Fell off the wagon big time and seriously need some support:)

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Fell off the wagon big time and seriously need some support:)

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  • Hello there! I am not new to the forum, sadly I was here last year, started end of February, lost about 14 pounds with this WOE (that was half of what I actually wanted to lose) and stopped at around June. This was planned actually, I intended to continue after the summer holidays. So beginning of September I realised that I hadn’t put any weight back and thought I could wait for some more time cause I didn’t feel like going on with the diet again so soon. I felt so confident, had already been eating so more healthily that I used to, I felt I could relax… And there’s the trap….What do you know? Most of the 14 pounds are back… I am pretty sure some of it has not yet turned to fat so I am trying to restart 5:2. But in my efforts to restart I am caught in a vicious circle that includes at some point of every day the thought: “well, forget it, I can’t do it today, let’s start tomorrow” but that tomorrow never comes….

    I so much want to start with my first fast day tomorrow…

    Nina6….A Year from Now You May Wish You Had Started Today and a Journey starts with a single step-one day at a time, girl. There are some cliche`s for you, but they are true. It’s tough but you can do it with positive self-talk and not being too hard on yourself, which is hard to remember when you’re feeling discouraged.

    Thank you Ray, it means a lot that you took the time to write these words to me. I feel so disappointed… On the bright side I quit smoking a month ago ( I had been a smoker for 22 years and couldn’t imagine life without a cigarette…). I usually fast until late afternoon and then this awful voice in my head lures me into eating and start the diet tomorrow… On the bright side, again, I do not overeat (as I used to when I was younger) but still…

    Nina, get back on the wagon. You know you can do it! There is no shame in slipping! Just pick up again and start your journey anew. Once you see the pounds coming off your enthusiasm will be refreshed and it will get easier.

    Life doesn’t follow a straight line. Ups and downs are normal. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it is not worth it.

    Best of luck

    You should be so proud of yourself for giving up smoking – that’s a huge achievement! Also, you are changing your eating patterns by not overeating and now you are getting into the correct frame of mind to start 5:2 again. I was a bit like you….did the diet last year and then relaxed too much and alot of the weight crept back on. I’m now back on track thanks mostly to seeing the positive comments and encouraging stories on this forum. So try picking a definite day for fasting and stick to it as best you can, even if you are not quite as strict about it as before. Gradually, you will get back into the swing of things, I’m sure. That’s how I have tackled it anyway.
    Stay strong, you can do it.

    Hi Nina
    I know exactly how you feel. I went through the same thing when my holiday came along in September last year having lost 10 lbs in the run up to it by doing 5:2.I found it really hard to start again….then Christmas, then birthday….then all of a sudden 7lbs back on!So this week I took myself in hand and fasted Monday and Thursday. Weighed in this morning 3lbs lighter and full of enthusiasm! It only takes that one step. I find that if I commit to Monday and Thursday I don’t waiver. I’ve tried Wednesday and given up in the afternoon because I tell myself I can always do it tomorrow. This then gives me the feeling of failure and so don’t bother on the Thursday. I don’t fast on a Friday because it’s the week-end and that’s for enjoying! Well done on giving up smoking..that’s hard I know, I gave up 27 years ago. If you had the determination to do that, you/we can definitely do this!!!!Keep looking at the forums and keep posting!

    Hello. I am so grateful to all of you who wrote to me. You always know deep inside that other people feel like you but it’s such a relief to actually hear/read about it. I still haven’t managed to fast, today went out of the window already. And it’s not only that I get so disappointed in myself, it’s that I am more irritable, I have no energy to do anything much… So it affects my family too, up to a point. I look at myself in the mirror and feel unattractive (which doesn’t happen when I am on a diet for even 1 day). What do I do? Do I keep trying and fail every day? Do I forget about it and risk putting on even more weight? Is the timing wrong? And yet, I know I can do it, cause I did it last year and I felt I was on the best WOE there is… Maybe I should restart walking. I have joined a gym (and pay 60 pounds a month) just to be able to go on the treadmill when it’s my walking day and it’s raining. I know it’s just this first tiny step. It’s just that I should complete a full fasting day. I think this would help…

    Nina if you can quit smoking you can do ANYTHING.

    Stopping smoking is the hardest thing in the world, more addictive than heroin! (or sugar)

    You beat smoking I know you can do 5:2. You can do anything, bring the same tenacity to 5:2 and you’ll never even bobble.

    I smoked for 40 plus years and quit and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. 6 plus years now and I’m doing 5:2. It is a lot easier than quitting smoking ever was.

    Nina – I am in exactly the same position as you. Fancy doing this together? We can do it right? I have a big birthday coming up this year and I’m getting back on it!

    M x

    Yes, QuietOne, quitting smoking has been very hard, however, I did it at a time that I thought it would be better not to smoke than smoke (I had been obsessing with my health status). I was not a very heavy smoker, but I did smoke around 15 cigarettes a day and I loved smoking (I still do, but I feel much happier now that I don’t). Thank you so much for the support. Thank you also Fittoretire and PAG, really. In everyone’s words I saw a little bit of what’s happening to me. It’s so good when people understand… Plus, I have to say that last year, when I was looking for some inspiration, I always read Stef’s posts :)))

    Makdeniz, I DO fancy doing this together!!! Tell me more!!!

    Nina6 – I am not sure if there is a way on this page we can perhaps chat to each other or maybe I can add you to my facebook or something?
    We can keep one another motivated and rant when the going gets tough?

    M x

    Hm.. Makdeniz, I have given my e mail on this forum in the past, so I guess I can do it again, unless you have a better idea? Once you have my e mail we can connect on facebook too!

    Sounds good to me x

    Ok. You can reach me at antoniatra@gmail.com (and anyone from this thread or this forum is welcome for a chat:)))) xx

    Sent you a fb friend request x M X


    You quit smoking after 22 years. How many attempts? But you never stopped trying to stop did you? (That’s pretty awesome BTW)

    Now apply that same logic to something you know has worked for you in the past and. Boom off you go again.

    Keep it up πŸ™‚

    Hi Nina, We’ve all been there… I was doing this last year too, lost weight and then put it all back on plus an extra stone (the fattest I have been when not pregnant). I’m not sure whether there are encouraging words on how to start – I find the motivation just either comes or it doesn’t – sometimes it’s not worth fighting it if it doesn’t come, just wait for a day when you are really determined! It’s not how you fall that matters, it’s how you get up again. I’ve been back on this wagon for 3 months now and consistently over-eat on my eating days, am still doing battle with the scales, but am trying to stay with it rather than give up (as I always do). Do let us know how you are getting on πŸ™‚

    Hi all, thank you so much for all the support, in this forum you can see such a good side of people! Johels, the problem is I quit smoking only once, this is my first time… But I did it when I was ready. I really wanted to quit, I was fed up with it πŸ™‚ so, as mcca says, it’s a matter of timing really. The sane thing happened to me last year, but once I was ready, I was ready. So I will keep trying calmly, trying to eat normally until I am ready. As soon as I have completed two weeks I will be back here to report it πŸ™‚ xx

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