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  • Hi, today is my first ever fast day. I’m sure you read posts like these all the time and I apologise for being yet another one!

    I can’t believe how much I’m struggling. I have always rebelled against myself so have spent most of the day so far arguing in my head about not eating. I am a habitual person and once it got to midday I caved and had a slice of Turkey meat. It was only 21 calories but now I feel like I’ve failed the whole point of a fast! I guess in theory I have been fasting since 5pm yesterday but still, I’m sure you understand where I’m coming from.

    I’ve been trying to keep busy but now feeling a bit bleurgh. I am a big chocolate eater so guess the sugar withdrawals are kicking in.

    I walk over 4 miles a day to do the school walk and am not looking forward to the 2 mile walk in an hours time. I love walking but feel like I’m going to be burning off energy that I don’t have?

    I’m in full babble mode but hey its distracting me for 10 minutes! Lol

    I don’t actually have a question for you all. I just needed to post and read support in the forums. I’m off now to read some more in here.

    If you read to the end, then thank you πŸ™‚ x

    Hi Liberty, just keep going. The slice of turkey isn’t going to ruin your fast. You get a total of 500 calories for the day. You can spread them out over the course of the day however you like. Many people have posted how they handle their fast days. Drink plenty of fluids. They do help. I also read once that fat metabolism needs water so I imagine our need for fluids on the fast day does go up. Also, believe it or not, going for that walk will also help. It will be a distraction.

    The fast days do get easier over time.

    Just keep going, you can do it!

    Hi Libertygirly, keep going, you are doing great! I am on my second week although I had a horrible weekend and undid my good work but on it again today. Feeling a bit hungry now (despite eating hideously last night and drinking too much wine!) but I have to stick to this. We can motivate each other as we are relatively new. I did do this last year and lost weight but unfortunately I did not stick it out. So consistency is key! We can do it!

    It took me a few fast days to figure out that I need to eat early in the day (7am) and at lunchtime (around 11:30am for me) to make it thru the day.

    Some people can wait to eat until dinner time and then eat 600 calories all at once, but I need breakfast or I get cranky.

    I’ve been at this eight weeks now, and it works. I don’t do any strenuous exercise on my fast days, but I do walk. I walked six miles yesterday and felt fine.

    As stated above, try to keep busy and get your mind off being hungry. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right”.

    You can do it!

    You are doing so well – that slice of turkey is ideal!! You have up to 500 calories so feel free to use them!!!

    I’ve replied to you each individually underneath but first want to update you on my day. It turns out I actually walk 4.8 miles just doing the school walk so I walk a lot more than I thought I did. That’s great though. πŸ™‚ I spent the afternoon planning my 2 fast days for next week. I figure if I’m going to obsess about food all day I may as well do it constructively. lol I have worked out that I need lots of picky food (the bowl of soup tonight will not do it for me, I can tell). I’ve accepted that and have sorted out 500 worth of picky food (salad stuff etc). I can do this! Thank you for your comments of support. It means a lot because you took the time to write them and you don’t even know me. πŸ™‚

    VirginiaEdie…I had felt like that because my friend had said that she doesn’t eat until about 7pm so had got into the mentality that I’d failed because I had eaten earlier. I can see now that it doesn’t matter. πŸ™‚ I have got a 2 litre bottle of water on the side that I have been guzzling all day. For a change I won’t be dehydrated. lol

    Harpreet…Well done on getting to the second week. I think this is really tough and really hope that I shall be posting in here in 2 weeks time saying that I’m on my second week. We can do this! πŸ™‚

    Dave1442397…I guess I should accept that I too will need several fast days to work out what works best for me. That turkey slice made all the difference for me. However, I did start obsessing about food again after I’d given my tummy a taste of food! I put it to good use and worked out a way of having 2 meals in my day for next weeks food shop (I’ve already planned Thursdays so will just have to muddle through). I love the quote by the way. πŸ™‚

    Janey263…Thank you. πŸ™‚ Believe me I’ve spent an awful lot of time this afternoon on myfitnesspal working out the best way to use those 500 calories next week. lol

    Hi Liberty, I’m late to the party but wanted to offer my support too. I just started last week and have fasted two days now, the second day was already easier than the first day and I expect it will only get easier.

    Just under five miles of walking, that’s great – I don’t do anything like that, fast day or not.

    Good luck with your next fast day!

    PhilPlasma…thank you for your message. You fill me with hope! πŸ™‚ As for the walking, I don’t do it through choice unfortunately. I don’t drive due to epilepsy but the walking is lovely on a nice day. Ask me again in the winter and you get a very different answer. lol

    It is now 5.30am the next day and I’ve woken up full of beans. Very odd! I’m not even hungry. Even odder! So, I figured I would get up and do some work.

    I’m amazed at how the day turned out in the end. I spread my calories out over the evening so only had half the soup and used the rest up on picky food (as I call it).

    I genuinely thought I would wake up today and want to binge (I’m terrible for that) but no urge whatsoever.

    Aw Libertygirly im soo pleased πŸ™‚ and the walking is fab! Glad to hear you’ve woken up with energy and at 5.30am too wow! Totally with the others, work out what works for you – whether it’s 1 meal a day, 2 meals a day or little picks through the day with a few hours gap. The great thing is you can experiment, there’s no right answer, everyone’s body is different. I tend to have porridge for breaksfast (big bowl of 40g with water and apple and cinnamon) and then i leave lunch and have dinner (chicken/fish with loads of mixed veg and garlic and chilli and a bit of tomato puree). I was surprised how much you can get for 500 calories when you aren’t eating pizza and coleslaw :/ My problem is the weekends and evenings, weekends i associate with binge eating on anything and everything and guzzling wine *sigh* i need to change my mindset and see this as a lifestyle change. I will come here and regularly check in so we can keep each other accountable. I count this week as my 1st real week because last weekend was beyond sinful! Have a lovely day πŸ™‚

    Hi there!

    Hope you don’t mind me joining the thread! Have had 3 FD’s so far, all very different..yesterday’s was the worst πŸ™ but determined to stick to it. I too like @dave1442397 mentions probably need something to keep me going, can’t last a whole day at work on just water, so am taking 10 almonds for emergency moments, seems to work, that and Miso soup, which is low, low cal. I felt like you @libertygirly, that if I didn’t fast all day, I was somehow cheating, but am going to test the water to see what works best. I know protein is important so make sure the FD meal is protein based. I suppose it depends how active you are, I also walk to work, run and give Zumba classes, am hoping to fit all this in. On NFD’s am also surprised that I don’t want to scoff anything in sight, am a terrible picker, keep your chocolate locked up, but worse tend to take little slurps and mouthfuls of both and food and drink all day! that’s what FD’s have taught me, I miss the constant hand to mouth, lol!

    Have already committed to keeping wine for w/e’s only, since January, so far so good, was just mindless drinking, and uses too many empty calories..but yes still miss a huge glass of red, midweek πŸ™ I also gave up coffee in Jan, as was having trouble sleeping, am drinking it on FD’s though, to keep going, but have no probs sleeping as mainly decaf..

    I am 10st.7Iba, have 1 1/2 stones to lose, am hoping to have lost a stone by end of August..I think the key is balance, if we are too strict on NFD’s this WOL will be unsustainable and result in weight gain, but provided there are the usual treats and a few lapses, it should be ok.

    Thanks for the inspiring comments, good luck fasters! my next FD is Fri..xx

    Harpreet…today is my second fast day and yet again I am struggling. I forgot to go to the shops to buy my planned foods so am stuck with the weightwatchers meal that my hubby had bought originally for him (before he changed to a soup). I can’t bear to go to the shop and can’t think of alternative from what we have in the freezer. It is not the healthiest of contents.

    I am starting to realise that it is an emotional hunger because I was famished after the 2.5 mile walk this morning but then it passed once my usual breakfast time had gone. Now it is back again. I keep trying to be busy but end up back on sofa feeling sorry for myself. It really is a stupid way to be. HOWEVER, it also makes me aware of what a stupid relationship with food I have! I let it control me.

    Beldyboop…of course I dint mind you joining the thread! The more the merrier. πŸ™‚ We can do this! πŸ™‚ x

    Hi again Libertygirly,

    The first week is definitely the hardest. I believe I found the second fast more challenging than the first one. Once I made it past that first week, though, the fasts have continued to get easier. That’s not to say I haven’t had an off fast day here and there.

    I’ve been following the Fast Diet for about 6 weeks now. The first two weeks I ate a small breakfast and dinner. Once in a while I even needed to stick in a small snack. After those first two weeks I was able to start increasing the time from my last evening meal until my first fast day meal. I was having a small lunch and then dinner. Then a mid afternoon snack and dinner. Finally, this week it has just been saving all my calories until dinner.

    There is an exception. I swim in the mornings. If it is a fast day, I do have to have a small breakfast after I swim.

    Everyone is different, but I hope this helps you see your mind and body and how they handle the fast days will evolve over time.

    Stay strong! You. Can do it!

    You can do it! πŸ™‚

    My first two weeks were disasters, but. I kept trying.
    I tried to keep a journal of what worked well and what didn’t.

    Especially in my first year. I noticed I had more will power in the morning and less late in the evening.

    So I divided my 600 calories into two.
    I eat noon with the lunch people although it’s usually a can of beans spiced like chili. Helps me feel not hungry for about 3.5 hours.

    Then feel a little hungry again till about 5pm . If I can go longer I do, but I wait till 5pm and this is almost dinner time for others too. I like a can of mixed vegtables in tomato sauce or soup. Again this helps me last another 3-4 hours. I do feel hungry , but not starving.

    Because I have much less will power in the late evening I make a habit of drinking calorie free tea around 7pm. And then going to bed early.

    Hi all, i hope you are well. Libertygirly I am so glad you messaged. I am working a little later on today and I am on my 3 rd fast day because i thought this would kick start the weight loss, i have stubborn fat that has been hanging on for 2 years (well it would when you do little/nothing about it!). However by noon I too was starting to feel sorry for myself, i found myself thinking i just want to eat, why do others eat lots and lose weight etc, etc. You completely identified me, i too am an emotional eater. It doesn’t help that I am looking at recipes online! So then I slept for hours. How silly am i! I plan to do some fasted exercise may be that will help. I hope so much that it gets easier. Well done Liberygirly for checking in, you’ve also made me stick to my fast today.
    ViginiaEdie and Samm thanks soo much for the words of encouragement it really helps πŸ™‚ would you mind VirginaEdie if i asked how much weight you lost over 6 weeks? And did you have to be strict on non-fast days? 5.5 hours til i can eat again lol – i need to stop obsessing (on lazy days I eat breakfast late so dinner ends up being late!)
    Samm – chili sounds yummy, yum! Thanks guys for reading my waffle..oooh waffle yum lol!

    That’s what I love about this forum, it is so very supportive.

    Harpreet, I have lost about 5lbs/2.2kg in six weeks. I’m a 49 year old woman who has given birth to four children. Needless to say, my body does not like to shed weight. I have been following 4:3 because I found that I really can’t eat that much the day after a fast so alternate day type fasting really keeps me in check. There are some post fast days that I am the great nibbler, but then I know I’ll be fasting again the next day so I don’t stress about it.

    On the nonfast days I don’t count calories, but I do try to avoid calorie dense processed foods. I also can’t eat gluten or dairy products. That definitely helps limit the calorie dense selection. I still like some cookies or a few squares of dark chocolate.

    Oh one more thing: Believe me, as I get within an hour or two of my dinner time on fast days , I do feel a great sense of accomplishment and at that point I know I will make it until dinner. I also feel very excited about the fact that I am going to eat dinner. Maybe even giddy. I’m hoping that goes away after a few more months. It’s a little embarrassing.

    Hummmm, today is a nonfast day for me. Maybe I’ll go eat a gluten free waffle. Yum, yum.

    Hi All,

    I had my first fast day yesterday and I was practically climbing the walls. I knew I’d not be able to last without something first thing so I had 1 weetabix with some milk and canderel. Lunch was a cup-a-soup and dinner a ham and egg salad from the supermarket chiller section, extras were two slices of chargrilled chicken and a weighwatchers yoghurt – all under 500 cals – was pretty impressed. Fruit teas – which I normally loathe – also helped as did chewing gum.

    Unfortunately I found it really difficult and I realised later on that 90% of my struggle was in my head – if I actually stopped and thought about being hungry I realised most of the time I was actually ok.

    I’ve avoided diets for years because I hate how obsessive I have to become over food and how horrible my mindset is (and how hopeless I’ve felt when I’ve put it back on) but now I’m really heavy and I MUST do something about it. Yesterday I had to keep stopping myself and saying β€˜tomorrow you can have that’ and β€˜just a few more hours to go’. Evening was my worse time – I almost felt like I was going to flip and fall face forward in the cupboard with my mouth open, eating everything in site. When I stopped and thought about it though I wasn’t that hungry, maybe it wasn’t the food I missed as much as the choice. I wonder how ingrained the constant snacking and hand-to-mouth action has become in my life that I feel like this after 1 day of being on the fast.

    I’ve only done one day this week due to circumstances but my next fast is on Monday. Does anyone else find they have almost constant heartburn?

    Sorry for going on so much – it just flooded out!

    Oh yes, one more thing. What has really changed for me over the past six weeks is that I’ve realized how little food I really need.

    VirginiaEdie – I’m two weeks in and realizing the same. What a surprise! I can survive without eating “the most important meal of the day” and grazing for the remainder, in addition to lunch and dinner. Any hunger pangs pass quickly and I feel great!!

    This morning, after fasting yesterday, I’ve yet to eat. The hunger isn’t there and it’s been that way. Again, surprising. …but I will indeed enjoy myself some lunch in a bit πŸ™‚

    SO glad to find this forum.
    While I tried IF once or twice in the past, I seem to recall falling down at dinner time badly. I’m considering this my real ‘first day’ and struggling with the desire to eat out of boredom and sugar cravings.

    This time I’m trying to be much more organized/committed. I read up on snacks, since I like to ‘graze’ as my mother says. So far a cup of miso soup and some gherkins at lunchtime has been a Godsend. I’m realizing that like any diet I’m going to have to do a fair bit of planning and organization. I also need to figure out more snacks like gherkins, since I got a decent size bite for 5 calories. I may have to look at the calorie counts on loads of veggies. I’ve planned out some snacks for this afternoon. The idea of waiting to eat until dinner time only lasted about 5 minutes and then I realized I think I’ll do better if I have a little something to take the edge off now and then.

    Sadly, my work just isn’t busy enough to keep me very engaged, and I have a coworker down the hall who has a jar of sweets. I’m avoiding him like the plague, but I do find that I’m craving food and drinks (coffee with cream is my vice) out of boredom.

    Did anyone else find that their digestion was . . . ahem . . . aggressive after a few hours of fasting? I’m a bit worried I might be catching a stomach bug, but I strongly suspect it’s all the water I’ve been drinking.

    So far no other side effects aside from a desire for food. My 72 year old father has lost about 20lbs doing IF and kept it off, so if he can do it, I feel like I should be able to do it.

    I know that milk is very acidic, and may be part of the indigestion . No food is demonized by the 5:2 , it’s simply the calorie limit, and we can choose to have non , part , or all of the 500 for women, and 600 for men. I kept and still keep an electronic journal of which foods agreed with me.

    Hi Libertygirly, today is my second fast day of my first week on 5:2 and I am already finding it so much easier than my first one on Monday! I’ve found that 500 calories actually goes quite a long way and was quite surprised what I can do with them lol. I have only really planned meals for my ‘fast days’ and been a little more conscious of what i’m eating on ‘non-fast days’ and so far so good. I’m really looking forward to the weigh-in tomorrow. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and failed every time so i’m hoping this way will suit me better! Stay strong, we can all support each other here. Good luck and keep up the great work you are already doing πŸ™‚

    Hi everybody!

    Great tips and inspiration. Gherkins! what a great idea, must find some quick @evwgray. Doing fast tomorrow, number 4, and not ideal, as end of the week, and fear I’m going to be tempted by the many danger zones at work, and have that Friday feeling…I think FD’s are empowering, especially with the knowledge it doesn’t last forever, so I’m going stay strong. Have all the fast days in April written on a piece of card on my kitchen cupboard, I’m a very impatient person, but love ticking them off, let’s see what the scales say after 4 fasts..

    Best wishes to all
    PS @roo my first couple of fast days were difficult, but they improve, stay
    @VirginiaEdie amazing that you do 4:3;) do you do that consecutively?
    @randi I agree, I am hungry at breakfast at the w/e’s when I get up later, but think during a working week have been eating it just as part of the routine!

    Hi Beldyboop. I do my fast days MWF, and after today’s big lunch I am already looking forward to tomorrow.

    I’m doing MWF, as well. Tomorrow will be my 6th fast… aaaaand my boss has proudly announced we shall have our first cookout of the season! YAY! ??? eeerrrrr DOH. Haha In the past, I’ve saved my 500 cals for dinner. Tomorrow, I’mma try lunch instead. I’ll partake, but practicing major moderation and will skip dinner. I could switch my FD to Sat or Sun, but fasting on weekends – WHAT’D BE THE POINT OF LIFE?! πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, @beldyboop, it seems it’s more a challenge to conquer the routine / habit of eating, than any cravings. I’m so used to obsessing about my next meal. On fasting days, I notice I’m not watching the clock as often – counting down the minutes to my next meal – and this makes the day go fast, when I fast! Another bonus!

    Hi Randi, if you eat just meat, fruits, and veggies at the cookout, it should be pretty easy to stay within your 500 cals. It’s the breads and pasta dishes that are the real killers. And yeah, I don’t think this diet would work for me if I had to fast

    Oops, somehow I sent that message before I finished it.

    As I was saying, I do not want to fast on the weekend. It would not be worth it.
    Good luck tomorrow.

    Thanks for the good luck, @VirginiaEdie! Via dry erase board, my boss asked for suggestions for the cookout. I boldly added FRESH FRUIT πŸ™‚ You’re right; I should be fine. I’m more concerned with not having dinner to look forward to, once the workday is done. I’ll have to busy myself, go for a walk and fill up on hot, decaf tea! I can do this!


    I chuckle because I’ve been doing this for two years. And for the first year and 8months the thought of doing a fast on the weekend was like touching an electric third rail.

    My fat loss was stalling. So I experimented with weekend fasting. Now have my two water fasts on Friday and Sunday. I was struggling with low energy at work so I moved over to the weekends and sleep a lot.
    Kinda the opposite of what I had done In The past with weight loss to run like hamster , and starve.

    Now I just sleep on Friday and Sunday, seems so bizarre but also a semi fast during work hours on Wednesday for 4:3. This got me back to 5lbs a month.

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

    Samm – how much have you lost so far? I’m interested as I need to lose quite a lot and at the moment my brain just can’t compute that I’ll be able to do this by fasting 2 days a week only.

    I’ve lost 70lbs.
    Not saying this is for everyone. But I struggle so much on other diets , I decided to give this a try , after the first 8 months I had lost 33 lbs.
    Stopped in an unplanned way, and didn’t restart. At the1 year mark , stepped on the scale to see that I was still 27lbs less Than my first weigh in at 274lbs.
    My second year had a few setbacks , but I just kept on. I tailored the intermittent fasting to my schedule.
    I have to say that I eat less, and focus more on healthy eating on my feed days. I have full confidence that I will loose my first goal of 100lbs.

    For me it’s confidence knowing that sometimes I fail, but it’s overall number of fasting days per year that adds up the fat losses. Something another poster says on this site . Is stick to 5:2 for the first 3-4 months and focus on successful fast days, before allowing the scale to be too important. Or something like that.
    I think of the fasting as 1 week at a time. And when I have problems. Or have to travel. I just try to stick to my BMR. Or TDEE . Enjoy myself and resume my weekly fasting routine when normal returns.

    I gave myself 4 years to lose 100lbs
    But I’m at 70lbs in two years and I’m chuffed!

    Just my opinion.
    I look at the intermittent fasting , 5:2 in particular . As something that can and should be done if not on other diets. That the 5:2 is great way of eating or way of life for those trying to maintain weight loss too.

    So say if I went on. Fad diet, but then come back to 5:2 to maintain the loss and keep losing about 3000 calories a week. As long as my feed days aren’t binge days.
    I am a binge eater, I can eat long after I feel full. But staying on the plan is like training myself not to feel like need that much food. Truthfully I’m sorta shocked that I just don’t need so much so often. I never really experienced that on any other diets. Saying this intermittent fasting has help me to relearn to to in a healthier and more responsible way.

    Lol. Not saying I haven’t fell off the chuck wagon , just that I get right back now.

    So yesterday (1st day) was hard and I ended up eating about 50 cal extra which I am rationalizing as I’m 5ft 9in and I had to unexpectedly take some medicine with food (nothing major).
    I think the hardest part was I started to feel tired/head achy/nauseated right before bedtime. And I’m basically ravenous today.

    I had a single taco for dinner and ate it faster than I should have given that I had to sit and watch for another 15 minutes while my ‘skinny as a rail’ other half ate a giant plate of nachos. Still my single taco was the best tasting taco I’ve had in years.

    Does anyone have any additional tips/advice for next fast day? So far I’m finding that lots of tiny amounts of food help me. I had a 30 calorie packet of miso soup for lunch yesterday, and a few gherkins. I’m debating what to have for a small breakfast next time or hold out for as long as I can.

    SAMM, you’re incredibly inspiring!! πŸ™‚

    …but gah, I still can’t imagine a weekend w/out WHATEVER I WANT! Ha The extra sleep does appeal to me, though? I won’t rule it out, yet!

    And, I must say – and this could be because it’s only my second week – but I’m enjoying my fast days? I feel great, am more productive and sleep better. I’m proud of myself these days, yup!

    Wow, SAMM! You are proof that not only does this way of eating really work, but definitely works for the long haul. Cheers to your continued success!!

    I’m on fast three this week, but definitely finding it a challenge after not enough sleep last night.
    I’ve been drinking a lot of unsweetened ice tea on my fast days and I believe the caffeine got the better of me. No caffeine today!

    Hi everyone! This is my 2nd day fast for the week (first week of 5:2). I did my first fast on Tuesday. For my first fast I did liquids (broths, water and unsweetened teas). The teas were a bit bitter on my stomach so today I’ve added 1/2tsp of raw honey. It went fairly well since I mentally prepared myself with meditation the day before. I only had 2 extreme bouts of hungry but I realized that it was happening during my normal “snack times” and not at actual meal times. Ate normal Thursday but had a really tough HIIT workout. I totally maxed out pretty fast even after eating a regular breakfast. Had to change my 2nd fast day to today from the weekend since I’ll be hanging with friends sat/sun. But I have another HIIT workout after work. So instead of a liquid fast today, I’m throwing in some solids- ate a half an orange with a half cup of bone broth to tie me over to a late afternoon main meal to time it so I’m not maxing out during my workout. I’m actually finding today A LOT easier than my first day though which is comforting (I’m realistic that some days will be harder than others. That’s just life). Its around 12:35NYT and I’m going to order lunch (250 calories) and break that up into 2 meals…one at 2:30pm the other around 5pm since my class is at 6:30 then broth for dinner. Also I weighed 154 Tues night before my first fast Wed and then I weighed myself Thursday (after eating normal, including a few cookies, rice, butter popcorn) and i was 148! Looking forward to next week’s Tuesday weigh in.

    Hi Everybody,

    just catching up with the threads. Have nearly completed 4th FD, tough but ok. Decided to have some breakfast because on my last FD’s I was quite “floaty”, not in a good way, it worked! felt much better, albeit, a long day.

    I try generally to drink loads of water, sparkling is great, and also Miso. I try to have protein with meals such as prawns, poached egg…I’m a great believer in good fats, which fill you up, such as 1/2 an avocado or almonds, but it will depend what other food you eat to stay within the 500 cals. You have to tweak it, and am sure 50 cals extra will not have a bad impact..

    No diets work for me and have been loathed to stick to any, so this is amazing, it makes you feel virtuous and is empowering, and the NFD’s compensate for the hard work. It makes you focus on the choices you make and evaluate if you really are hungry. I haven’t got a lot of weight to lose, as lost some from January onwards by cutting back on the booze and biscuits..My goal is to wear all my summer clothes.

    @samm, very inspiring Samm πŸ™‚ that’s an a great achievement
    @randi and VirginiaEdie , I’m also amazed that you can do the M/W/F, you must have a lot of willpower πŸ™‚ but I suppose it does make a lot of sense. May try a 4:3 one week in the future
    @smitty well done for getting through your 2 FD’s

    sending positive vibes to all πŸ˜‰
    PS breakfast was 1/4 cup of porridge oats with water, doesn’t sound that appealing but is about 100 cals..

    I use stevia in my teas, because its a natural sweetener.

    Well today was my first failed fast day in my six weeks of the fast diet. I’m on a weekend away with 8 of my girlfriends. It seems fasting and a weekend away do not go hand in hand. I shall enjoy the weekend and be back to fasting on Monday.

    Randi, how did the cookout go?

    Hi all, how is it going? Also catching up on the thread.
    SAMM and VirginaEdie, you are both an inspiration because you are doing this the sensible way and this weight still stay off. In the past I’ve always tried to lose it quick and i have ALWAYS put it back on – I need to try and be more sensible this time.
    Smitty well done on your loss πŸ™‚ you should be so proud!
    Evugray – well done on starting your new journey! I was reading the new Fast Diet book and Mini Spencer wrote it there – keep perspective, if you go over your calories slightly don’t worry, it won’t undo all your good work. I think sometimes I need to remind myself that it’s not just weight loss, but this is for our overall health too, so don’t sweat over those 50 cals and remember you’ve still done something great for your body! This is my 2nd fast week, I did the 4:3 last week but it wasn’t easy but that was because of my own self – I kept feeling sorry for myself and thinking ‘It’s not fair, look how much they are eating’ but then i got on the scale and was down and it reinforced why i’m doing this. Ive had 2 years of abusing my body with bad food and too muvh booze – so it’s time i start healing my body, after all it’s so forgiving to us! Things that work for me: Water – i know it sounds boring but upping your water intake helped me with any water retention and helped to keep me going. Measuring out my food: I know this sounds militant but it is only temporary so I can track my calories and get more food for my calories on Fast days! Food choices: Salad leaves and veg have such little calories, you can eat loads and I always pair it with protein to fill me up. Tuna, chicken, fish and eggs and boiled egg whites are amazing, only 17 calories, so I have 3 with 1 whole egg and yolk. Then if you choose to work out on a Fast day, I find a black coffee gives me a boost. Although like VirginaEdie, I too had too much i think the other day! Ultimately, remember the feeling passes and as your stomach starts to shrink it is (supposed!) to get easier. I hope that helps. Log into here and it’ll keep you accountable and motivated.
    Also, sorry guys but what is MWF?
    My 4th fast day today..hoping it goes ok! Have a good day all πŸ™‚

    Eek, sorry for the long message!
    Libertygirly where are you? Hope you are well!

    Hi Harpreet,

    MWF means Monday, Wednesday, Friday fasting days.

    I have a wedding to attend in mid May and I am trying to get off as much weight as possible by then. Once the wedding is over, I plan to switch to just MW (Monday’s and Wednesday’s.) Who knows? I think I am saving a fair bit of money fasting three days a week. Hummm…. Fasting, good for the body and good for the wallet.

    Hi guys,

    How is everyone doing? Just thought I would check in- everything was great for 2 weeks and then the bank holiday happened..CRASH..I feel like I’ve undone all my good work with 4 days of eating terribly and drinking alcohol πŸ™ i need to stop learning to link my emotions to my food. I used to read this about others and think yes, that kind of relates to me but when I’m determined, it’s not really an issue – but the reality is it has already been the issue. I do well for some weeks, then fall off the wagon. There’s no middle ground with me. I either have to be a complete saint and watch every morsel that enters my mouth and measure it..or i will eat everything in the fridge and feel disgusting and even sometimes physically sick! As soon as things get overwhelming, which they have been the last few months, i take it out on my body, which is so unfair. Anyway, I may regret sending this message but if it helps someone else not feel alone maybe it was worth sending.
    Going to try my first fast day again tomorrow after a failed one today..I really hope everyone is doing well – keep up the great work guys.

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