Full fat vs Low fat/Fat free

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Full fat vs Low fat/Fat free

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  • Hi

    Am new to this. Just ordered the book off Amazon last night.

    I wonder if you can help me?

    Is it better for weight loss to eat low fat/fat free dairy?

    I’ve done slimming world in past & they always say low fat/fat free


    No!! Avoid anything that says low fat/fat free like the plague. It will usually have high sugar content which spikes your insulin levels. Fat satiates you for a long time. Avoid simple carbs like bread, pasta, pizza, potatoes. Eat fats from dairy, cheese, nuts, avocados. Get your carbs from veggies. Eat up to your TDEE and 1/4 TDEE on fast days.

    What does TDEE stand for ?

    Mancunianpoodle, TDEE is total daily energy expenditure.


    And I agree with bigbooty. Do not eat anything that has been engineered to take out the fat. Avoid the white carbs… THink nutrient density.

    Full fat is the way to go, fills you up and contains fat soluble vitamins that you don’t get from anything else. Low fat/fat free are full of additives (and huge amounts of sugar), to replace the flavour that disappears by removing the fat.
    I’ve gone from skimmed milk to semi skimmed and make yoghurt with full fat milk and they taste so much nicer.

    Hi poodle,

    5:2 doesn’t specify anything about fat, just calorie allowances for FDs and TDEE for nonFds. There are people successfully doing 5:2 on full fat, and low fat products. There are people successfully doing 5:2 on high fat, low fat, meat eating, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, lots of fruit, not much fruit, grains, no grains, potatoes, no potatoes, dairy, no dairy, sugar, some sugar, no sugar etc etc etc. Everyone does their own thing. There are people from all over the world and every continent on here. People eat according to their culture, religion, food philosophy, some have medical issues, allergies and need to eat specific ways, and so on………. So, what you eat is up to you. Probably the one thing everyone agrees on is added sugar being very bad for us. That said some say that but have honey whereas others wouldn’t etc so again what people eat is very individual.

    I would encourage you to eat food that you are familiar with to start off. Some people find starting 5:2 morenchallenging than others, so starting with familiar foods makes it easier for you. As you go along you will find that you naturally start to change how you eat to include some other foods and discard some that you’re not happy with. The forum is here for you to get adivce from and for you to give advice too.

    Good luck,

    Merryme is basically correct. You can eat anything you want, however some food choices will be healthier than others. Some good food choices are obvious, some are not.

    Cereal? Touted as healthy right? No!! Most contain massive amounts of sugar and the fibre has been removed from the grains because its easier to process it at the factory. Fruit juice healthy right? No, once again the fibre has been removed and you are drinking sugar water. You want fruit, eat a whole piece of fruit with the fibre attached. Bread (white or brown) healthy right? No, once again all the fibre has been removed in modern breads. That slice of bread has been converted to maltose (two glucose rings joined together) before you’ve even swallowed that mouthful. Honey has to be better than sugar right? Its 85% glucose (sugar) with some water. There is a slight health benefit if the honey is locally sourced from the region you live in as it will help alleviate allergies (if you have them). Other than that the health benefits have been massively over spruiked.

    I tend to be a bit more extreme than most when it comes to food choices. As Merryme has said, start slowly, eat up to you TDEE on NFD and 1/4 TDEE on FD and just eliminate the most obvious unhealthy food choices. Sugar, cakes, biscuits, chocolates. Sugar laden dairy products. Sugar laden cereals. Fizzy drinks, sports drinks.

    Good luck it works if you give it a genuine go.

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