Fasting Hours for NIGHT OWLS

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  • Hello to all you 5:2’ers here on these forums,

    I’m completely new to the program and digging through the forum for some help and advice.

    I’m a NIGHT OWL. I work nights and typically I go to sleep around 6AM and wake up around 11AM or 12PM.

    My dinners are usually post midnight.

    Should I count my FASTING DAYS as 24 Hours between meals regardless of my sleep cycle ?

    OR, Do I need to only break my FASTING DAY after having gone to sleep and waking up again ?

    EXAMPLE : My last full meal was 2AM yesterday : I ate 500 Calories today : It will be 3AM soon :
    Can I go back to eating regularly before going to bed ?
    Or should I go without eating and eat when I wake up ?

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AND GUIDANCE ! Hoping to nail this down as I go !

    BEST !


    The “normal” 5:2 plan is for about 36 hours of “fasting” during which you eat your 500 calories. So if you are trying to replicate this with your working hours then with the example you’ve given I think that means eating when you wake rather than before bed. The “normal” plan includes 2 sleeps as part of the fasting period, so your variation probably should too.

    If you have a look under the FAQ on this site, there is a question about whether fasting is 24 or 36 hours:

    THANKS SO MUCH for the solid advice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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