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  • Hi,have been doing 5:2 for over 12months now,I am nearly 63,5ft 6″ and currently weigh 9st 12lbs with a bmi of 23.I have all my weight in my upper torso (back fat mainly,yuk!) cornet shape,broad shoulders,small bust,thin arms and legs.The weight I have lost has not come off my waist or back so have to think seriously now of toning as well as weight loss,I have my gym(shed) with an idle cross trainer and vibration plate gathering dust so from tomorrow am going to start using them and have also started swimming twice a week,breast stroke,45 minutes before work.Now I am more interested in fasting for the health benefits and this is where I am getting confused as I have read posts on here that say that none of the benefits kick in unless you do a 3day water fast huh??I am sure MM says that even a 16 hour fast (including 500kcals in that time) IS beneficial health wise.I do realise that what suits some won’t suit all but please from your combined wisdom can I have some clarification please?

    I’ve been doing 16 hour fasts most of the times, and they do prove to be pretty good and have been losing weight on a gradual basis @ 3-4 kgs/month. A 3 day water fast, as mentioned, will kick start the ketones usage as the energy source both by your brain and the body, but, this is not always necessary.

    I think the verdict is out on health benefits. It’s hard to do the sort of long term studies that would be necessary to prove this. Did you have any kind of blood tests done before you started?

    Yes I did,I have them annually and they are normal.Not so concerned now about the weight loss but like I say it’s for the health and MM does state that 16 hour fasts are beneficial,will carry on and also retread the updated version of the fast diet.Thank you…..

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