gaining weight after a "break"

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gaining weight after a "break"

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  • Hi all. I am kinda new to this, i did the 5:2 diet for a little while (2 months), lost few lbs.- until a stressful situation in my life, about 2 weeks ago, and i stopped being mindful about what i eat (do you categorize this as emotional eatin’?)- so i gained back almost whatever I lost and some ! I am recognizing this is like a pattern for me, having a yo-yo weight! I can lose easily at the same time gain easily too… also on my NFD, i noticed i am craving for more food (carbs & sweets mostly)… any suggestions/feedback?

    First of all, try to get a handle on your emotional eating — what is the trigger? why? how can you change it? Life is always going to have its stresses but if you can get on a more even keel, you will ride them out better. In terms of eating: If hunger is not the problem, then food is not the answer.
    If you get rid of the sweets at home and convert your carbs to fruits and vegetables, you will do better on the Slow Days.
    I know this is a lot of pop-psychology to throw at you, but give it a thought as you get back to Fasting.
    What do you plan to eat on Fast Days? Go for protein [eggs for breakfast, fish for dinner] to keep you full longer. On Slow Days, make protein choices too — that might stave off the desire for carbs. No promises. Most of this must come from you willingness to make it happen.
    Good luck.

    thanks for the reply! i realize that too… i did the fast day yesterday and i did pretty good (fish for dinner and eggs for breakfast and a kale salad as side). but today (NFD), i started good then … off track here I go ! I started with the oatmeal i cooked at home and took to work, but then i had pasta for lunch and a muffin with my cappuccino ! i feel that my body wants the foods that it knows cant have the next day or so… like all i could think of today was pasta and the muffin! and i went for it. I am not sure if it’s a true craving or what- what do i do?

    Try eating more protein on your Slow Days. Eating carbs at breakfast might, for you, open a Pandora’s Box of craving for more carbs. Remember that they turn to sugar and then there is a crash. You might try a compromise: Pasta OR Muffin. Do you have control over what you eat at lunch? Can you take your own? Soup is a good suggestion. or a slice of Frittata.
    As for the question ‘is it a true craving or what…” The answer is no, it is not real. it is a hoax your brain is playing on you. Eat only when TRULY hungry [gotta know the difference first] and train yourself to stick to that.

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