope this types ok on mobile…modern technology lol

    Hi MizShell

    I love hearing about people’s clothes now being too big! Never tire of that one.

    How much weight have you lost and in what time span?

    Hi booboo lost 11/2 stone started traditional diet this time last year then saw 5:2 think I started fasting around summer time (July) but decided it had to be different than other times.my mind is well sorted of diets does and don’t. Enjoy eating and living. Made friends with my body really appreciate it now so for me its more than I could of hoped for. Outfits are the best measure for me clothes fit nice, look nice and feel nice. Some clothes are off to charity shop too big now. So as you can see big positives got me in a whole package. Keep smiling !!! X

    Hey MizShell

    I think that is how most people who have a weight problem or ever had one want to feel; ‘Clothes fit nice, look nice and feel nice…’
    Well done you and another fantastic result for the fast diet! And all that whilst enjoying yourself and being able to eat and drink like a normal person; not a relentless diet junkie.

    It sometimes feels as if this way of eating is a pipe-dream but it’s not – Whooopeee for us!!!!

    Hi all

    just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and every success with their hopes and goals on the 5.2!!!

    Angie x

    Oh I just read you lost 11.2 stone or something and had a heart attack! 😉 The big clothes are indeed a blessing, however not always flattering. I don’t really look forward to buying clothes here in China (very weird sizes) so I keep wearing my old clothes… but my dress pants (which weren’t too tight, but close to the skin) now look like pajama bottoms…

    Going to go shopping when I get to New Zealand!!

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