Happy Aussie 5:2er!! Join me??

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  • I am about to start my 5:2 adventure and am looking for others to come along for the ride (whether you’re a newbie like me or an old hand)!

    I’d like to share tips, experiences and motivation with other 5:2ers from around the world (male and female) and to keep it upbeat and positive.

    About me…..
    I’m a middle aged Australian female who loves the outdoors. I was a skinny kid but got a bit chubby as a teen. Lost the weight and remained slim until I reached middle age and found a few kilos had piled on when I wasn’t looking! How did that happen??!! A friend who has been overweight his whole life started the 5:2 diet a few months ago and he has been steadily losing weight, so I thought I’d do the same. My first fasting day will be tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it.

    I would really love to hear from other 5:2ers…..

    Hi Happy Aussie .. I started just over a month ago and have lost about 6lbs which I felt a bit disappointed with but have lost 2 inches off my bust and the same from my waist so something is working. I find the two days fasting really easy to do.. I love the science behind it and hope to continue until I feel happier with my weight. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

    Hello BattyNatty, I would like to know how you are going after a couple months as a 5:2er??

    Hey BattyNatty, I have just decided to become a 5:2er too…. I have always been on the fat side, although more active in my childhood and early teens, but as life progressed, I became more sedentary, and the weight piled on, then I chose to become more active, but the weight refused to budge. How about we do the journey together.

    Hello all…

    Been going better than I expected on the 5:2!

    I find the fast days quite easy – the trick is to plan the day before what you are going to eat – I write it all out, with the calories. I’ve sort of got into a bit of a routine and have 3 or 4 favourite (vegetable based) meals that are quite filling and low calorie. I have also found I still have enough energy to exercise on fast days, which surprised me! (20km very fast cycle today and felt great).

    The main challenge I have is with the day after a fast day – I tend to overdo the choccies!

    I have been aiming for 0.5kg a week weight loss. If I do 2 fast days, and don’t go silly on the non fast days, I lose a little bit more than this. If I only do 1 fast day, and eat a fair bit on the other days, I maintain the weight (which surprised me).

    I think the reason the 5:2 works for me is it’s not about total deprivation – you are only 1 sleep away from having a treat.

    Good luck all!

    Hi all, I am on my second fast day just started on Monday this week! I am feeling a bit hungry drinking water and green tea. I lost 7 kilos last august doing this diet for a special event so am hoping to lose at least 15 kilos this time and stay on track for good!

    I want to be back to my normal slim size again after a 3 month stint in hospital on the dreaded cortisone and put on 20 kilos..

    Is anyone else on meds that can slow any progress?

    I know this 5.2 diet works but may just take a bit longer for some of us! Slowly but surely it will happen! I am in my fifties as well!

    All the best on your journey!

    First fast day here… planned the entire day menu, and even have dinner cooked… head aching, feeling sluggish, but I did have a killer day at work yesterday, so could be a combination of both… DH has also decided to join me on the journey.. shall be interesting

    Hi everyone! I’ve just joined so am excited to get rid of some fat and get some energy back! I’m at my heaviest at the moment and aiming for a loss of 18kgs. I’ve done a bit of fasting in the past and I personally like how it makes me feel (more energy, not so tired), but I keep falling off the wagon. I’m desperate to stick to a program and see some results 🙂

    First day fasting today after finishing the book yesterday…need to get the waist size and weight down. Feeling not too bad and it’s nearly time for dinner!

    Hi all – I’m starting today too. I saw Michael Moseley’s doco on fasting a few months ago and then the 5:2 popped up again on ‘What’s the Right Diet for You’ on SBS – anyone see that? They said it was for the people who are ‘Constant Cravers’ and always thinking about food (sounds like me haha). I’ve only been successful with dieting when I’m mentally ‘in the zone’ and I don’t feel like I’ve been there for a long time… This diet sounds like it might be sustainable through the ups and downs of life because it’s relatively flexible and it doesn’t have to take over your life. I could be wrong – we’ll see, I guess! I’m going to make Cauliflower Fried Rice for dinner, where you use finely processed cauli instead of rice – been meaning to try it for a while, and I’m looking forward to it after a day of nothing but tea! Best of luck to all the other new starters – hopefully 23 July is the first day of something great for all of us! 🙂

    I could do with a bit of encouragement. I’ve been doing the diet fairly strictly since early June and have lost about 3.5 kgs but it doesn’t seem very much. However, on the up side I seem to be able to get into clothes that were too small for me quite easily now but it seems a bit of a paradox. Anyone got any advice??

    Hi all this is my 2nd fast day and up early for work feel good about today food all ready my main is already cooked for tonight when iget home from work have a great day.

    Hi there just keep thinking of the end result and how good you will feel keep up the good work just a day at a time that is what I tell myself.

    Thanks swish trish just what I needed

    Hi all well once again I am on night duty trying to stay awake at 2am Monday is my next weight in feel good fasting days will be easy this week as night duty falls on both of my fasting days will let you know how Monday goes hope it is a good loss for me.

    Hi Happy Aussie et al,
    I’m a kiwi and have just done my first fast yesterday. I didn’t eat until the evening, which I find easier, otherwise I get more hungry during the day. I want to lose about 6 or 7lbs and to experience the amazing health benefits Dr Mosely showed in his documentary.
    It’s going to be fun as its so much better than spending your life never having the odd treat…like the cheese scone I had today after walking the dog. Not something I’ll do very often though!
    And Raquelle, think of this as long term and also the amazing benefits other than the weightloss. If your clothes feel looser it doesn’t matter too much what the scales say😊 Just keep on keeping on!
    Good luck🙋

    hi bamboo08 and others, i’m an australian female now on week 2 on the 5:2. wanting to lose 5kgs and generally just want to feel lighter, healthier and cleaner in my eating. it was easier to fast this week – last week was hard – felt hungry but i persevered.
    i am usually fasting monday to wednesday – having a coffee in the morning but skipping breakfast and then not eating til 1pm and splitting calories over two meals (lunch and dinner). I lost 0.5kg last week so want to keep it up. glad we are all in this together

    Hi Vegetoni,
    I’m a female too and at that stage in life where it’s hard to drop the weight as easily as it was when I was in my twenties etc. In addition to the 5:2 I am also doing a low carb eating plan like the Mediterranean style of eating the other five days to keep my carbs low. Although I have the odd treat. I’ve been reading about the effects of swinging blood sugars on the brain in a book called Brain Maker by Dr Perlmutter. Fascinating stuff. Anyway, I lost a couple of pounds of water in the first couple of days (my scales measure water, fat and weight) and a little fat. I’m keeping going on this regime as its so easy compared to forever counting calories😊
    Good luck!

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