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  • Has anyone else experienced the bizarre phenomenon of ‘friends’ who criticise you for being on the 5:2 diet?!!!

    “You’re too thin already”. “You’re being neurotic”.

    Some background – I’m quite slim, and these so-called friends are overweight.



    Hi Matrin,

    Feel you pain.

    I would try and emphasize the non-weight loss benefits of the diet, I’ve found that to help! All of the reasons why fasting is good for us (which in addition, I use as a reminder when I hit plateaus!!).

    Personally I’ve found 5:2 really helps fat loss, as opposed to muscle loss, which I’ve talked about to the nay-sayers.

    I was told I was being extremely dangerous because fasting (even 5:2) messes up your metabolism and makes you put on weight whenever you aren’t fasting.

    Luckily I felt so smug I just let it roll over me.

    I’ve had a few people tell me it was dangerous too, or that I was losing too much weight. Curiously, it’s always people that are overweight that make those comments. I just grin and go out and buy another pair of skinny jeans. 😉

    It also matters where your fat is. Where mine is ‘stored’ is where others can’t see it [under my skirt in my upper thighs. No kidding: 2 visible pouches.] I knew I had weight to lose but it was invisible to the mob.

    Hold Fast, Martin and be sure to set a weight below which you will not go, just so you don’t go too far. I think I could lose my ‘pouches’ but if I did my BMI would be dangerously low and unhealthy.

    Just watching Michael’s original programme would give the answer to this. He didn’t look fat, but he had fat around organs.

    I’m dealing with something similar right now as well. My friend is doing 5:2 with 500 calories, while I started 36 hour water fasts. We used to support each other ono our fasting days but now she tells me I’m starving myself and I should go eat.

    When I did my first fast, she was impressed and said I had great will power etc, but now she tells me that “It is too easy for you” and I think she’s jealous.

    I find fasting both easy and hard at the same time. I enjoy it, it is not harder than 500 calories fasting for me. But I there is a point in the evening that it is hard and I’ve been really spoiled with being able to get her support in the past. Now I feel I can’t tell her as she would tell me to go and eat (the last thing you want to hear! lol)

    You know you are doing something really good for your health and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!!

    Hmmm, 36 hour fasts, rather than 24. I think that’s pushing it, too, and probably not a long-term answer.

    Twenty years ago I was very proud in my size 8 trousers (American size 4). When I look at photos from that time I am aghast. My face is far too thin and my feet were horrible sinewy things. This was on the F Plan, which had no maintenance structure.

    The great thing about 5:2 is that it’s a way of life, rather than a diet.



    The 5:2 500 calories fast have always been 36h.

    A 24h fast doesn’t feel like fasting to me, but rather like a once a day eating, though I know many enjoy it exactly because of this factor. This way there are benefits to fasting without ever going to bed “hungry.”

    I’m sure we all find what works for health, weight loss and spiritual reasons. There are many people who fast as a way of life and not as a “diet.”

    165gw, water fasts for 36 hours are far removed from Michael’s 500/600 calorie fasts in a day. I’m sure you can just about argue that 5:2 is about 36 hour fast if you take a fast from the beginning of a FD to the next when you eat ‘normally’.

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