Fast Day and feeding children

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Fast Day and feeding children

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  • Hi

    I am new to this forum, in fact I’ve never been on any forums before! I have found this one very helpful though and full of sensible advice.
    I’ve been on the 5:2 for 3 weeks now and have lost around 1kg. I was 50kg and now just under 49kg. I am 5″6 so not doing the diet to loose weight per se but more for the health benefits (cholest and BP) and also it means I can enjoy my non-fast days and know that I can keep my weight steady by doing the 2 days of fasting.
    My question to the forum is that I find it very hard to cook and feed my children on my fast days without feeling very hungry. I guess it’s around 5pm that I cook their tea and I save all my kcals for one evening meal around 8pm.
    Any tips from other parents appreciated.

    Down a pint of water or more (if you can) before preparing their food. That should work wonders!


    Thank you Lonestar – good advice, will try that tip on my next fast day (Wednesday)

    I eat with my children if I can’t ‘stand the smell any longer’ 😉
    or have a carrot/ feels me up but not too many kcal, always have a bag of spinach in the fridge for ‘munchies’ 🙂 have a herbal tea… or my favorite is serve dinner, and go for run so don’t have to watch them eat it (don’t worry my hubby is back then so he stays with them hehehe! ) good luck!

    I have the same issue – did my first fast day yesterday and the kids’ teatime was the biggest challenge. I kept reminding myself that I’d be able to eat with them the next day though.

    I’ve deliberately chosen Monday as one of my fast days as I often have a meeting at just the time we normally all eat, and tend to cook it, leave the family eating and then heat mine up when I get back. I never really enjoy eating so late and figure I can have lunch instead on those days and a light supper when I get back at night. The big challenge will be the fact that someone always brings home-made cakes to the meeting – hopefully they’ll let me take one home for Tuesday!

    I nibble a carrot if food preparation is getting tough. But I always tell myself I can eat it tomorrow and ignore the hunger.that said I do spread my cals over the day. 100 in the morning, 100 at lunch and 300 dinner.

    I have the same problem while my 3-year old is busy munching away during the day. I make a cup of black tea & go and do some ironing. In fact the ironing pile does quite well on fast days ;-). I have also always been in the habit of eating dinner early with the kids anyway, so I do that on fast days too which makes dinner time easier.

    Also, try warming up some very low-calorie veggie broth to sip while you cook or while they eat. That warm liquid will give you a good and full feeling in your stomach.

    I leave all my favourite meals for non fast days (roast chicken tomorrow – I cannot wait!!) And give them what they call “proper food” ie. pizza and chips, when I’m fasting.
    Spag bol is a good one too as I try to think about how weird spaghetti goes after it’s been left on the plate for a while and then just what that’s going to feel like in my tummy. Works every time. Almost…
    Also, immediately cover any leftovers in Dettol. You cannot do this quickly enough..

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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