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  • Hi to all fellow fasters, posters and health researchers. I have just bought the September 2013 vol309, number 6 edition of “Scientific American”. The FOOD issue. Space (and common sense !!!) prevents me from going into detail about the articles inside but here is a resume of some that I think may be of interest to some.
    1. Fracking and Tainted Drinking Water – High methane levels in water found in Pennsylvania homes within a mile of Fracking sites. p19. 2. The Food Addiction p34. Why fats and sugars may be driving more people towards obesity. “Obesity is driven by an overpowering motivation to satisfy the brains reward centers; hormone issues may be a consequence, not a cause.” 3. “Everything you know about calories is wrong”. (video – Calorie counts on packaged food are innaccurate because they are based on a system of averages that ignores the complexity of digestion. 4. “Which one will make you fat?. p50. what causes obesity? – excessive calories or the wrong carbohydrates?.
    In the USA more than 72 million adults are obese. Annual medical costs average $1,429 higher for obese persons than those of normal weight. Colorado has the fewest proportion of obese adults in the U.S. – 20.7%. MISSISSIPPI HAS THE HIGHEST PROPORTION – 34.9%. (visit
    I am sorry I am unable to be more specific or more detailed but I think some of you keen on research may well be interested in these articles.
    Good luck to you all out there.
    P.S. The magazine costs £4.30p in the UK.

    For twenty years I subscribed to SA, but then it went downhill when it was purchased by a new publisher that took it more mainstream to compete with Omni, Discover and others. In other words it’s now just a sensationalizing rag like it’s competition. Sorry, It’s a sore point with me because it was so good in the old days, and I suppose it might be better than the competition, but still, I’d take what they say with a grain of salt, to say the least (and you can see by the headlines what I mean, ie “Everything you know about calories is wrong” sensational crap if there ever was any). The only decent science news that I know of is the news section (and review articles) of Science. Nature, I expect is good too, but I haven’t read it lately. The NY Times Health section is pretty good too. There all expensive. By the way, all calorie counts are inaccurate, not just packaged food, and it’s obvious that labels would underestimate.

    A couple of weeks ago Science had an article about the study in which they took colon bacteria from twins in which one twin was obese and the other normal, and transferred them to mice in which the colon bacteria had been wiped out. Interestingly, the mice who got the transplant from the obese twin got obese, while the mice who got the bacteria from the normal twin stayed thin. There was a lot more to the study, but it’s pretty new stuff, so not really useful yet.

    Oh, one thing the authors of the twin study did say is that their results were consistent with the theory that soluble fiber has a hormonal effect that results in weight loss, at least if the gut bacteria are right, and that the right bacteria do better in the presence of soluble fiber.


    i read this magazine in my library & just gave up

    4 a healthy calorie counter it was ugh

    @ least we r counting

    which is better than nottin

    that is why i cook everything but i’m not a scientist

    just try 2 live a healthy life

    i live in pa & when i was young we used 2 slide down those black hills when there was no snow

    now there r’nt any due 2 fracking. the article about drinking water is so true but they r finding out that bottled water is no different

    so where 2 we go from hear?

    it’s almost like no matter how hard u try something harmful
    will come like my mom

    however, the fatalistic way of thinking is just a rationalization 2 not eat healthy

    if we @ least try will get there
    won’t we?


    sometimes information is 2 much info

    mayb we should just guess what it is the cals?

    i always give 10% error rate which is allot

    @ least they found the youth protein Sirt1

    4 couscous video


    here is something about that w/ dr mosley

    Why Are Thin People Not Fat. The Secret To Lose Weight

    Hi Wilt,

    Great documentary. They have good science docs. on TV over there. But you see the one thing they didn’t mention is the gut bacteria, not pathogens, but like probiotics. Gut bacteria is all the rage now because they’ve figured out that several alimentary canal diseases like c-dificile and crones’ disease and some other things can be treated very successfully this way. The trouble is they don’t actually know which bacteria are the right ones. The successful experiments are just “fecal transplants”, and could also transmit pathogens. The concept is however, that you would have your own gut bacteria wiped out with antibiotics, and then have new ones from a “fecal transplant” from a skinny person. It would be good if this person were young and healthy as well as skinny. It worked in mice. Obviously, cultured strains of bacteria would be less yucky, and less dangerous, and maybe you could do it without the antibiotics. But the study author said that for treating obesity, it appears the good gut bacteria like fiber in the diet and that the transplants might work in mice via a hormone feedback which suppresses appetite (which sounds promising). So the take home is eat more fiber, and maybe someday they’ll have an effective probiotic.


    u may call me usa

    oops sent u the wrong one glad u liked it
    now i can’t remember where i saw him talk about it

    thank god 4 u tube i love dr michael’s stuff

    because of not being able 2 watch uk shows

    may 2013

    i have not watched this whole video yet
    but he is in a kind of a man’s corset that a dr from
    renaissance times
    he is super skinny in this video
    i can c why he is on the 6/1 😀
    he also get’s botox on his face

    ur article about the transfer of 2 gut 2 gut

    this is the article by the scientist they have a video 2

    i’m certainly going 2 add this gut microbes 2 my google alerts

    i knew that gut bacteria saves lives
    i think i got that from grey’s anatomy tv show 🙂

    Hi to you all and thanks for some quick replies. May I say that I am not a subscriber to ScientificAmerican and this issue drew my attention because of its content and apparent connection to what we are trying to achieve. I would say that in some of the headings I have quoted the research is being done by apparently respectable research professors such as Paul.J. Kenny at the scripps research institute in Jupiter Fla. I make no endorsement of the articles or the magazine only mention it as yet another reference point.
    I am pleased that at least it has drawn some comments and USA, yes I agree, sometimes to much info is to much and despite my bringing the magazine to the posters attention I still subscribe to the K.I.S.S. approach to my lifestyle.
    Good luck to you all out there.


    keep it simple & sweet is definitely my motto

    that is why i put the link 4 u

    on ur article

    so that anyone can make their own informed decision

    in this 2 much information society

    still i appreciate ur info

    because we can’t read everything.

    i also read in discovery magazine oct 2013
    which their issue was also about food 2

    called food @ risk page 38
    the toxins mercury arsenic chickens plastic vegetables cause of illness etc ugh but we need 2 know

    we learn how 2 be flexible w/ all this info
    we can’t starve or garden & farm everything 😀

    happy 6/1’s 😀

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