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  • Wasn’t sure where I should put this, was surprised when I saw a reference to the Wheat Belly diet in Dr Fung’s book, as Wheat Belly is junk science in my view (topic for another day). One of the facts quoted is “loss of nutrient value” in recent decades. Inconviently this applies to most, if not all, crops grown via large agriculture
    Studies point to the use of large amounts of synthetic fertilizers & synthetic pesticides/herbicides as a root cause (destroy soil microflauna & flora, etc, resulting in soil depletion).
    Anyhow – how many people here grow some/most of their own vegetables? If you have the space & time you can use traditional organic methods to build your soil & grow your own nutritious vegetables.
    For ref – still eating carrots & berts stored in sand. Frozen tomatoes, peppers, beans + garlic & onions from our garden. Live in Canada/garden put to bed months ago.

    I’d love to be growing my own vegetables! The only thing I manage is a type of vine spinach in a pot that is almost impossible to kill, and a few potted herbs all on our balcony. This is because I live in sub-tropical Australia where going down to ground level in our garden for most of the year subjects me to instant midge bites, mosquitoes and ticks, all of which have dined on me at one time or another from visiting their habitat which is our yard. Our yard is also mostly shaded by other houses or trees or neighbor’s trees, which makes for poor growing conditions for most things! I guess I should feel good with the few greens I grow!

    …By the way, besides the midges, mosquitoes and ticks are the caterpillars which dine on many of the green things I’d like to grow! Also, if the greens were at ground level I’d be feeding the possums, wallabies and create a foraging ground for the native brush turkeys!

    I grow my own. Regardless of whether or not they’re more nutritious, they’re definitely more flavourful!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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