Fats. Enjoy 'em all or are some better than others?

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Fats. Enjoy 'em all or are some better than others?

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  • I just made a big pot of soup from a ham hock and there is a thick layer of liquid fat on the top. Big surprise, right? 😈

    I know fats are satisfying and can be helpful. But is a slick of animal fat as constructive as a plant-based oil like olive oil? Should I chill my soup first and take off some excess fat before I go on to put the ham back in?

    When I’m making Mexican food will yummy bacon fat be as advantageous as canola oil?

    Can I fry my eggs in ghee?

    How do I know when enough is enough?

    How is everyone’s cholesterol from relaxing about fat intake?

    I can’t remember the science of it Chubster but I know saturated fats aren’t quite the worry they were once thought, and also that olive oil is still the best! So I go on what tastes the best to me.

    I don’t like things too fatty so I probably use less than average. Also it is very energy dense, so the more fat/oil you have, the less of other things.

    I use butter on my bread, extra virgin olive oil for most things, I do use ghee ( I do a lot of Indian cooking, but generally use a mix of ghee and olive oil) I also have peanut oil ( a really great one that is not so refined – it still smells of peanuts) and mustard oil I use less commonly, and mustard oil for some Indian recipes. I bought some coconut oil, but haven’t got in to using it much.
    I am an ex vegetarian (30 years) so I am slowly coming to understand meat fats.

    Interesting subject!

    PS I made such a delicious not quite mulligatawny soup today!

    How about fried foods?

    On Friday night — the night before 2 consecutive days of total fast — I like to have something special. I figure whatever it is 2 days of fasting/cleaning out my system should take care of it and leave me set up for 4 1/2 days of clean eating to come. Last Friday I had battered deep fried oysters. I wouldn’t do that during the week on my usual food days but it was an enormous pleasure so what the h*ll, KWIM?

    Are fried and deep-fried foods OK or should it be an occasional indulgence? Anyone know?

    Hi LA:

    Fried and deep fried are OK if you fry in the right oils – just a matter of calories.

    Vegetable oils should be avoided at all costs. It has been long known that vegetable oils like corn oil are not good for you. However, once they heat up, they become very bad for you: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/11/09/study-finds-that-vegetable-oils-pose-health-risks-in-cooking.html

    So fry in lard or beef fat. Olive and coconut oils are OK if you are not frying with high heat.

    Thanks for that info.

    Alas! When we go to the local fish & chips place we have no control over what they use to fry and I’d suspect it’s some kind of vegetable oil. Possibly the cheapest available and that doesn’t sound promising.

    But, at home, I have always been a saver of bacon, beef and chicken fat. I used them guiltily but they add so much *flavor*. Plus they are *free*. 😏

    PS How inside-out-is this way of eating that deep fried foods could be on the menu at all?! And yet, it’s so easy and effective for me. Why, oh why, did I struggle to do it all wrong for sooooooo long?!


    Most ‘chains’ and other restaurants fry in vegetable oils. They used to fry largely with beef fat. They were the victims of the ‘no saturated fat’ crowd. So for the past 40 or so years we have been slowly poisoned by our French fries.

    The bias against deep fried foods came from the bias against fat. Now that we know natural fats are good, not bad, deep fried foods are good again.

    Thank god.

    There’s nothing wetting with deep frying in vegetable oil. Even if I wasn’t a vegetarian I wouldn’t fry in lard in a million years. Rapeseed oil is great for high temperature cooking.

    “wetting”? I’m sorry I don’t understand that.

    Hi Heron:

    We will have to agree to disagree on canola oil. For me, it has way too much Omega 6 fatty acid, and like any other vegetable oil is very bad when heated. And when you understand how it is made, it is hard for me, at least, to put it in my mouth (check out how it is made at about minute 58 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QetsIU-3k7Y. Fats are like carbs, the more processed they are, the more dangerous they are. Natural is better!

    But that is what is great about 5:2 – you can eat anything you want and still lose weight!

    ‘Wrong’ not ‘wetting’. Sorry; my swipe /autocorrect does some very strange things.

    I’m TOTALLY with you on the auto correct thing! Sometimes they come up with some weird “corrections”. And then *we* look like idiots because we didn’t catch them. 👿

    Curious that it got “wetting” out of “wrong”. 😂

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