Giving up after these results

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I have been doing the 5:2 for 10 months now, with no lapses.

    I just had some blood tests back and I’m really disappointed and surprised by these three results.

    Mean Plasma Glucose 115 (HbA1c of 5.4, which is almost pre-diabetic)
    Total cholesterol 212 (or 11.8)
    LDL cholesterol 146 (or 8.1)

    I am 48 yrs, male and weigh 161lb and am 74 inches tall, so BMI is just 21.25

    I never eat sweet things (except some fresh fruit) always read food labels and cook 95% of my own meals; so I just can’t understand this.

    I have to say as well that I have often really suffered on fast days, with low energy, low mood and hunger but I have always stuck with it because I thought it was doing some good.
    Now I feel embarrassed, like I have fallen for something which is a con.

    After all this time and effort these results make me feel completely demoralised so I think I am going to give up and just eat normally again. It’s very frustrating.


    I’m not sure what your problem is, but if it is high cholesterol after at large weight loss, that is a common result. Your fat cells each contain cholesterol and after a large weight loss the cholesterol is released. Cholesterol levels return to normal after the weigh loss levels out for awhile. This explains it (plus a lot of other things):

    Good Luck!

    you are a very lucky man over 6 foot and only 11 stone!
    maybe u need to focus on cholestrol reduction foods now like oats fruit cabbage olive oil and never dairy foods and improve your activity levels

    They goal of the diet is to loose weight. Read the FAQ. Other benefits are not studied. You call it a con and you don’t understand the goal. I think you are in the wrong place. 6 foot 2and 161 pounds, why would you fast. That sounds like unhealthy to thin to me. Eat more, excersise and gain muscle seems like a logical plan for that body.

    I found reading this offsite link enlightening to the issues you bring up about cholesterol. simcoeluv makes an excellent point. Im glad to hear about the experiences of others practicing 5:2. Also my understanding is that cholesterol can be a bad guy , but not quiet the villain that has recently been portrayed.
    Inflammation makes it more of a tag team of bad guys. Throw In the inflamation from flu, and heat attack risk goes way way up. If I may talk about more than one way to skin a cat . Make sure you’re getting your flu shot every year from now on to avoid the inflammation that flus add to cholesterol issues.
    And skipping rope on non fasting days , and be easier on your feet and knee joints than running.
    Make sure you’re not using margarine. Good luck!

    saperlo, I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had disappointing results. Fast days can be hard work for me, too. You don’t mention in this post whether or not you’ve lost weight, I hope you got at least that much benefit. I think what simcoeluv wrote about cholesterol is interesting. Do you have blood work from before you started 5:2 to compare the new results to?

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