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  • A lot of people I know on 5:2 have commented how continually cold they have been feeling.

    I’ve always been a warm person, and have received odd looks many times when I’ve been out on a chilly day in a T shirt. But not now, extra clothes, and even wearing extra clothes to bed!

    Is there a scientific explanation for this?


    @rayc333  Yes I too feel the cold more now – probably due to losing a layer of fat. Like you I have to  put another layer on. Remember to congratulate yourself next time you notice the cold!

    I have lost 15lb and feel the cold much more now too. I’d much rather have the weight gone and put a jumper on!

    I am colder on my fast days, which seems logical to me, but I can’t say I’m colder in general (yet). I’v lost 13 lbs so far but very gradually (7 months).

    I have always felt a bit colder than most people, even more so since my thyroid problems so I’m used to wearing layers ;o)
    Cheers, Carla

    Hello, I’m on my third fast day and I also notice that i am colder! after reading Dr. Mosley post I was happy because it is a sign that I’m doing well. Thank you. Ana

    10 weeks in – I am also colder only on fast days.

    I’ve always been a warm person, but since starting the 5:2 I’ve noticed that my feet are cold – especially on fast days…

    Fasting increases the blood flow to you body fat (the process is called adipose tissue blood flow). So when you are fasting more blood is travelling to your body fat, presumably to help move it to your muscles where it can be burned as a fuel. Do to this increased travel to your body fat, micro-vasodilation occurs in your fingertips and sometimes toes to compensate. So in some cases it’s a ‘necessary evil’ in the fat loss process.”

    I for one hate being cold, but know during my fasts it’s something that just happens. I know now that this is a good thing 🙂

    Both my mother and I both feel uncomfortably cold on Fast days. But, it seems to signal that we are losing weight!

    This is my first fast day. I’m really impressed with my motivation today. Managed to finish my day on 497 cals…. However I am frozen. Heating on, pj’s on and just can’t get a heat in me. I’ll cope tho seen as it seems to be a good sign… Looking forward to my breakfast and a nice cuppa in the morning lol

    I started back in February, back when we were still getting snowstorms and dealing with temps well below freezing.

    I was so cold on my fast days that I was sitting in a sleeping bag while working from home, and I was going to bed early just to warm up!

    We’ve had nice weather lately, and with the temps in the 80s (25-30C) I haven’t been feeling cold at all. Maybe my body has also gotten used to it after 12 weeks.

    2 years of 5:2 Fantastic results but always cold and trouble sleeping on fast days.

    I started my fasting 1st March 2017 and yes often feel cold or very cold on fast days Mondays & Thursdays. Other than the cold I feel great and lost 5.75 stone, I have my best times at running, biking and swimming while on fast.
    Many thanks Dr Michael Mosley you book has changed my life!!

    I dropped from 90.1kg to 84.2kg in 3 months – my target is 84kg and I’m feeling cold most of the time but especially at night – I have to take a hot water bottle and put a double folded blanket on my side of the bed on top of our quilt – my wife is always too warm as she is in the menopause atm – she can’t believe how much I complain about the cold – I hope my body adapts to it but I don’t know if it will – I now wear a stretchy long sleeved thermal vest all the time and a slightly thinner one at night. It’s a 5:2 (i.e. fasting) day today for me and I don’t feel especially cold because of that.

    I must say this is the cast for me also – I have dropped 14kg from 97kg to 83 now, starting in January. I am noticeably colder now and am always wearing a sweater/fleece when others aren’t (start of winter here, in th Southern Hemisphere)… For what it’s worth I have been following a 16:8 fast and not the classic 5:2.

    Wondering about adaptation or whether it’s the time to invest in merino? Any comments or guidance is of course welcome.

    FFP – I have a standard T-shirt with a high merino wool content my wife just bought me from an outdoor shop but the weather has warmed up quite a bit in the past month so I’ve not been putting my thermal vests on or a micro-thin base layer with long sleeves that I had been wearing a lot under lambswool jumpers – it’s hard to say for sure if I’ve adapted to having less body fat or whether it’s just the general increase in the temperature – I guess I’ll know when autumn sweeps in. I’m down 10kg so pretty happy with how I look and feel – only 1more kg to go so I’m in no hurry – if you just keep doing it – it’s only going to go in one direction. I’m intending to do what other have suggested – continue with the 5:2 weekly pattern but be more relaxed on the fasting days – say 1000 calories instead of 600 – something like that.

    Are you one of those who tends to shiver when no one around them is feeling cold? If this happens to you quite frequently, then you must not ignore it. This is because there could be a lot of issues that can lead to this continual feeling of coldness.

    Our body relies on various chemical reactions to keep its warmth and when there is a significant deficiency of essential nutrients, it may make you feel cold all the time.

    This is really good information you all of you shared….I love your answers….Thank you everyone…

    It depends on how fat adapted (ability to run on fat rather than glucose) you are. As your glucose/glycogen reserves are used up your system has two choices. Reduce energy expenditure to conserve whats left or swap over to running on fat. The easier of the two options is to conserve whats left as accessing fat reserves is laborious. So how do you conserve energy? Turn down the internal body thermostat. Its not a lot, perhaps 0.3 to 0.5C. Hence you feel the cold a lot more. Once youre fully swapped over to running on fat this should go away. However most people don’t fast for long enough to be running on pure keto. They always get to the cross over point and end their fast. Hence the simplistic concept of CICO is just that, simplistic.

    I, too, have started to notice feeling chilled and hard to warm up on fasting days. I normally run fairly warm when active (like at work), though my feet can go cold on me. Fasting days much different, though….

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