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  • Who would like to join me on a new weight loss challenge? It’s just over 12 weeks until 2018 and that gives us a nice amount of time to lose a decent amount of weight at a steady rate.

    I’ve already lost 10kg since March (I’ve been doing 5:2, sometimes 4:3, sometimes just trying to stay the same weight when life and work get in the way) and have achieved some of my interim targets such as being able to wear jeans again.

    But I’m now ready to start the next phase and would like some others to join me for mutual support.

    I still have about 10kg to lose and I’m setting myself a target of 4 to 5kg before January 1st 2018. There are no rules as such but you do need to be serious about sticking with the challenge. You will need to post at least once a week, too.

    I’m looking forward to doing this and starting next year a whole lot slimmer! Please join me.

    Yes please you can count me in.
    I’ve been dieting since Sept 14th counting calories for 2 weeks and on 5:2 for 2 weeks and have gone from 83kg to 78.4kg!

    Which is a good start, my target weight is 60kg so I’ve got quite a way to go. I want to be able to wear a bikini next summer without wobbling all over the place!
    I would also like to be able to wear a light summer dress next year without having to wear shorts underneath to stop my thighs rubbing! (Enough’s enough)

    My interim target is a silk dress to wear at Christmas, I ripped the seams two years ago and had it repaired and I’d like to wear it again without mangling it.

    I’m French size 44, size 16 I think, my weight loss doesn’t really show yet, but I have noticed that clothes which were uncomfortably tight are now zipping up with ease. Have lost 6cm off my waist!

    So you have less to lose than me but I’m up for your challenge and regular posts.

    Hello Lilimar. It’s great to hear from you and I’m so glad not to be alone doing this challenge! It sounds as if you’re off to a really good start so well done. Your targets sound similar to mine when I started back in March and it was great this summer to be able to wear summer skirts without thigh chafing. Although I’ve lost a fair bit of weight and achieved some interim targets, I still have a way to go and feel it’s the right time to get going again now. I see you say you’re french size 44. Do you live in France? I’m doing 4:3 at the moment as it fits in best with my lifestyle when I’m doing a lot of work in the garden.

    This challenge is open for anyone else who is serios about losing at least 4 or 5kg before 1st January 2018. Happy New Year!

    Nice to hear from you again.

    Hurrah, another 1cm from my waist and 100g less on the scales!

    Yes I do live in France, in the suburbs of Bordeaux, though I’m originally from SE UK.
    Have one son (14) and am 53, so losing weight will be a bit slower I guess. However what is nice is realising that it CAN be done, I’d allowed myself to believe that it was too late for me to lose weight after 50 and I was wrong!

    I’m doing the 16:8 as I’ve never really been a breakfast person, just a large bowl of coffee is enough, and on FD I’ve been skipping lunch and saving the calories until the evening. In fact I’ve kind of adapted the whole thing to suit me, My TDEE is just over 2000 calories a day and I just CAN’T bring myself to eat that much when I want to lose weight! Seems counterproductive, so I reduced my TDEE to 1500 per pay and look at it over a weekly basis so that at the weekend I can eat really what I want. Tonight it’s pizza and wine after my swim and have my parents in law coming tomorrow so we’ll inevitably have lunch in a restaurant Sunday. So at the weekend I probably do eat my TDEE, but not the rest of the week. I suppose that makes me more of a combination of 16:8 and 4:3 !?

    You say you started in March, so you’re an experienced “old timer” then? How much have you lost?
    Well done for the skirt goal, the thigh rubbing thing is hell in the summer, it gets hot here and I loathe having to wear trousers in the summer!
    I do hope more people join us!

    Just realised you already said how much you’d lost!

    Sounds like our situations are fairly similar, you have lost 10kg and have 10kg to lose, I’ve lost nearly 5kg and have 18kg or so left to go!

    For the 10kg that you’ve already lost, did you incorporate any exercise into your life? I’ve been very sedentary for the last few years and have introduced swimming three times a week for now to help things on a bit. I do this at the weekend, Friday to Saturday as this is also the time that I eat the most. Fo now it seems to be working.

    F&F…I’m so glad to see your new thread!

    I’m in! I have not really lost anything since July…but I have been able to maintain my 30 lb loss! πŸ˜‰

    I am also looking to shed 10 lbs by the end of the year. My weightloss has stalled…my fault though…I haven’t been exercising and I have been over-eating on the weekend.

    Hopefully, once we get some cooler weather, I will be more motivated to exercise.

    Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

    Please count me in! I am new to this, but am interested in joining you and learning from your experience. I’m from New York State, upstate where there are mountains, lakes and trees, not NYC, which is lovely too. So, I use pounds. πŸ˜‰

    I will be fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. I am also interested In trying to fast from 7pm to noon the next day everyday, as I read on another thread. Sounds like it will limit my binging on off days…. I need to exercise more and eat less. Seems simple!

    Thanks in advance for all your inspiration!

    I’m IN! I really need 2018 to be a new start for me altogther. I look forward to seeing how well I do. Starting on Monday I’m aiming to do this diet for 9 weeks up to Xmas to start with.

    Hello and welcome to Luvnlife and Podgyboo. Floridag1r1- you’ve been with me since I started 5:2 in March so it’s excellent that you’re joining us!

    Whether you’re new to this or an old hand, I propose that we take measurements straight away as quite often you can lose more more in bulk than in weight, especially if you’re doing more exercise and it’s very reassuring to see the cm or inches disappear. I will do mine again tonight so I can compare with March and January 2018.

    Lilimar, yes I do try to incorporate exercise into my life. I see you are swimming which will make a fantastic difference to your motivation and toning up. I try to swim twice a week but often it’s only once. I also cycle, usually twice a week and do a lot of gardening. Exercise really helps me because seems to boost my metabolism and I need all the help I can get with that (I’m 59). BTW, I live in France as well, a bit north of La Rochelle.

    Anyway, I’m so glad we now have a nice group who are going to do this together. Have a great weekend and we are doing this! Remember, if you are serious about losing 4-5kg before January 1st 2018, why not join us?

    Hi all, new here! I’m looking to lose at least 4 stone and hopefully reach my goal by this time next year. I’ve done most “fad” diets over the past few years and have only put more weight on (always the way!). I watched the programme/read the book when they first came out but never actually stuck to the diet properly. I was only a few lbs overweight then. Got much more to lose now πŸ™ I was also recently diagnosed with IBS, so I’m hoping there will be other health benefits as well as weight loss.

    Going to start my first FD on Tuesday. Good luck to everyone starting/restarting. Hopefully I’ll have lost at least a stone by Christmas! πŸ˜‰

    C2L xx

    Hope I’m not too late to join in??? If not, then count me in!! I started 5:2 on 04/09/17 and so far have lost 13lbs (5.5kgish). I would like to lose another 5.5 kg by 01/01/2018!! Great Topic idea!!! Look forward to hearing about everyones journey to the big day. Good luck to all!!

    LubNLife, Podgy, C2L….Welcome!

    I’ll introduce myself…I live in Florida, duh! I’m over 50 and have been slowly gaining weight over the past several years. The extra pounds were really starting to affect my health…high blood pressure and joint issues. I finally decided to do something about it. January I started on this 5:2 journey and started exercising, by July I had lost 30 lbs … high blood pressure, gone!…problems with my knees, gone! I’ve not been as disciplined since my Summer vacation (this always happens), but I am happy to see that I have been able to maintain πŸ™‚

    I usually fast on Monday and Wednesday…Friday I usually do a 16:8 (I skip breakfast and lunch, then eat only dinner). So today is a fasting day for me…Good luck to you all!

    Hello hello!

    Lot’s of us all of a sudden, that’s so cool and encouraging!

    I was developing knee joint issues too, and my right knee is still bothering me a bit.

    Had my parents in law here this weekend so ate quite a lot, including a marvellous restaurant lunch in Arcachon, with wine, didn’t watch what I ate at all. But had an extra swim in the sea Sunday and we walked quite a lot and I did a load of gardening yesterday after I saw them off at the train station and hurrah, I have lost 200grams! Down to 78.1 !!!

    Today is my first fast day, I have a big bowl of coffee (though I have it with milk, can’t do black coffee sorry) for breakfast. Then nothing until lunchtime when I may or may not have a big bowl of mixed salad, then nothing until evening meal, and not sure yet but may make a curry with rice.

    I do this 2 or 3 times a week, last 2 weeks skipped lunch altogether and saved calories until evening meal. It’s working for me, weight loss has slowed a bit but is consistent and my waist is emerging and I look a lot less like a barrel on legs!

    How is everyone doing this week?
    I am hoping that you all had a good fasting day!

    Lili, how did your first fasting day go?
    Nik, Great job on the 13 lb loss! I hope that you are having a good week.
    C2L, How did you do with your first fasting day?

    My FD, on Mon, wasn’t so great πŸ™ … I am going to do better today, on FD #2. I can’t wait to hear how you are all doing. πŸ™‚

    Hello please count me inI I need to get on track! My first fast day will be Thursday

    Fasting day didn’t go! OH has been home for lunch so I ended up eating with him whereas on my own I often skip lunch and in the evenings I’ve had Thai red curry with rice so I’ve been over the 500 cal limit but under 1500.
    What is totally incredible is that I’ve STILL lost weight!!! Am down to 77.4kg this morning. I am losing 1kg a week at the moment, just hope it lasts!
    With 1cm GONE from bust, waist and hips respectively.
    Will fast today, will be my only one this week so it’ll be a 6.1 week not a 5.2. I do a 16.8 just having a bowl of ground coffee with skimmed milk for breakfast.
    Good luck to everyone else doing FD!
    Remember we can do this!
    C2L, what’s IBS?

    Hi Floridag1rl – two fast days this week and stayed just under my 500 cals on both days. I then workout in the evenings on Fast Days – 2 classes on a Monday and one circuits class and an hour in the spa on a Wednesday!! Weigh in tomorrow – Wish me luck!! I am hoping to have lost that last pound to have made it a stone lost!! I am taking my partner away for his birthday Sun-Weds next week so will have to try to cram two fast days in somehow! Good luck to everyone who is on a FD! CMs lost so far: Waist = 6cm, Hips = 4.5 cm, Arm = 2.5cm. C2L I am looking to lose 3.5 stone all together so another 2.5 to go for me which I would like to have lost by April as that is when I am taking my partner to Italy for the main part of his gift for his 50th. Good luck to you.

    Hello elkster! I’m trying to get back on track also…been a little sloppy since my Summer vacation.

    Lili, whatever you are doing seems to be working! Hope it keeps going that way for you πŸ™‚

    Nik…WTG! on those fasting days! It sounds like it is going well for you. I hope that you have a nice trip. You’ll have to be sure to get right back to it, when you get home.

    I had a good FD yesterday. I’ll probably be fasting Tue & Thur next week because of my work schedule.

    Have a great day everyone!

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