Fasting during business travel

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Fasting during business travel

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  • Feeling quite pleased – just got home from a business trip to Sweden and managed to fast on Tuesday and today (Thurs) the days I travelled, with no issues. In fact, it was far easier to be busy travelling and in the office than when I work at home and think longingly about food. And on Wednesday (my non-fast day) I ate healthily and stopped when I was full. It is so unusual for me to leave food on the plate – but hotels do have large portions and I was trying to listen to my body for a change.

    On both fast days I have managed on water and fruit teas all day and then eaten in the evening. Tonight, as there’s not a lot of food in, it will be beans on toast with cheese and a strong cup of tea with milk. And then tomorrow I need to shop for some nicer stuff for the weekend.

    So 1.5 weeks and 4 fast days in and feeling positive! Although I felt a bit hungry I genuinely didn’t feel too bad – and looking forward to a decent evening meal is always good 🙂


    I had thought business & fasting were uncomfortable companions.

    You have done a fantastic job at staying on the fast days while being away. Well done. Are you getting results? I would love to read about your progress so far. Jenn

    Cathyork – that’s great! Well done you. I love doing fasting days when I travel, it’s always such a blur of a day and you’re all out of sorts anyway, so it makes it really easy to do. I don’t really travel for business so I always do it on the way back from holiday and it means you’re back into the lifestlye right away after a week off (or whatever) too.

    Also, it can be pretty economical & a good way to beat the system if you plan ahead. You might have to ditch the bottle of water before you board your plane but they don’t take chopped cucumber or juicy tomatos off you, so you can remain hydrated on the plane without paying through the nose for overpriced drinks and you’re not tempted to part with wads of cash for a glorified pot noodle. Can you tell which airline I last flew with? 😉

    Thanks for the replies. It does work and I am fasting again today on another travel day – now in my hotel in Sweden trying to wait until just a little later before eating!

    Today is the end of week 3, so I would normally get weighed tomorrow, but won’t be able to until I arrive home very early on Thursday morning. I am going to try to fast Wednesday this week also while I am here all day, so will see how that goes.

    At the end of week 2 I’d lost 5.5lbs – taking me to 13st 3lb – would love to get past that 13st mark but realistically I’d settle for any loss this week.

    Good for you Cathyork! I’ve been on the 5:2 plan since end of March and am down nearly 30 pounds (5’11” male that started at 199, now at 170). Like Cathyork, I travel a lot for business. How much is “a lot”? How about being on the road eight of the last ten weeks? This includes all over the United States, Asia and Europe.

    Like Cathyork, I find Fast Days to be EASIER on the road. Why? Because I’m so busy, I don’t have time to stop and eat all the time! Moreover, when I do grab something, so many more places have calorie counts. Even McDonald’s (yes THAT McDonald’s!) is getting healthier. The new egg white mcmuffin breakfast sandwich is 240 cal. With black coffee and water, I make it to dinner where I can have a piece of fish and veggies at a restaurant (hint: don’t eat the entire portion served in restaurants!).

    It can be done and this diet is easy to follow. Up until now, I’ve always struggled. And believe me, I tried Atkins, South Beach, etc. 5:2 works for me because of the flexibility and ease.

    Wow FastJim they are seriously impressive results! You must be delighted with your weight loss.

    I do agree with you about being busy and also getting into certain habits. Now I have established my fast day routine as just water and tea all day with a nice dinner in the evening, it is easier. I don’t really worry about what to eat whilst travelling until I am in a hotel or restaurant in the evening. And like you say the portions can still be huge – even of healthy options so I often don’t finish everything served.

    On the other non-fast days I try to eat healthy breakfast and dinner with just fruit for lunch.

    I am only 2 weeks in and 5.5lb down – due my 3rd week’s weigh in today but no access to scales so hoping by Thursday to see a further decline in poundage 🙂

    I am only 2 weeks in and 5.5lb down – due my 3rd week’s weigh in today but no access to scales so hoping by Thursday to see a further decline in poundage 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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