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  • So, I’m half way through the second week with my third fast day yesterday. No real problems save for a hypo but that’s perfectly manageable. I am however only eating 1000 calories on non fast days. So to be honest, I’m not sure how effective the diet really is. Is it due to the fast days or simply a factor of reducing calories as any normal diet would. I really don’t see how fasting 2 days and stuffing ones face on the other 5 can work. Still, early days…

    I found that fasting two days but ensuring I only ate 2000 calories on the other days allowed me to lose weight slowly. If I ate too much I put the weight back on that the fast day lost. But my understanding of the diet is that having the difference between the fast days and non fast days stops the body going into starve mode and allowed a gradual weight loss that was less likely to be put back on when you stopped. All diets that I am aware put the weight back on, plus some, within a couple of years. I’m hoping changing bad habits and eating sensible on the non fast days will counter the body putting the weight back on.

    Thanks DF – reading some of the forum postings where people have had no weight loss at all has not been overly encouraging but everyone is different and we must be careful not to generalise. I will keep going as I’m certainly eating more healthily which is a good thing and low carbing seems to be the way to go, especially for diabetics as I am.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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