Fasting and gallbladder removed

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  • I’ve read few post re. gallbladder, but all related to gall stones, and gallbladder attacks. I believe as someone has suggested that maybe a little of coconut oil during fasting days could help. I had my gallbladder removed 6yrs ago, not having any problems since but now I’m really keen on starting 5:2 diet and wondered if anyone has some experience or advise. Rgds


    Had mine removed, around 15 years ago I believe. Good riddance too. Those attacks were certainly on the short list of most painful things I’ve experienced. Like you I haven’t had any issues since they yanked it out.

    This coming Thursday I will have completed my 5th consecutive month of 5:2 – age 62, 197 to 167 lbs, waist (at belly-button) 45″ to 37″, BMI 30 to 25.5 – and I’ve never had anything happen during that time which made me think of my gallbladder – until I read your post.

    Of course all these factors, possibilities, and realities have to be considered on an individual basis and particular given experiences. My guess is that since you’ve had no gallbladder issues in the 6 years since your operation it’s fairly unlikely practicing 5:2 would have any negative effects on that prior condition. But you still have to keep an eye on everything. You know what to do if something goes wack – stop.

    Other than that, welcome aboard, and don’t be surprised if 5:2 changes your life. It’s changed several.



    I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet since February and love it, i’ve lost over 2st(although most of that was baby weight!). I’m now doing more like 6:1 (5:2 if i’ve had a ‘big’ weekend!!) as i’ve reached my goal weight.

    However next week i’m having my gallbladder removed and wondered how this will affect me…. obviously whilst i am recovering from the operation i will eat regularly…. but afterwards can i go back on it?



    Yes, you certainly can fast after having your gallbladder removed. I had mine out in June and resumed fasting in July. Absolutely no difference from before op to after op I’m happy to say. I was a bit concerned myself how it would go but it’s fine. I only do maintenance now with one day a week but sometimes two If I need to. Good luck with your op.

    Thanks everybody. This is really helpful. Had my gallbladder removed three weeks ago and was wondering whether I could resume 5:2

    I had mine removed 3 years ago.

    I have just started 5:2 and decided that rather than a complete fast day I would have lots of small snacks throughout the day. Did it yesterday and it worked for me.

    I had my gallbladder removed last May 2018,and I dont have issues after my operation,I started IF last July 21 and luckily I lost 3kls.and dont felt any issues I feel great I used 16/8 method.

    The function of the gallbladder is to store bile which helps in the digestion of fatty foods in the small intestines. I cant see how fasting will adversely affect you? In fact it would probably help.

    I resumed IF yesterday for the first time since my last pregnancy (4 years! whoops). The only difference between now and then other than age, is that I now am gallbladder-less, and have been for one year. I was wondering how people mitigate the very unpleasant side effects of having bile constantly trickle into your duodenum without substantial food to digest (i.e., bile acid diarrhea). Most unpleasant the day after. Maybe being sure to incorporate fat into 3 small meals during the fast day? I think my lean protein last night was perhaps too lean. Any thoughts or experience with this?

    I understand exactly what you mean about bile constantly dripping. I had my gallbladder removed 2014 and I have sudden toilet attacks that was never part of my lifestyle. I think it is because of the fasting definitely. As long as there’s a toilet nearby I’m ok lol . I’m really ok with it and have gotten use to it. It’s not always regular either, it comes and goes . I still like to fast 2 days a week for the health benefits supposedly. Good luck with it . I think it may always be there no matter what you eat or how you eat your 500 calories. It’s the lack of full stomach. 🙂

    I am particularly impressed by Dr. Valter (yes, correct spelling – he’s Italian) Longo, who has been doing research on the benefits of fasting for many years, and has written The Longevity Diet. While being interviewed at length by Dr. Mark Hyman (another proponent of the health benefits of fasting), Longo said that “time restricted” eating can cause gallstone inflammation, and many of the comments here seem to indicate that folks have had gallstone issues with this 5:2 diet. Do the benefits of fasting outweigh the risk of developing gallstones? (I am 69, healthy, want to shed l0 lbs, and have taken off 3 lbs. in the past 10 days by eating 2 meals a day v. 3.)

    Hi there,

    As a person with the genetic form of gall stones (very rare). At the age of ten, I had the whole gall bladder removed, and now I guess my liver is doing all the work. Since then, I haven’t drunk any alcohol since my 20’s, no smoking, and no drugs to give my liver the best chance of processing what I eat.

    I have mostly stuck to a low carb/ vegetarian diet for around 6 years. My weight has stayed mostly downwards. I’m currently on a 16:9 every day, but considering doing 2x 24 hr or 3x 24 hr. The benefit of doing 24 hrs is the allowance of food, on a water diet your body and mind go into an incredible tussle.

    Gall stones is one kind of disease which is caused our misleading of diet and water. So It is need to maintain our daily routine and take homeopathy medicine

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