Fertility and Fasting

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  • Does anyone know if there is any information yet regarding fasting whilst trying for a baby? Does it affect fertility at all?

    I guess it could. It seems to even out any hormone problems you have. My skin and periods are definitely now in the ‘normal’ range thanks to this lifestyle. So if you have hormonal issues affecting your fertility then I guess it could help with those too??

    I can’t imagine it would be a detriment to fertility. You don’t ever not eat at all so you don’t have a chance to go into starvation mode (which might detrimentally affect your ability to menstruate).

    Hi Tracy! Thanks for that. Just started trying and was hoping it would be ok to keep fasting in the meantime.

    I think it’s advised that you don’t do it actually while your pregnant (presumably just because there’s no knowledge of what effects it might have on a baby) but I don’t see what detrimental effect it could have while you’re trying. As I say, the only hormonal effects I’ve had on this have all been positive and bringing me into the ‘normal’ range, so I would hope that it would improve your chances if anything but I’m not a doctor or owt – maybe one of our resident medical types will jump on this at some point & provide a more qualified opinion.

    Yeah, I woud give it up as soon as I was pregnant as I remember how little and often I had to eat (to keep the nausea at bay) the first time around, so there is no way I could fast or even go hungry! But in reality it can take years to get pregnant, so was hoping to just carry on with it just now. Thanks for the advice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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