Fatty Liver & Pancreas

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  • Hi All

    I have been merrily on 5:2 diet for approx 1.5 years.

    I have high blood pressure so have a yearly liver check due to the mediation I am prescribed.

    In June 2017 my ALT was 21 but in January 2018 is it now 51! It should be under 40!

    I have since had a liver scan which shows I have a ‘fatty liver’ which has now spread to my pancreas. Depressing!

    So I am now cutting out carbs but just wanted to ask if anyone else had experienced anything similar or could shed any light/thoughts?

    My GP says she is not familiar with 5:2 but did not tell me to cease. I would be very reluctant to stop 5:2 I must admit.

    Could the 5:2 diet have effected my liver count in any way?

    Many thanks in advance for your help

    It is more likely that the changes are due to your hypertension. Ensuring you eat a healthy diet and are not carrying excess weight particularly around your waist are important. Low carb is an excellent option.

    A quick internet search reveals that research suggests intermittent fasting may help improve fatty liver disease, so although that isn’t proof that it does it would seem to dispel any notion that fasting would make it worse.

    You should try Berberine as it has been clinically shown to help fatty liver disease. I am on it for the same thing and it is wondrous.

    @jkmartinez – I’ve read about berberine for non alcoholic fatty liver, reducing cholesterol and managing diabetes. Can I ask what dose you take to manage your fatty liver and how long it took for your blood tests to show an improvement?

    EmerEmer: If you are still following the forum, it would be worth keeping a detailed daily food, symptom and activity diary. Every mouthful – ideally weighed and measured – recorded as you go for accuracy.

    This gives you a (relatively) objective record to analyse yourself, or to discuss with your dietician or family doctor.

    Hi all – do you know this study published by a German fasting clinic already?
    It’s about the effects of Fasting on a fatty liver.


    What do you think about it?

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