Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead-Juicing for fast days?

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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead-Juicing for fast days?

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  • Hello All

    Did anyone watch this really interesting and impressive programme the other week on Channel 5 UK?

    It was presented by a man called Joe Cross: he had a fair weight issue but also a serious skin condition that meant he was on steroids for life. Most people know this is not good for you so he wanted to do something about it.
    He decided on drinking just juices made from fruit and raw vegetables for 60 days.

    He made a programme about it while he travelled America speaking to people on the benefits of juicing and the dangers of junk foods.
    I cannot remember him stating this but I imagine he took this notion from The Gerson Therapy; which is a much more complicated version of the same principle.

    i.e.The Gerson Therapy was a therapy pioneered by Dr Max Gerson which has had proven success healing all kinds of illnesses including all Cancers. This therapy however also uses lots of other supplements which make it expensive and complicated and that’s before you start in on the coffee enemas!
    I’m not making light of this therapy, anything but: it’s just most people who can avail themselves of it go to a hospital in Mexico to go on it.

    (Latest book: Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson daughter of Dr Gerson). I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in how the body can heal itself; given the right help.

    So Joe Cross just went for the much simpler version and what results he got (see it on YouTube and he has a website). He lost most of his excess weight and healed his skin condition; so came off the medication.
    He also had a chance meeting with another man who suffered from the same rare condition: spoke to him; offered to help him and you see him also lose a great deal of weight and become much healthier. They both engage in much more exercise too along the way.

    So, my question is has anyone out there been juicing only on their fast days? How have you found it?

    I tried it last week (week 4 from starting). It was harder because you can’t really get excited about a glass or two of cold fruit/vegetable juice twice a day.

    But my rational for trying this out was that if I’m going to be very hungry anyway on fast days (and I am) then I could be doing something even better for my body by only having juices on these days. (I did make a real effort to get the calories up to around the 500 mark).
    The vegetables have all their enzymes intact because you haven’t cooked them.
    So I was thinking that I would flush my system with only good stuff on these two days and it could only be a positive thing to do-no dairy, no preservatives, additives etc.

    I only lost 2ozs last week: I can’t honestly say whether this had an impact on this or not since my weight loss has been minimal anyway.

    For those of you who are finding the weight loss bit easy: I would highly recommend doing some research for yourselves and considering it.

    I have done some research and there in no scientific rationale about any “detox”, the body naturally excretes anything harmful or excessive. It’s we that keep putting the wrong things in and not listening to our bodys. Also weight loss diets don’t work in the long run for 80-90% of people as the records show that we put back on the weight plus some. So this is the first diet that I have seen that helps lose weight both in the short term and long term ( assuming you except a 1 day a week fast when not losing weight) and that the body isn’t put into long term starvation during the time of the diet only to replace the weight when you eat normally.
    For me there are other health benefits from the diet plus its helped reduce my hunger and there giving me the opportunity to redress some of my bad eating habits. Only time will tell.

    Yes, PreciousBooBoo, I did see this documentary and also wrote about it on this forum, as I found it so amazing and inspiring –
    See: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/thriving-on-just-juiced-fruit-veg-for-60-days/

    There is no reference of the Gerson Therapy in the programme or on Joe Cross’ website so I think it a mistake to connect him in any way to that system, especially given that none of the claims of cancer cures made by the Gerson Institute ever seem to have been successfully verified – See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Gerson

    There are, however, other medical professionals who do promote the benefits of a mainly vegetable and fruit diet as a means to improve health, lose weight, reverse chronic conditions and prolong life. One such is Dr Joel Fuhrman, who was Joe C’s doctor in America and who featured in the programme. See: http://www.drfuhrman.com/library/what-is-a-nutritarian-diet.aspx

    I recently decided to try a Juice Fast as set out on Joe C’s website – see http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/ – as I wanted to kick-start the last few pounds of my desired weight-loss, having stayed on 10st 12lb/ 152lb/ 69kg for nearly a month. At first, I thought I’d try juicing just for one day but I found it so easy and enjoyable that my Juice Fast gradually extended to 3 days, then 5 days and now 7.
    On the Joe Cross ‘Reboot’ regime, devised by various nutritionists and laid out on his website, one drinks five large, freshly pressed fruit-&-veg juices from a range of recipes, as well as fresh coconut water (for the electrolytes), herb teas and water. So, only having two juices in a day, I’m not surprised you found it a bit of a struggle.
    Myself, I managed 3-4 juices a day, all delicious, satisfying and nourishing, plus I chose to continue to have my normal fresh-berry-&-protein smoothie for breakfast, devised by Dr Mark Hyman. For recipe, see: http://drhyman.com/blog/2013/05/11/in-the-kitchen-with-dr-hyman-whole-food-protein-shake/
    I will stop this juice-only plan tomorrow and start to re-introduce other foods, along with one or two juices, and see how that goes, although it feels strange to think of eating solids again, after such a simple week.
    A sneaky look at the scales this morning put me at 10st 7lb/ 147lb/ 66.7kg – a loss since last week of 5lb – so, I have now reached my original target – (overall, down from 13st 1lb/ 183lb/ 83kg since 1 Jan). Hooray!
    Looking at my belly, I think I still have a few pounds to go but I’m confident that a 5:2 Juicing plan will see me right, then a 6:1 Juicing schedule should fit the bill.
    I’d already been using my blender to make fruit-&-veg drinks but, after seeing the TV programme, I realised that a juicing-machine means you can pack more nourishment into each glass, without all the bulky fibre – and the intense flavours are out of this world. Luckily, I did have a good quality juicing-machine but had left it in the cupboard for years, as it’s so fiddly to clean, but it really is so much better than a blender. So, now I just see the cleaning routine as a mindful Zen practice.
    Virtually every health advisor alive on the planet today says ‘Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables’, so, even if you don’t fancy a full Juice Fast, if you can include the concentrated nutrients of even just one fresh, real juice into your daily diet – NOT any commercial brand available in the supermarkets, which all have lost their goodness through processing and/or have added sugar – then, I reckon, that must be a great move in the right direction. All best wishes.

    Saw that documentary before I saw Michael’s. I get too hungry with not enough solid food (having primarily lost my weight through using the weight-watchers formula, I quickly eschewed high-cal drinks for low-cal ones so that I could get more solids into my daily allowance and not be as hungry).

    Jeanius, you mention your belly. Not sure if you have seen this in other posts I have made here, but monounsaturated fat (MUFA) is good for belly-fat loss. See Dr. Oz for more info. Although I am back at the weight I was as a teenager, it’s not distributed quite the same as then! I have lost several cms from my waist since going high MUFA diet (still some more to go though! Need to get through a backlog of foods I still have in the pantry – don’t want things to go to waste – before I can start ramping up my total daily MUFA intake. Currently I get in at least 40g/day… 10g on a fast day).

    Many thanks, Donald, for this pointer to the benefits of MUFAs – monounsaturated fats – with regard to losing belly fat.
    Foods rich in MUFAs include: Avocados/ Canola oil / Nuts, such as almonds, cashews, pecans and macadamias / Nut butters (without added sugars)/ Seeds, such as sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, and flax/ Olive oil and Olives
    See: ‘A Diet Rich in MUFA’s Can Reduce Belly Fat’ From Debra Manzella, R.N., January 13, 2008 – http://diabetes.about.com/b/2008/01/13/mufa-rich-diet-can-reduce-belly-fat.htm

    But, as the Mayo Clinic website says: ‘All fats, including MUFAs, are high in calories, so use MUFAs only in moderation. Consume MUFA-rich foods instead of other fatty foods, not in addition to them.’
    See : ‘What are MUFAs, and should I include them in my diet?’ – from Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. – http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/mufas/AN02120

    I think too many people have been conditioned, by food-manufacturers and the diet industry, to exclude all fats from their diet and are left hungry and craving ‘quick-fixes’ (usually sugary and starchy carbohydrate foods) as a result.
    See: ‘The truth about low-fat foods’ – By Kerry Torrens – Nutritional therapist – http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/truth-about-low-fat-foods

    As Dr Mark Hyman often says ‘Fat doesn’t make you fat – Sugar makes you fat!’. He advocates increasing one’s intake of Omega-3 oils (poly-unsaturated fats) to balance the excess of Omega-6 fats found in so many processed foods (used because it is cheaper).
    See: ‘Time for an Oil Change’ – http://drhyman.com/blog/2012/03/01/time-for-an-oil-change/

    Best wishes to everyone for good health and success in achieving your goals.

    Hello All

    Just read your post Jeanius: it’s perfectly okay if there is no reference to the Gerson Therapy on the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead programme or Joe Cross’s website of same.

    I didn’t realise I would have to vouch for every single utterance I make; the point of my post was to share some information/flag up a very interesting and impressive programme. Then if people are sufficiently interested they will look into the regime for themselves. If they do incorporate this somewhere into their fast diet then great.

    It really doesn’t matter whether he informed us where he got his idea to live on juice only for a period of time for; the point is he did it and it worked for him (and the other man who was featured) and he made a great programme about it so it could be disseminated to people all over the world.
    Also if I was to be pedantic too; I would remind you that I said in my post that ‘I imagine…’

    However, I would disagree strongly that ‘none of the claims of cancer cures made by the Gerson Institute ever seems to have been successfully verified’.

    I don’t have a copy of the book at this moment and I simply don’t have the time (or inclination)to locate specific links that will support my/The Gerson Institute’s beliefs on this; I would hope open-minded people, if sufficiently interested, will simply get the book and read it and/or look at the website and make up their minds for themselves.

    I’d still like to hear from other people who have incorporated Juicing into their Fasting Days and how you’ve done weight wise and whether you feel any better in yourself?

    Hello, PreciousBooboo – I don’t recall ever knowing about the Gerson Therapy before – all I did was find and cite the Wikipedia entry on the subject, which uniformly details a number of negative responses from various, independent medical authorities.
    I couldn’t agree with you more that Joe Cross’ programme was interesting and impressive. I really believe that increasing one’s intake of fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables is one of the best things anyone can do for their health and juicing seems the most concentrated way of achieving that. With best wishes.


    Thanks for this wonderful list of books.

    Please check out, that is if you have not already 🙂

    Lights Out: Sugar, Sleep and Survival by TS Wiley which made me make lot of lifestyle changes and also Dr.Atkins’ Diet Revolution on fat.

    Hi Jeanius. Don’t believe all that you read on wikipedia – it is grossly inaccurate in many places (it is so well-known about, that I even saw a comedy sketch about it – “this episode brought to you by wikipedia, so your child can have several million volumes of grossly inaccurate information”). I shan’t rant about it now, suffice it to say it is populated by lots of people on power trips. I have seen accurate statements get tagged with “citation needed”, whilst completely incorrect statements go completely unchallenged.

    Hello All

    Just read your post Donald: I have never felt the need to look at wikipedia in my entire life and I’m doing alright. I tend to read about stuff I’m interested in myself and then I form my ‘own’ opinion.

    I’ve never read about wikipedia’s notorious inaccuracies either but I know that it must have some incorrect information because Jeanius quoted that ‘none of the claims of cancer cures made by the Gerson Institute ever seems to have been successfully verified’.

    It seems quite reckless to me, to denigrate an entire body of work which continues today because wikipedia says it ‘has not been verified’….

    This is my humble opinion: I think that every single regime that advocates juicing raw fruit and vegetables is derived from Dr Max Gerson and his ground breaking therapy.

    This doctor was vilified by the medical establishment of his time and if my memory serves me correctly; never got the recognition he deserved until after he’d died. His daughter carries on his work to this day.

    He was massively ahead of his time and many of the health benefits he suggested were taking place with this regime; could not be scientifically proven until relatively recently because of improved technology.

    Yeah, adding “citation needed” is the subtle way of saying “this isn’t verified”, like that means it’s not true. It’s like “scientists” who say “there is NO evidence for this”, when in actual fact there is a LOT of evidence for what they are discussing, but that doesn’t suit their point-of-view that they are pushing, so they act like ostriches and say “I don’t see anything!”. I call these people scidogmatists (they’re only interested in “science” as far as it pushes their own agenda, rather than being true scientists with an open mind. A lot of cherry-picking of data, and saying “there’s no evidence of this” for anything contrary). Wikipedia is full of such people, trying to be self-important. It is not a reliable source of information (it is only useful for getting some starting-points – find something more quickly than looking through pages of Google results).

    The Wikipedia article on Gerson therapy actually says it’s downright dangerous (or hazardous), not just that its benefits are not verified, quoting various cancer research organizations saying so… And if you try to edit it, even only removing the claims of it being “dangerous”, they will very quickly appear again (yes, I tried that myself).

    Oh well, this at least seems to prove that Wikipedia is not such an unreliable a source of information as many claim – should anyone attempt to write something which there’s not a general consensus about, it will be corrected in no time 😉 For this reason I’ve actually noticed it to be one of the most reliable sources, contrary to the popular opinion (in most cases at least).

    Rosetta, re-read what I said about wikipedia. If you write something and someone else removes it, it only means that person doesn’t agree with you. You can just as easily put it in again (only to have it removed again). The fact that anything at all stays there is because a mod believes it to be correct, doesn’t mean it actually IS correct. As I said, there are things on there that are absolutely INcorrect. The mod doesn’t know it’s incorrect, it stays there. I cite the CD page as an example. CD, unlike vinyl, has concentric circles of tracks, not a spiral. Wikipedia, apparently being entered by someone who thinks there’s no difference with these, says CD’s have a spiral track. No “citation needed”, because the mod is under the same wrong impression. You could change it to say that CD’s have concentric circles, not a sprial, and the mod could remove it again because he disagrees – doesn’t mean what you just wrote is wrong (BTW this difference is the precise reason why you have to use a different cleaning motion with CD’s than vinyl). I have seen this exact thing happen on another wikipedia page (for “the Wedge”) – the mod kept removing something that was actually correct because there was no citation (the mod had clearly never watched the show, because the information they kept removing was absolutely correct, and anyone who’s watched the show would know that. The information is not there anymore, despite the fact that it was correct). Similarly, someone on the CD page wrote that there is a limit to how densly you can pack the data – and this happens to be right next to a graphical representation of the difference between blue lasers and red lasers, hence why blu-rays hold more data – and the mod put “citation needed”! Why does the mod think blu-rays were invented?? It’s so that you can pack more data on! You can’t believe ANYTHING you read on wikipedia. You can only use it as a starting point, and then set-out to check if what you’ve found is actually correct or not (from a reliable source). Things aren’t on wikipedia by consensus, they’re there because the mod of that page believes it to be correct (and the mod can be, and often has been, wrong about that, but they’re the mod and they have the power, hence my comment about wikipedia being full of people on power-trips).

    Who’d have guessed that a thread that begins with the outrageous claim that juicing cures all cancers would attract spam?

    @sorry Pot-bellied Heron, I had a comment wrong here. I knew that. But I can’t delete it. Do you know how to do that. Thank you.

    When it comes to chronic sickness, celery is certainly the rescuer. Thousands of patients with chronic and mysterious illnesses have improved their health by drinking 16 ounces of celery juice every day on an empty stomach. That’s why I launched the movement of drinking pure, unadulterated celery juice a long time ago, and why I want to make sure everyone knows how to use this powerful drink appropriately and effectively.

    Ordering an Omega juicer in a few days. Just wondering if anyone here likes to juice and if you guys know some good recipes? I plan to start having a juice every morning, probably with Kale, Spinach, Carrots, Ginger, Lemon, and Apple. Something like that..not exact most likely.

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