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  • Do you count the calories in fruit on 5:2? I find I’m not eating nearly enough fruit because so much of it is quite high in calories, eg 80 for an apple, 80-120 for a banana. I know strawberries, raspberries etc are lower but they don’t satisfy a hunger! I know that WW and SW don’t have any points/sins in fruit or veg. On feed days my calories are only 1400 so 100 here and there on fruit soon adds up.

    5:2 is not based on calorie counting but every calorie you consume regardless of whether it is fuit, meat, veg or wine has to be considered as part your daily total intake.

    What Amazon said is correct. Do you really think 80 calories for an apple is a lot? Do you honestly think you could eat 18 apples in a day? Apples with the skin on have a lot of insoluble and soluble fibre. It should help satiate you far longer then any processed grain product. Given the option of whole fruit and processed grains, no contest whole fruit. Why not choose cruciferous veggies instead if you don’t like fruit.

    I only count calories on FD, and very occasionally on NFD when I’ve hit a plateau and don’t know why. I eat fruit on fast days and other days. It satisfies my sweet tooth and often has fiber and vitamins and minerals. I eat lots of fruit in the summer when there’s a lot of variety. In the winter it’s mostly apples and bananas. You’d have to eat a lot of fruit to get fat on it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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