Fasting and gallstones/gall bladder attacks

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Fasting and gallstones/gall bladder attacks

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  • Hi folks, recently had an attack in nov-23 and below is my case.

    my fasting method:
    1. six days
    2. dinner only
    3. banana, apples, cucumbers, pomegranate, handful of almonds
    4. water throughout the day

    Before 2017 – never fasted, no attacks
    2017 – fasted attack on 4th day of fasting
    2018 – didn’t fast, no attack
    2019 – didn’t fast, no attack
    2020 – didn’t fast, no attack
    2021 – did fast, had gastric problem but not attack
    2022 – didn’t fast, no attack
    2023 – fasted, attack on 5th day

    following the pattern, i feel fasting for several days with this high carb, low calories is causing my attack.

    so if i stop doing longer fasts , does it remove the need for removing gallbladder.

    im not sure how to convince the doctors. their theory is, i had two attacks, so just get it removed before it gets complicated.

    but in all these ive done high fat + low carb diets several times. but never had any attacks.

    Appreciate your opinion on this.

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)

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