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  • Hi Floridag1rl – great attitude there. We ALL fall off the wagon from time to time so well done for maintaining and for keeping positive.
    Weighted in on Friday 10/11/17, another pound off and another cm off my waist and 1 and a half cm off my hips so all going in the right direction. Second and last fast day of the week today, circuits class tonight. I am going to have to work out hard as I ate A LOT on my Non Fast Day yesterday then I am out for a meal with the Directors after work tomorrow.
    Good luck all.

    Hi Everyone, I am having a FD tomorrow. This last week was hard but am determined to stick with it tomorrow. I am going to try for 500 instead of 800 calories. Last week was tough. Good Luck everyone!

    Hey there everyone.

    Nik, you are doing great!…Keep it going!

    elk, good luck with your fasting day!

    It’s been a rough week for me….feeling kind-of down this week and tired….sabotaged my FDs in the evenings…which made me more depressed. πŸ™
    At this point I am calling it intermittent fasting, no breakfast or lunch πŸ™

    Next week is a holiday week…so it’s going to be a real mess. With all the food and guests…and I have a really hard time fasting when I am home…I will give it a try early in the week. Hopefully this dark cloud will lift soon.

    Have a great one all, I will check in next week. πŸ™‚

    How are we all doing? Ive lost 4 and half pounds this week! Whoop whoop. I tend to lose weight quuckly first week!
    Yes i only really started last week naughty me 😁
    I’m definitely back on it
    Good luck everyone

    Hello everyone. Well done to Slogan for losing 4.5 pounds and to all of you who are still going. Like you, Floridag1r1, it’s not been an easy week to stick to the plan. It’s been cold and I’ve been doing a lot of physical work so have been hungry a lot of the week. I haven’t gone mad but I certainly haven’t been 100% sticking with it.

    However, tomorrow is a FD and I will be making soup to eat on the cold days.

    I had a nice surprise today when I put away my summer clothes and took out my winter ones. There were a couple of things which were way too tight last year which now fit! Hurray!

    Good luck for this week and please post your news.

    Hello All!
    I’d love to join in the discussion and support.
    I live in Australia, am 53 and had an abdominal hysterectomy in March 2017 as well as profound anaemia.
    Now that my bloods and post-op healing has settled I am back to using 5-2 to lose the weight that slowly crept back on…
    I have about 10 kilos to lose (22 pounds) as I’d like to be back at 80-82k.
    I am doing HIIT also and really enjoying getting fit again.

    Good morning everyone and welcome to happy mamas in Australia. How’s it going this week Floridag1r1? Happy Thanksgiving for Thursday! It’s difficult with all the extra food around isn’t it ?

    My FD yesterday went well; 503 calories to be precise. However I’ve woken up ravenous! I will be careful today going out for lunch. We’re going out dancing tonight so that will burn off a few calories.

    I’ve only lost 1kg this month but am feeling positive due to the success with clothes in the summer/ winter wardrobe swap. Second FD tomorrow and I’ve got a busy day with a long drive, a flight to England and 3 trains. I’m going to my mum’s for a long weekend so only intermittent internet through 3g.
    Good luck everyone and let us know how you are d’y.

    Hello hello,
    Yes the clothes thing is marvellous, same here, I have a black glittery wool jumper that I haven’t been able to wear for the last 3 winters that is now loose on me!!! I am so chuffed about that. I tried on clothes in boutiques last week and I have lost a whole size!
    This is so encouraging as my weight loss has slowed down. I’m finding the fasting hard and healthy choices hard at the moment as winter has set in and it’s dark really early and cold. This kind of puts me off tucking into a plate of salad.
    Still I just weighed myself and I’m at 75.4kg Hurrah, that’s a total of 7.6 kg since I started on Sept 14th. Bust 99cm down 5cm, waist 87cm down 13cm and hips 94cm down 10cm.
    I can’t really afford to replace my whole wardrobe right now, and anyway I intend to lose more, I have15kg to go after all, but it’s so nice to not have to wear tent dresses tops and jumpers anymore!!! This has really cheered me up.
    Good luck to all of you who have the holiday weekend this week. You can do it, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Hi All, How are we all doing? I am my first FD of the week today but not feeling too hungry so far. Weighed in on Friday and was so happy to see I had lost 3.5lbs last week?! Nothing off my waist but 1.5cm off my hips. I am happy with that. The weight keeps coming off which is making the fast days easier. My TDEE is coming down too so I know I need to consider that but o far I havent found it too difficult. Good luck to you all.

    WOW! So nice to hear about all your successes!
    Slogan – 4.5 lbs WTG!
    Lili – very nice loss…it’s such a wonderful feeling to be able to wear a smaller size.
    Nik – so glad to hear that you are still going strong! 3.5 lbs, well done!
    f&f – your weighloss has slowed, but you are still moving in the right direction. I hope that you are having a nice visit with your mum.

    Today is my first FD in a while…I need a good one!

    Happy Monday everyone! πŸ™‚

    Hello everyone!

    B-96, W-87, H-93. Weight 74.5kg

    Total loss 8.5kg

    Lost 900grams since I last posted 2 weeks ago, so am still losing, which I’m pleased about, but my oh my it has really slowed down, which is a bit depressing!

    I know why, it’s the blooming wine, I was only having wine with dinner on the weekends but at the moment am doing that almost every day! Added to which I can’t manage fasting either, it is cold, I have started a new job, which is stressful and work 2 evenings a week and have work to do at home. A bit of a difficult time.

    I do 16.8, watch calories, except weekends and I do exercise. Swim for an hour 3 times a week, sometimes 4. Now with the new job, I get one bus to work then walk the rest of the way ( this helps me reduce the stress as well!), and do same on way home, which means that 4 days a week I now walk 4.6km at a brisk pace!

    I’m struggling a bit right now, but will NOT give up!!! My December goal is to try and lose at least 2kg, I weighed myself Nov 30th and was at 74.9 so I have managed to lose 400grams!!!
    I really can’t stick to the fasting right now, can go right through until the evening with just a coffee in the morning and water and tea rest of time, make a healthy dinner, and then reach for the wretched wine!!! Aaaarghh!!!!

    This is obviously related to the stressful new job situation, and I refuse to beat myself up about it. It’ll get sorted when it gets sorted is all! Is the anniversary of my mum’s death this week, am always a bit depressed beginning Dec.

    Tiredness due to getting up at 5-5.20 am 4 days a week not helping any! I do KNOW my current negativity won(t last but am in a bit of a black cloud right now! Sorry!

    We must all keep going whatever life throws at us hey?

    Hi – I’ll join in. This will be my second month on 5:2.
    I currently have around 7kg (15lbs) to lose to get to a healthy weight.
    I’m really wanting to get back into running too but this weather has been grim – so cold, windy and wet!
    Thanks for the company on this journey πŸ™‚

    Hey there all…

    I’m sorry that I haven’t been around lately.
    Welcome, rose. How is it going for you this week?
    Lili, it sounds like you are doing well with your weightloss…how are you doing emotionally…I totally understand…I wake at 4am, 5days a week to work….and the holiday season tends to overwhelm me…I hope that you are able to find some peace. πŸ™‚

    I finished November…with no loss, no gain. I am holding steady and that is just fine with me. I am already preparing my mind for my regimen after the new year. Exercise will definitely be part of that.

    firmandfruity, how are you doing…I’d love to hear from you.
    Nikmann, I hope that things are still going well for you.

    Today, is a fasting day for me…and boy do I need it.
    The re-boot should be good. Have a great day all. πŸ™‚

    Thank you Floridag, yes I’m okay now, I was just overtired, I’m feeling much better, just one more week to go and I’ve got 2 weeks off so the end is near! That really helps.

    I’ve kept at it, only 1 fast day this week but I walk to work everyday and swim 3 times a week and do 16:8, so never have breakfast and often skip lunch.

    I’ve lost 1.4kg so far this month which is great, and am down to a BMI in the normal range – 24.8!!!! I was 29.5 when I started in September, which was almost obese, now I’m (just!) out of the overweight scale and into “normal”! πŸ˜€
    So, now have to concentrate on maintaining that loss and not putting it back on during the break so will go swimming every day that pool is open!! I can do this!

    We can do this!

    Good luck everyone!

    Hello everyone. Excellent loss, Lilimar and well done to all of you who are sticking with it. I’ve had a ridiculous week with 3 lunches out and 2 evenings out! We have friends coming tonight and they’re staying until Monday then on Tuesday it’s our wedding anniversary. I might try to sneak a FD in on Monday and another on Wednesday (and maybe Friday too); I think this is essential. We then have a slight interlude until Saturday, when our children and grandson arrive. All very nice indeed but not at all good for the regime.

    However, I did a really good cycling exercise class yesterday (RPM) which is a nice winter alternative to outdoor cycling. I’m going to sign up for a six month membership next week so I can do more exercise when the weather’s not good. I don’t think I’m going to make my 5kg target by 1st January but I will continue as long as it takes to get where I want to be. I might still be overweight but at least I’m fit!

    Have a great weekend and keep in touch.

    Hello everyone!
    I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

    I’ve enjoyed myself immensely…so much so, I have fallen off the wagon, completely…yesterday was supposed to have been a FD…but I didn’t make it…too many yummy things around my house.

    I’ve decided that I am just going to enjoy the rest of this week and weekend…and following the beginning of the new year, I will get back to a strict regimen. As firmandfruity, said, “I will continue as long as it takes to get to where I want to be.” I’m not giving up either!

    I’ve lost 30lbs this year…I didn’t make it to my goal….my BMI is still in the overweight category…but I am still happy with my progress. My blood pressure is normal…my knees don’t hurt anymore…I am all-around healthier. And that is a great reason to keep going. πŸ™‚

    I’ll be back after the first of the year looking to get this last 10 lbs off.

    I hope that your all have a safe New Year’s Eve.
    and a happy and healthy New Year!

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! 30 lbs this year is an amazing achievement. Well done!

    Just keep going…

    So glad to come back and find you! I have been off the wagon again, so it is time to reconnect with support. Exciting to hear about your 30 lb. loss in 2017. You sound determined to reach your goal in 2018. Why is it so hard to stay motivated? I have gained back 10 of the lbs. that I lost last year. It is time to restart! Summer is just around the corner. I remember hearing about your adventures in the Keys. Have you had any luck selling your house? I recall that you wanted to move closer to the ocean. Our son is home from college so it has been hard to stick with anything. I have been off work for 2 weeks with the holidays which has been an eating disaster! Time to get back on a schedule! I appreciate any support.
    Fat Teacher

    Hi there, Teach,

    I was just thinking about you…you had such wonderful success last year, I was wondering how you were doing.

    It’s easy to get complacent and slip off track…these last couple of weeks, with Christmas and New Years…I’ve slipped off the rails too. I’ve gained a couple pounds….I’ve been trying to do some fasting days this week and I keep cheating when I get home. πŸ™ But I keep trying πŸ™‚ …hopefully next week I can get back in the groove that I was in last January.

    You did so well last year…I know that you can do it again!
    Do you have a Mexican vacation planned? πŸ˜‰

    No luck on selling our house yet…maybe 2018 will be the year!
    Enjoy the rest of your break and your visit with your son!

    All is well. I know that I can get back on track with determination and encouragement. Thanks for the kind words. You did great if you only gained 2 lbs. during the holidays. That will be gone in no time! I am shooting for a 10 lb. loss to get back to my goal. No vacation plannned yet but this is the time of year I start looking for a good deal.

    Hello everyone and a Happy New Year 2018. Well, here we are after a couple of weeks (or more) of end of year celebrations and quite possibly having not stuck to the plan. We’ve had a great Christmas and New Year with various family members ataying for up to 2 weeks and we have eaten, drunk and made merry!

    So obviously, I have put on weight and now have to get back on plan with FDs, sensible nutrition and exercise. I’ve had a great time but now I’m absolutely ready to get back to this 100% so this year I will actually achieve my desired weight/size.

    So, I’m keeping this challenge going and hope we all see good losses very soon. Keep in touch.

    Hi everyone,

    Well I hit the 10kilos lost mark, down from 83 to 72.7!

    Losing 8cm so far from my chest showed that one was bigger than the other and I got his checked out and I have a lump… biopsy this afternoon and they seem quite convinced that its cancerous and that I’ll need a mastectomy…

    Not a great start to the year, but had I not lost the weight I wouldn’t have noticed there was a problem as before I NEVER looked at my body in the mirror, now I’m size 40 I have been so I should be thankful for that.

    Right now am just terrified of all this will entail…

    Wish me luck!

    Hi Lilimar. I’m so sorry to hear your news and hope the biopsy goes OK. I’ve had successful cancer treatment here in France so if it is the case, you’re in good hands. Still very scary indeed for you.

    Thank goodness you’ve lost the weight (big congratulations) or else might never have known. Also, if you do need an operation, your recovery will be better.

    Thinking of you and good luck.

    Thank you for your kindness!
    Results Friday…
    Not working tomorrow, staying in bed to catch up on much needed sleep. This is a stressfull time but have no choice but to deal with it!
    Will lose one breast maybe even both, and my hair so will be feeling unfeminine and ugly, the wigs they propose are diabolical! With all that I simply REFUSE to get fat again as well! I will continue to watch my weight and take what exercise I can. Not allowed to swim now for rest of week so walked home today instead of getting bus. As you said the weight loss will help recovery and my heart will be under much less strain. Have a blood test from GP to do on Wednesday where she’s checking just about everything and am hoping that there won’t be any more unpleasant surprises there!
    I was wondering if there’s anyone else out there who’s been through something similar?

    So nice to hear from you, f&f … glad to hear that you had a very enjoyable holiday season. I am also glad to hear that you are ready to get back to it!

    Lilimar, you have done so well with your weightloss! I am sorry to hear about your health scare…I can not imagine what you are going through…try to stay positive … best wishes to you.

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